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1 Peridot Peridot is from the show Steven Universe created by Rebecca Sugar. The show airs on Cartoon Network and has grown in popularity over the years. The character Peridot is an alien gem from a planet called Homeworld, Peridot is introduced in the episode "Marble Madness," when Steven and the Crystal Gems more.

I love peridot because of her personality and quirkiness she is such a fun character she has that comic relief humor yet being semi-serious at times which is pretty cool she is such a cool character I love her to death she is so fun & awesome and her progression from a semi-serious threat to a recurring goofy villain to a angry little dorito to a reluctant ally to a friend and a member of the crystal gems I loved seeing her progression to a friend over time it really is a cool thing she is probably one of the most progressed character in cartoons she really is a cool character and seeing her being more and more redeemed and her truly caring for her friends is really sweet from enemies to good friends its really nice seeing her change for the better and we can't forget about her calling yellow diamond a clod to her face was really a milestone in terms of she becoming a part of the crystal gems its really really cool she all in all is my favorite character in the series she truly is ...more

Calling yellow diamond a clod was the best thing she has ever done.

Peridot is my favorite Steven Universe character because she is so funny. She is not afraid to show her opinion and speak out when she thinks differently. She is very courageous and strong. She is even caring and loving deep down. Even though she started out as an antagonist, she is able to change to the cute and silly character she is now.

Peridot is my #1 favorite! She's so intelligent, and plus, she's my birthstone! Think about Steven Universe without Peridot! How awful.

Just seeing her evolve from villainous troublemaker to adorable comic relief warmed me big time. The way she interacted with Earth stuff was just adorable and hilarious. If you don't love this cutie, you're either heartless or you're a CLOD!

2 Pearl Pearl is a fictional character from the 2013 animated series Steven Universe, created by Rebecca Sugar. She is a "Gem", a fictional alien being that exists as a magical gemstone projecting a holographic body. more.

Pearl is the best developed, most amazing, and is probably the greatest character in all of Steven Universe. I can't relate to her as much as other people do, but she reminds me a lot of others who struggle with a missed loved one, those who are "different" socially and have trouble with talking to those unlike them (Pearl displays this in Last One out of Beach City a lot), and people who are highly skillful yet don't get to put those skills as much into play because they are focused with other ideals, such as teaching others their own skills.

Unlike Peridot on this list, she has been developing since 2013 and has never become a "tamed" version of herself. Which means that she has never become drastically different through character development. Even though she is more accepting of others, and her expectations are higher of Steven's abilities, she can still be the salty birb mom Pearl we saw in season 1.

Pearl is an extremely likable character. She isn't a buff, tough ...more

I just really enjoy her character. She has a really cute personality, and she's one of the most developed characters on the show besides probably Steven. She has realistic flaws, and a really great singing voice. Pearl is definitely the best gem, I don't understand why there are so many Pearl haters, she's awesome.

I relate so much to her, she is very realistic with lots of flaws and throughout the entire show I just want to give her a hug. She also brings a lot of the comedy to the show by constantly arguing with Amethyst and just overall she's amazing. I love how she's a parent figure to Steven but at the same time she almost dislikes Steven for taking Rose away from her. I understand people not liking Pearl from the first two or so episodes but I loved her from the moment she was introduced. She is a very interesting character to follow.

Pearl is so amazing and strong. She has been through so much and to come out as strong as she has really shows how tough she is. She's an agile fighter, and an amazing lover as well as a great mentor to those around her. She found love in herself and for some people that's not easy to do but she came out on top. Also, she's just a beautiful character inside and out and it has been so amazing to see her character development and she just becomes more and more awesome all the time. Pearl is most definitely one of the best Steven Universe characters ever and she deserves all the love and praise that she receives. I hope by the end of the series she finally gets paired up with someone so she can love them the way she loved Rose and the way that she has learned to love herself it's amazing and it's what she deserves I ship her with Peridot to be honest they are both nerds and I think they would be really cute together ❤

3 Lapis Lazuli Lapis Lazuli is a character from the 2013 Cartoon Network series Steven Universe. She is a homeworld gem who got trapped in a magical mirror on Earth for thousands of years who was then freed and healed by Steven Universe. She has hydrokinesis abilities which include manipulating water, forming clones more.

In my opinion, Lapis had the biggest impact on the show. Mirror gem was the one episode to show that Steven universe was not all fun and games. I wouldn't be a fan if it wasn't for Lapis's introduction. And this show wouldn't be what it is today if Lapis wasn't introduced.

If u ask me lapis is the best character because she's the strongest gem and I mean strongest in power and emotionally and she can relate to a lot of people who are alone and prove no matter what you go though you'll eventually find people who will always have your back and also emo people are cool in my opinion

Lapis suffers a lot in the show, which giving her PTSD of earth, ocean, war etc., yet she still overcome her fear and stand up against whoever try to destroy her life. Combine with her amazing character design and voice acting, she is my best character in Steven Universe.

She had such good development in the SU: Future episode "Why So Blue? "

4 Garnet

Garnet is probably one of the wisest, healthiest fusions out there with less than 3 gems. She can stay fused for long periods of time, and her mind (probably projected from her gems) is packed to the brim with thoughts, emotions, and love. She never unfuses constantly because of the negative emotions or the possible outcomes that could happen, that might lead characters to dying. As proved in the episode Mindful Education, she is capable of letting out her negative thoughts and bringing in the positive ones, and try not to let the small, bad details of herself get to her. Like another person said, one way to balance her emotions is to try not to express it as much, because if she does, she might unfuse (as shown in Keystone Motel)

She's a lot better than any of the fusions we have seen on screen, even the most recent one, Fluorite. Don't get me wrong, Fluorite is a pretty balanced gem like Garnet, but she's so slow and physically inactive because of that compared to Garnet. If ...more

Garnets the best. She has an amazing personality, is made of love, and I love how her face is so blank at the most random times. She was also pretty cute in the movie.

Garnet is the strongest, wisest, and most educational character. Also, Ametheyst even says that Garnet is stronger than her or Pearl or Steven. So, TAKE THAT PERIDOT FANS!

Although, one may fight that Garnet is just "another character" in the series Steven Universe, I believe that she is more than that. She is just like all of us even though we may not realize it. Garnet chooses to use a monotonous voice to hide any possible emotions. Garnet has dealt with pain and suffering or a while that she decided to not show herself until it was necessary. Throughout the series, Garnet expresses herself through saving the universe, teaching Steven, and conversing with various characters. These aspects show a lot of Garnet's emotions but if only one could see that. We learn that Garnet is a funny and pretty smart and to some, quite attractive. These detail lead me to believe that Garnet is one of the greatest fictional characters out there in the animated world.

5 Amethyst Amethyst is a fictional character from Cartoon Network's 2013 series "Steven Universe". She is a quartz gem species who is a member of the Crystal Gems and is the youngest after Steven Universe. She is voiced by Michaela Dietz.

She's the most realistic and relatable character in my opinion. I mean, Garnet is a stoic, silent, strong mother figure that almost never shows weakness, Pearl is a cautious, orderly, annoyed mother figure with a superiority complex, and Steven is a constantly cheerful, extremely powerful, chosen one type protagonist.

But Amethyst? She shows flaws, she gets breakdowns, she has emotions, and just tries to keep going. She's headstrong, stubborn, doesn't fit in, and that can always be good or bad. She is very determined, but sometimes takes things too far. She feels inferior due to her size and personality, and deals with a lot of internal issues.

Everyone just passes her off as either the useless comic relief, or the two-dimensional edgy self hating loser. But really, she's in between. All the other characters are just essentially character archetypes, but Amethyst never conforms to one thing or another. Even in a group of literal rebels, she is usually dismissed or put ...more

Everyone loves Garnet and Pearl much more than they love Amethyst. If you think Crystal Gem, you'll probably think of Pearl, Garnet, or Steven. Nobody really remembers Amethyst. Most people just dismiss her as the comic relief character/the silly one of the group. That causes her to be really underrated. I like Amethyst. She's probably one of the most relatable characters on the show. She's insecure and gets angry for no apparent reason due to this insecurity. She wants to feel strong and equal to her teammates, but she knows and feels like she's the weakest at times. There are lots of us who have those moments of insecurity where we feel bad about ourselves and hate ourselves. Amethyst still manages to be the life of the party and a fun character while actually having a personality.

Amethyst is usually seen as the side character. People see her as gross, uncaring, rude, and many other negative things. People see Pearl and Garnet as Steven's moms, not Amethyst. But as I rewatch many episodes, I see that she is one of the most motherly to Steven, probably the most caring figure to Steven (other than Connie and Greg of course). In Jailbreak, she keeps Steven in a protective hold, keeping him safe from Malachite, a scowl on her face warning her not to come near. In Friend Ship, she is the one who catches Steven, determined to keep him safe before herself. Even though they have fought, what characters haven't? In the end, their love shines through. Amethyst always shared everything about herself and everything she knew with Steven, while the other gems still have secrets they haven't shared yet. Amethyst grew closest to Steven, enough to be the one to be able to fuse with him! Amethyst was quick to forgive Peridot, even when she had unintentionally said so many cruel ...more

I relate to her. I mean, she is so chill and cool. What's not to love?

6 Steven

Goes through too much and it's given enough slack yet he cares about everyone still

I wish Steven was my little brother.

This character is filled with lot of humor and good vibes I am sure he should be number 1#. Unlike any other person or gem, steven has a lot of empathy and has a kind personality for other humans and gems.

I like when he cries he is so cute he is my favorite character and I love his personality

7 Connie

She is just like meh we have both short hair, brown skin, both playing tennis, both nerds, both playing violin

CONNIE IS THE BEST read an artical on google saying she needs to almost die lol sorry but nup

Really should of been the main character much more enjoyable than steven is

Connie is AMAZING. She's beautiful, smart, strong willed, and I love the episodes with her in them! I love Connie's relationship with Steven and Pearl, but I wish she would interact with other characters too.

8 Greg Universe Greg Universe is from the show Steven Universe created by Rebecca Sugar. more.

Greg bounced back from Rose Quartz's "death," with an optimistic attitude. Even as he ages, and starts to bald, he still manages to love his son and not pin the blame onto him like other did. He loves his son, and is proud of Steven for all he goes through. He has an estranged relationship with Steven, due to Steven being more often than not hanging out with the Crystal Gems, who blamed the death of Rose on him. Even though he suffers these psychological problems, he wakes up every morning in his van with a beaming smile.

The most supportive father ever. He's always there for his son and you can tell how much he strives to be a good father for Steven. In addition he cared for Rose so much and loved her. He is more than the "silly dad" character that most may peg him as at first

Greg and Rose should still be together. They were and always will be the best couple.

So sweet, supportive of his son, doesn't care what people think.

9 Jasper

Jasper is a great character and seriously needs some love to get rid of that hate toward Steven.

My love for Jasper comes from a place of sympathy. No one really takes the time to ask her why she does the things she does, and the first time they kinda did in the show, she was already half corrupted! She didn't ask to be held prisoner by Lapis at the bottom of the ocean, and fusion has clearly taken a huge toll on her mental health and she has to deal with it all on her own. People consider her the main bad guy of the show right now, and that's true to an extent, but she's just going above and beyond, doing her job for a boss she doesn't even wanna be working for! She should really get a good promotion for everything she's put up with! Not only all that, but her character design is flawless! Her body type, facial expression and skin texture match Jaspers perfectly, and her corruption design looked so much like a ocean Jasper I was literally screaming at my T.V.. I personally think Jasper is the best example of a woman who is physically strong, and isn't traditionally beautiful, ...more

Jasper isn't my favorite but she is really cool. Her weapon is kind of weird but logical horoscope-wise. Her smile is kind of creepy but she has pretty eyelashes (she's the only gem with them, I also think she wears mascara).

Jasper needs more love. Not only does her fusion (malachite) have the most badass theme EVER, but she is a fun character to watch. We need to see more of her!

10 Steven Universe

Wasn't He Already On This List?

There really should be a way to delete copies like this.

Already on the list...

Why is the same character on here twice?

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11 Lion

He's god damn pink lion who can make portals and blow up stuff

Lion loves to fit in a box any normal domesticated cat. That's when he was at his most adorable.

Such a likable fun character. He makes me either fall on the floor with laughter or saying " damn, how does he do that? "

He is a pink lion! He is like th best unicorn ever.

12 Sapphire Sapphire is from the show Steven Universe made by Rebecca Sugar and many amazing animators and voice actors. more.

She's so serene, graceful, & classy. She saw Ruby for who she was individually, rather than seeing her as 'just another ruby' as so many other Gems did, & treated her with respect, despite how Ruby had a 'lower rank' than her & the way Sapphire fell in love with Ruby was so adorable - the two of them really improve each other because they're opposites & they present one another with different views of the world. I also admire the way that even though she was treated very well before the first time she fused with Ruby, she didn't allow it to turn her into a snob, which would've been very easy to do - she always remained gracious & polite. Another reason I love Sapphire is she's very unique, with her abilities of seeing into the future, plus, her design is gorgeous.

I actually really like garnet... But I hate Ruby and Sapphire. I hate how Garnet is considered the strongest crystal gem, Just... NO SHE’S 2 WEAK GEMS PRETENDING TO BE STRONG. Garnet I can see right throw you, you are the weakest crystal gem!

To be honest, I didn't like Sapphire when I seen her in her first few episodes because of the decisions she made. But as I watched more episodes with her, I realized she just made the normal mistakes that everyone makes. Also, she found love out of not being perfect.

Sapphire is calm and collected, and has many problems due to her future vision, as said in the "Here Comes A Thought" song. Sapphire can be a helper to Ruby to calm her nerves down, and she makes me smile.

13 Ruby

It's a little weird but I probably relate most to Ruby in the entire T.V show, we both are HUGE hit heads but in the end, we're the ones who cares the most.

If I compare myself to Ruby and Sapphire when I get into a big fight with my best friend, I would be in the middle of Ruby and Sapphire. I wouldn't be as mad as Ruby, but I wouldn't be as calm as Sapphire.

I feel like Ruby is just so cute, and cares so much about Sapphire that she has to be my favorite. She seems to have one of the biggest hearts on the show and I love her to pieces.

I love how angry she gets, third favorite with Peridot and Lapis. She deserves a higher role than Greg.

14 Bismuth

Bismuth is the best crystal gem. She should be number 1. She is as strong as garnet, can make her hands into anything, she is a master blacksmith that can make any weapon, she doesn't really fear anything, but still has a lot of character development.

Originally I felt quite neutral about Bismuth. Sure she was charismatic and was a cool forger but there wasn't the same depth as with the other crystal gems. Then the reunited Steven bomb came out and I y opinion on bismuth did a total 180.

If this is your favorite character look up none of your bismuth on YouTube.

Lets get to bismuth

15 Sadie

I wish Sadie got more love from the fandom. Sadie and Lars were both the first characters Rebecca Sugar ever came up with for the show, so to see them not getting the credit that they deserve from the fandom is a bummer. I actually enjoy the episodes with Sadie in them the most! She's my favorite character and she's so adorable.

Sadie should be at the top 15 she has a lot of character development and has really grown as Stevens friend and you can see how caring and understanding she is not to mention she's a bad ass in tense moments

Always there when steven needs a donut

Sadie even from her first appearance has been interesting

16 Rose Quartz

Immediately when I saw Rose's design, before I even watched Steven Universe (just kinda saw it floating around the internet before I even knew what the show was about) I LOVED it. Her beauty isn't the only reason I like her, but it's the only reason I started watching Steven Universe. Ha ha.

Anyway, the main reason I find her interesting is that characters in the show have very critical views of her: Either she's amazing or terrible. That is the interesting part about all this: She's gone. She isn't here to ever voice her opinion, to ever give justice to anything that other people would like to accuse her about. Its almost like this: People make big mistakes in their lives, not everyone is perfect but everyone will act on their own accord. She might see killing/shattering someone else as justified if it can save the planet she loves. Even if she was truly horrible as some may think (like Steven, who seems to be worried that his mother was a "bad" person), you have to ...more

If you haven't seen "A Single Pale Rose" yet, then stop reading now if you don't want to get spoiled.

Also, I have opinions.

You have been warned.

I know that some people didn't like the RQ=PD reveal because they think it makes Rose a horrible person, and because of that it undermines everything we thought she believed in. However, I still loved it. Even if Rose is a horrible person, it makes her character more interesting to me, which I like. And besides, I have two reasons why she probably isn't the most evil character in the show. Firstly, Pink Diamond was the youngest diamond, and as shown before, she was immature. A ton of the things that she did were most likely the result of either her immaturity, or her inability to sense the consequences to actions she was planning on doing. Secondly, I strongly believe that she did still love the earth. Even if some of her motivating factors to start the rebellion and fake her shattering were selfish, I find it ...more

Rose is not my favorite, but she is up there! I mean, she's beautiful! She's so kind, too. Wanting to save the earth! 10/10

Rose is like the center of attention in the show shes beautiful wise and smart she is my favorite character and always will be!

17 Malachite

Malachite is my most favorite out of every fusion in Steven Universe with her laid back but reckless attitude an awesome theme

Malachite is super cute. Everyone thinks she's a monster but I think she's absolutely gorgeous.

Too bad Jasper is evil

I hate malachite!

18 Opal

Best fusion best voice love her god combo of pearl and amethyst

Opal's so cool. Her voice is pretty but she reminds me of Garnet.

Opal is awesome she's my birthstone

We need more Opal. Best Fusion

19 Onion

Onion might not say much, but he sure is one creepy yet hilarious little kleptomaniac. He only acts out because his father is always out at sea. He's one of those background characters I feel really sorry for.

Everyone knows onion is an onion secretly. I like onions because they remind me of ogres! He gives me those SHREK vibes

Because Onion is so cute and the way he talks! And giving Steven the best Gal toy was so nice!

Onion is Satan reincarnated

20 Blue Diamond

She just shows the most emotion and I love her character. The way she acts about pink shows a new side to the diamonds the other don't show.

Blue Diamond is so beautiful and amazing! I love her so much. I was so happy when I saw her face for the first time! LOVE HER!

I love her! She is my favorite diamond.

A character with a deep personality

21 Yellow Diamond

(looks at picture) AHAHAAHAHAA! Woo! Yellow isn't my favorite, but she's my favorite diamond

Yellow Diamond is one of those characters that you love but you don't know why you love them. It's just her song, her style, she's awesome!

That song was amazing! And I love her cold calculating outlook. It fits her well. And when she does let some emotion out, it's very powerful. Also I love her sharp design.

That face when Peridot calls her clod! I'm dead!

22 Sardonyx Sardonyx is a fusion gem of Garnet (a fusion of Ruby and Sapphire) and Pearl from the Cartoon Network animated series Steven Universe.

My favorite fusion of all time is Sardonyx. The most serious gems create a very playful fusion.

Sardonyx is very talented and powerful, she's my favorite fusion! She's my favorite character, even though she appeared once!

"You'll have to excuse me, I haven't exactly been myself lately." That joke alone was enough to make her one of my favorite fusions second to garnet. Plus she has one of my favorite weapons.

People who say they hate her are lying

23 Emerald

I didn't mean to press vote lol who is emerald again?

They person who got their spaceship stolen from Lars and his group

Umm.. I don't think Emerald was best.

In my opinion, she is the cutest.

I really like her personality. hope there are more episodes with her in the future.

24 Sugilite

I love Sugilite. She doesn't let anything bother her and she is voiced by my favorite singer, Nicki Minaj. She also just gets the job done and doesn't spend time laughing crazily. (cough, Sardonyx, cough). I hope to see her again!

Sugilite is awesome but I like malachite more

She's so awesome! Also Nicki Manaj voices her!

I want a Sugilite rap Lol. come on Nikki

25 Blue Pearl

Blue Pearl, only there for 10 seconds, one of the most loved characters

I think this character is one of my favorites in this show. I know it's odd since she was only on the screen for like 10 seconds, but I really love her! There is some great fanfiction about her that has shaped my idea of what she would be like and I love the design. I hope she appears in a later episode.

I want to see more of Blue Pearl. She's so beautiful and lovely.

She has a beautiful design.. I hope we see her again! (and by the way, SeeU, the blue pearl is Blue Diamond's Pearl)

26 Blue Zircon

I love how she angered the diamonds and thanks to her I'm suspicious of them

Blue Zircon: Ace Attorney

Blue Zircon so awesome!

How did she figure it out?

27 Vegie Head

Vegie Head is the Pumpkin Dog and he is so adorable

Like a lil' doggo.


He is so cute

28 Nephrite

LOL! a Pokéball!

29 Sour Cream

Sour Cream is epic! I think he's the best of the towns people, after Connie.

Who has a crush on sour cream? I don't have a crush on sour cream... "blushes and awkwardly walks away"

Sour cream is not only a cool character but his brother is onion and onion is hilarious

Sour Cream and his family are the best.

30 Alexandrite

Favorite Fusion! I love that it's a teamwork fusion, of all the gems working together.

Very cool and colorful fusion

Why so far down? Alexandrite is Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl! FUSION! She's perfect <3. I hope we see her again :3

31 Green Zircon


32 Steven Jr.

You're no son of mine.

Aww, what a cute little goat!

It’s a goat

33 Lars

From jerk, maybe not a jerk,space pirate and is now a space baker owner best turn around very believable my favorite

I really wish Lars was higher, and I think the only reason he's low is because almost no one has seen Season 5. He's really shown us that he deserves a higher rating because he's proven himself to us by literally DYING for, like, 5 minutes to protect people he hasn't even known for as long as he was dead for, and keep in mind this is his first ever selfless action for his whole life and even when he was still a jerk he was only insecure and he should have gotten a better press. I love pretty much all of the characters but Lars takes the cake after he died then came back to life all Lion mode

After the latest episodes, I can now say that Lars is becoming one of my favorite characters. He literally risked his LIFE (and technically lost it, too! ) just to protect Steven and the off-colors. He also let Steven return to earth while he stayed on Homeworld! Lars may have come off as selfish before, but I think we're finally seeing a side of him that makes him a genuinely likeable character.

Lars is the best next to onion again out of the few characters to get a separate show would be lars onion sour cream and connie along with a few others

34 Rainbow Quartz Rainbow Quartz is a fusion gem from the Cartoon Network show "Steven Universe". She is the fusion of Pearl and the late Rose Quartz.

Cool 80's dance mom is the best mom

I mean, Rainbow 2.0, but they aren't here and I don't have an account...

Prettiest fusion.


35 Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is the best in my opinion. She combined the two personalities of different people who in some ways alike. (I know the other fusions combine two or three personalities but most of the time the fusions, unlike smoky, are very different.)

How can you not like a fusion that uses a yo-yo

It was hilarious when she beat up jasper

BEST FUSION EVER! She is so cool that it makes Star Butterfly look like Dora the explorer!

36 Wy-Six

Wy-Six (Y-6) is the funniest character in the episode, "The Zoo." He provides comic relief with his quirkiness and his unawareness of the Earth. I laughed anytime he was on the screen and I sincerely hope you all find him funny as well.

He HAS to come back lol

Amazing Character! They have to bring Y-6 BACK!

Can he be any better! Whoever plays this character is talented! For someone being so funny is talented!

37 White Diamond

She's literally the GLaDOS of Steven Universe. Probably one of the best cartoon villains out there.

We haven't seen her yet. I hope we do and I bet she will be amazing. So I'm just gonna comment about almost every character in the show here. This will take a while lol.
Steven. He's cute and funny. He's fourteen but acts like he's ten.
Pearl. Overprotective makes her funny and she's graceful.
Garnet is so chill. She never gets mad. Very cool in the real way.
Amethyst. She's the comedy relief. She's chill. She has the coolest fusions, too. She can be obnoxious yet funny and isn't self centered. Remember that Dove self esteem bumper they made. That was awesome. It teaches you to appreciate yo self and handle things the right way.
Connie. I can relate to her the most.
Peridot. She's hilarious and quirky.
Lapis. So elegant and chill.
Lion. Just Adorbs.
Rose. Beautiful and strong.
Greg. Dad goals. So supportive.
Sadie. So cool. That scene when they were about ro go to the concert and she came and said I'm quitting.
Lars. Awesome. He's ...more

Best character on the show in my opinion. She's just so unique and creepy.

OK I know we haven't seen her yet, but she is still technically a character so why not put her.

38 Vidalia

Just sweet and chill Plus I love the friendship between her and amethyst

She's so chill and funny

She is amazing

Really though 10.

39 White Pearl

I hope she becomes a crystal gem.

40 Rainbow 2.0

My second favorite fusion is Rainbow 2.0. Its funny because Pearl fuses in dangerous situations, but in "A Very Special Episode", She fuses with Steven to create Rainbow 2.0 to clean Onions room.

He/she is the weirdest character in Steven Universe (other than uncle grandpa) and weird is the best.

Well, what do you know? It's Rainbow 2.0!

He is the best I love him

41 Stevonnie Stevonnie is a fictional character from the 2013 animated series Steven Universe. They are a human/gem hybrid fusion of Steven Universe and Connie Maheswaran.

Stevonnie is so fun. She reminds me of how awesome being alive is. She seems to have no problems with life. And she looks like me...
Even though Stevonnie got a little freaked out while she was dancing, I blame EVERYTHING ON KEVIN!
But Stevonnie is just a first fusion. By that, I mean that she is the first fusion who was made by combining a human and half human. She doesn't know everything about her. She just AN EXPERIENCE!

Stevonnie is really cool. She/he has a nice character design, and is a fusion involving a half gem and a human! Greg couldn't even fuse with Rose. But that's okay

Best character of all, brings out the best in Steven and Connie and is so unaware of her/his? Lovers. I LOVE IT!

Stevonnie is the best fusion. I'm really surprised she isn't on the first page.

42 Yellow Pearl

Not my favorite character, but the smirk she gave to Peridot during her call to Yellow Diamond was hilarious!

She's better than Blue Pearl in my opinion

Her voice

43 Jamie

Jamie is likable he is very passionate and he's hilarious he needs more character development he is very likable I disagree with the commentator below me

Jamie is so cute! He hasn't been on any of the new episodes, I would love to see more of him, or an episode about him.

Give Jamie a girlfriend! He deserves love and he wants it.

He's so cute and such a great actor/mailman

44 Topaz

Topaz is great, though I'm disappointed when I heard her voice for the first time.

The first episode of season 5 was leaked online, and let me just say it completely changed my opinion of Topaz

She was so nice to Steven and Lars!

I love topaz. She was so nice!

45 Mr. Fryman

His hair is weird. He has french fry hair! LOL. FRyman is cool. I guess I would say he's my favorite, because he's like my dad. I always LOVE the episodes about the Fryman family the best.

46 Jade

Who is this character?

47 Centipeetle Mother


48 Peedee

I love Peedee! He is so adorable and it's about time he gets his own episode. I want more character development from him. I want to know more about him. Love for Peedee!

He is just funny and so embarrassed around his older brother! It's hilarious when he wouldn't let go of the counter when they had to evacuate!

He needs more episodes. He hasn't got much character development.

I love PeeDee! He is adorable!

49 Kiki Pizza

I like Kiki, she got good character development. I wish her and Sadie would start hanging out and become friends. They don't really hang out with anybody like Jenny and Lars do.

Kiki is so amazing he works so hard in the pizzeria

You're just doing this because you're running out of characters are you?

50 Leggy

Yes! #saveleggy2k17

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