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21 Blue Pearl

I think this character is one of my favorites in this show. I know it's odd since she was only on the screen for like 10 seconds, but I really love her! There is some great fanfiction about her that has shaped my idea of what she would be like and I love the design. I hope she appears in a later episode.

She has a beautiful design.. I hope we see her again! (and by the way, SeeU, the blue pearl is Blue Diamond's Pearl)

Blue Pearl, only there for 10 seconds, one of the most loved characters

I loved her singing and She is so beautiful. - Stevenuniversefangirl

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22 Vegie Head
23 Sugilite Sugilite

I love Sugilite. She doesn't let anything bother her and she is voiced by my favorite singer, Nicki Minaj. She also just gets the job done and doesn't spend time laughing crazily. (cough, Sardonyx, cough). I hope to see her again!

Sugilite is awesome but I like malachite more

She's so awesome! Also Nicki Manaj voices her!

She's the ugliest fusion though lmao - Haika

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24 Malachite Malachite

Malachite is my most favorite out of every fusion in Steven Universe with her laid back but reckless attitude an awesome theme

Too bad Jasper is evil

I hate malachite!

Malichite is so scaaary and has flour eyes she is a god fusion gem but is scary

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25 Sour Cream

Sour Cream is epic! I think he's the best of the towns people, after Connie.

Who has a crush on sour cream? I don't have a crush on sour cream... "blushes and awkwardly walks away"

Sour cream is not only a cool character but his brother is onion and onion is hilarious

Pants become shorts!

I love Sour Cream!

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26 Blue Diamond
27 Steven Jr.

You're no son of mine.

Aww, what a cute little goat!

28 Padparadscha

Padparadscha is a cinnamon roll that should be protected - Cartoonfan202

I predict that someone will vote for me! How exciting!

I predict that I will be on the list! How exciting!

My personal favorite in season 5.

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29 Bismuth Bismuth

If this is your favorite character look up none of your bismuth on YouTube.

So far we've only seen her briefly in Same old world, but judging by the preview of bismuth's return, she'll be a fan favourite in no time!

I ship Bismuth with Malachite. Power couple!

I feel like they got the idea from Maui from Moana.

30 Aquamarine

Evil Fairy Butterfly Beryl-Class Gem but she is very cute.

Very cute, yet very annoying version of lapis lazuli

Aquamarine is so meanie than Peridot. - LapisBob

Aquamarine is just going to be a biotch, you can tell right away. That's why I'm gonna love her. Plus it looks like she is always crying, that's adorable.

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31 Rainbow Quartz Rainbow Quartz

Cool 80's dance mom is the best mom - pastel-king

Prettiest fusion.


Cool fusion

32 Wy-Six

Wy-Six (Y-6) is the funniest character in the episode, "The Zoo." He provides comic relief with his quirkiness and his unawareness of the Earth. I laughed anytime he was on the screen and I sincerely hope you all find him funny as well. - Lr8425

He HAS to come back lol

Amazing Character! They have to bring Y-6 BACK!


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33 Alexandrite

Favorite Fusion! I love that it's a teamwork fusion, of all the gems working together.

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34 Vidalia Vidalia

She's so chill and funny

Really though 10.

My fave human

She reminds me of treecko from Pokémon

35 Smoky Quartz Smoky Quartz

BEST FUSION EVER! She is so cool that it makes Star Butterfly look like Dora the explorer!

It was hilarious when she beat up jasper

How can you not like a fusion that uses a yo-yo

Best fusion ever. Yep even better than garnet (stil love garnet a lot though).

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36 Yellow Diamond

That song was amazing! And I love her cold calculating outlook. It fits her well. And when she does let some emotion out, it's very powerful. Also I love her sharp design.

Aside from the extended intro, she is yet to appear. I bet when she finally appears, she'll be awesome!

That face when Peridot calls her clod! I'm dead! - Daviddv0601


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37 Topaz

The first episode of season 5 was leaked online, and let me just say it completely changed my opinion of Topaz - ColdTurkey

She was so nice to Steven and Lars!

I love topaz. She was so nice! - LapisBob

So sweet!
Plus that bonding moment will help Steven fuse with Lars in Lars' head! The crewniverse will get so ticked off I revealed that. I'm an ex-crewniverse memeber.

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38 Yellow Pearl

Not my favorite character, but the smirk she gave to Peridot during her call to Yellow Diamond was hilarious!

39 Mr. Fryman

His hair is weird. He has french fry hair! LOL. FRyman is cool. I guess I would say he's my favorite, because he's like my dad. I always LOVE the episodes about the Fryman family the best.

40 Kiki Pizza Kiki Pizza

I like Kiki, she got good character development. I wish her and Sadie would start hanging out and become friends. They don't really hang out with anybody like Jenny and Lars do. - Stevenuniversefangirl

Kiki is so amazing he works so hard in the pizzeria

You're just doing this because you're running out of characters are you?

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