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61 Mystery Girl Mystery Girl
62 Heaven Beetle

It is so cute! He has a Nintendo in his bedroom! - HaydenGuyPotato

63 Rutile

Congratulations Crewniverse! You made an adorable conjoined twin character!

64 Green Zircon


65 Kofi Pizza

I like Kofi because he's just like my dad! I want an episode that explains what happened to his wife. I know it's not relevant to the plot, but the Pizza family is a big part of the show and I would like to know what happened to Mama Pizza.

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66 Marty

I hate this guy. He is a stupid bossy lying cheating idiot that should've never have been created. I hate this guy so much. If the homeworld gems invaded Earth, Marty should be the first one to die.

I like the part when Greg kicked out Marty off the van and Marty was left on the highway.

I'm not saying that Vidalia is creepy she's super chill

Probably the biggest (insult here) on the show

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67 Yellowtail

Let his ship end up like the titanic

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68 Barbara (Sadie's Mom)
69 Doug Maheswaran V 1 Comment
70 Martha V 1 Comment
71 Dante V 1 Comment
72 The Cluster

The Cluster got bubbled and now is together. The cluster is very creepy and deserves to be recognized.

I think the cluster should make a fusion. I bet it somehow will make a giant fusion.

73 Petey V 2 Comments
74 Army
75 Holo-Pearl
76 Zircon

For people who don't know, Zircon is the new blue gem who people thought was called "Moonstone." Turns out, thanks to a leak, that we now know she is called Zircon - ColdTurkey

77 Rhodonite
78 Fluorite
79 Lars Lars

I really wish Lars was higher, and I think the only reason he's low is because almost no one has seen Season 5. He's really shown us that he deserves a higher rating because he's proven himself to us by literally DYING for, like, 5 minutes to protect people he hasn't even known for as long as he was dead for, and keep in mind this is his first ever selfless action for his whole life and even when he was still a jerk he was only insecure and he should have gotten a better press. I love pretty much all of the characters but Lars takes the cake after he died then came back to life all Lion mode

After the latest episodes, I can now say that Lars is becoming one of my favorite characters. He literally risked his LIFE (and technically lost it, too! ) just to protect Steven and the off-colors. He also let Steven return to earth while he stayed on Homeworld! Lars may have come off as selfish before, but I think we're finally seeing a side of him that makes him a genuinely likeable character. - ColdTurkey

Lars is awesome, I loved him straight from the beginning because I knew there must have been a reason for him to be so cruel. Lars just cares about his view to others and uses a mean personality to cover up his insecurity. He's jealous of Steven, because everyone immediately loves Steven and he doesn't even have to try, but Lars wants to be like Steven and fit in, but he can't. Overall Lars is a greatly developed character and I don't understand that he isn't at least number 10.

After the newest episodes, he really has grown on me... Sacrificing himself to save others... Best character.

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80 Kevin

The one and only character from this cartoon I really despise.

Kevin had the down right to annoy stevonnie.

Hate Kevin, love the Kevin and Jamie ship.

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