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61 White Diamond

OK I know we haven't seen her yet, but she is still technically a character so why not put her.


62 Suitcase Sam V 2 Comments
63 Mystery Girl Mystery Girl
64 Heaven Beetle

It is so cute! He has a Nintendo in his bedroom! - HaydenGuyPotato

65 Rutile

Congratulations Crewniverse! You made an adorable conjoined twin character!

66 Ronaldo

Saying someone is autistic doesn't make them a bad character. It just makes you an ass. Don't pick on or make fun of autism, it's immature. - Stevenuniversefangirl

I like Ronaldo. He's so funny and weird. - Stevenuniversefangirl

Really why is he on this list

Ronaldo's cool

V 7 Comments
67 Kofi Pizza

I like Kofi because he's just like my dad! I want an episode that explains what happened to his wife. I know it's not relevant to the plot, but the Pizza family is a big part of the show and I would like to know what happened to Mama Pizza.

V 1 Comment
68 Mayor Dewey V 1 Comment
69 Marty

I hate this guy. He is a stupid bossy lying cheating idiot that should've never have been created. I hate this guy so much. If the homeworld gems invaded Earth, Marty should be the first one to die.

I like the part when Greg kicked out Marty off the van and Marty was left on the highway.

I'm not saying that Vidalia is creepy she's super chill

The first insult (beside Lars) in SU

V 3 Comments
70 Yellowtail

I Love yellowtail, he ian such a cute man, and loves his kids! MAH MAH MAH - Nateboy604

Let his ship end up like the titanic

Let him get eaten by malachite.

71 Barbara (Sadie's Mom)
72 Kevin

The one and only character from this cartoon I really despise.

Why is he on here

Kevin had the down right to annoy stevonnie.


V 2 Comments
73 Uncle Grandpa Uncle Grandpa

Whose idea was it to bring Uncle Grandpa into the show?

I know he's not from Steven universe, but he was in an episode so he kinda technically is?

I watched s 2 ep 4 and I immediately fell in love with this guy when he said "none of this is canon" before putting himself in an actuall canon. He's the only character that breaks the fourth wall. He even made his name appear as a 'T.V. Show' at the bottom of the screen. (As one of those 'up next' notifications.) Even the gems say that he could break the fabric of space and time! He can also magic up everything. I'm not sure about the date this episode was released, but I'm pretty sure it was on April 1st.

April Fools

74 Doug Maheswaran V 1 Comment
75 Martha V 1 Comment
76 Dante V 1 Comment
77 The Cluster

The Cluster got bubbled and now is together. The cluster is very creepy and deserves to be recognized.

I think the cluster should make a fusion. I bet it somehow will make a giant fusion.

78 Petey V 2 Comments
79 Holly Blue Agate

She is the ' sass master. Also, she is SO horribly bossy. - HaydenGuyPotato

80 Army
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