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81 The Cluster

The Cluster got bubbled and now is together. The cluster is very creepy and deserves to be recognized.

I think the cluster should make a fusion. I bet it somehow will make a giant fusion.

82 Petey V 2 Comments
83 Holly Blue Agate

She is the ' sass master. Also, she is SO horribly bossy. - HaydenGuyPotato

84 Army
85 Holo-Pearl
86 Aquamarine

Evil Fairy Butterfly Beryl-Class Gem but she is very cute.

Very cute, yet very annoying version of lapis lazuli

Aquamarine is just going to be a biotch, you can tell right away. That's why I'm gonna love her. Plus it looks like she is always crying, that's adorable.


V 3 Comments
87 Zircon

For people who don't know, Zircon is the new blue gem who people thought was called "Moonstone." Turns out, thanks to a leak, that we now know she is called Zircon - ColdTurkey

88 Rhodonite
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