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Peridot is from the show Steven Universe created by Rebecca Sugar. The show airs on Cartoon Network and has grown in popularity over the years. The character Peridot is an alien gem from a planet called Homeworld, Peridot is introduced in the episode "Marble Madness," when Steven and the Crystal Gems more.


I love Peridot because of her personality and comic relief style humor, which is amazing. However, what puts her over the top for me is that we get to see her character progression. From fed up technician, to recurring goofy villian, to angry little slice of pie, to reluctant ally, to eventual friend and member of the crystal gems. I just love seeing her character progress overtime as she becomes more and more redeemed. Seeing her genuinely care about Lapis and trying to patch things up shows her progression and how she really is changing for the better. Plus she called yellow diamond a clod in one of my favorite moments of the series.

Peridot was a unique character. When her character was explored in depth in the later episodes of season 2, I felt like I could empathize with her the most. She was a character who thought in a logical manner. She would only do things if there was an actual reason behind them. This made her unique from the other Crystal Gems, who thought emotionally rather than rationally. But, it appears that as of her defection from Homeworld, she has dropped almost all her logic and reason in favor of becoming a comic relief character. If this is what the Peridemption was going to come to, I would rather she had stayed a villain.

Peridot has had some rough times in the show, but she has always managed to stay as my favorite character of all time. She has had tremendous development in the show since we first saw her and she always is eager to learn more about the other gems and Earth. When everyone else is in the dark, Peridot is the one that shares her knowledge and sheds some light on the situation. I can't wait for when she fuses for the first time. All and all, anyone who thinks Peridot shouldn't be #1 is a clod!

She is really cute and funny! She is just a young teenage gem who doesn't want her things touched.

The first time I saw her, I knew she'd be my favorite, and she is! Her personality is complex and amazing (Just like every other Steven Universe characters). She has some sad moments, and even more hilarious ones. I loved her long character, I know she'd go with the good guys! I can relate to her a lot, and my friends and family say that I am a lot like her, too. I just love Peridot! She is amazing! She is and has been my favorite for almost two years now!

I think peridot is the best because every episode she is in is a good one and I love her personality with how she thinks about herself and how quirky she can be. I also love how she is is the sort of nerd of the group and I can see her becoming a gamer which would be awesome if that were to happen in the series and she brings a lot of humor to the show. So she had really earned her rightfull place on this list as number one.

I believe that out of all the gems on the show thus far (I'm writing this after Greg the baby sitter), she has changed the most. From being the first introduced homeworld enemy to being their first homeworld ally THEN to being this shows very first NEW CRYSTAL GEM. Plus, she's adorable! It is so interesting to see an enemy become an ally, and how much she changed! I would not mind it AT ALL if she became the main charachter of the show, though I know that can't happen haha. Plus, she has an official Twitter account- @PERIDOT5XG. What more could you want?!

I think I identify with Peridot the most. Out of all the Steven Universe characters, she's the one I enjoy watching the most. Some of the most hilarious moments in the series come from her.

She is so cute! Peridot is funny and always keeping me entertained! She is so inexperienced about earth, which is not only funny but awkward and adorable. I love her definitely one of the best gems

As much as I want Peridot + Priyanka to happen, I don't think Priyanka would do that to Doug. Maybe if they weren't married or if they divorced/split up and she needed a shoulder to cry on, they maybe just maybe.

What I love about Peridot is that how she knows she isn't perfect, but she can try to learn about the Earth and be a help. I love how funny she is, and how she tries to be friends with someone she was a enemy too.

Even though she's kind of evil, I really like her! Peridot has a nice character design and I just love how she uses her fingers

There's just something about this green girl from another world which intrigues me. I really hope Peridot isn't going to be shattered by Yellow Diamond.

She is a literal nerd, I love her because of her individuality, at the start she was stern and calm, and then she developed into that awkward, quirky peridot we all know and love

To me peridot is the best even though she or well I should say it, has no real weapons it uses power armor and overall has me laughing on the floor about how quirky she is

Yay! Glad to see my favorite is in the top spot! Peridot is relatable (well, to me anyways), funny, interesting, sympathetic, and we get to see her change over time.

Peridot is best gem. Watch Log Date 7 15 1 and get back to me.

I think she's so cool, original and she's slightly funny and I just love her personality, and also I like the colour green and she's small.

Peridot is my birthstone I'm basically her! (Even though I'm a boy) but gems can change their gender I think

Character development! She went from a terrifying space technician to the adorable and quirky nerd we love today! - vimogenn

When she fell to earth I fell in love. I was always rooting for her to become the newest member of the crystal gems

Peridot is so funny and hilarious. She's absolutely one of my favorite Homeworld Gems

From Evil to Hero, she is a character who stole the show since her first appearance

This character is such a well developed bad-to-good side character. Good humor, acting dramatic, and more!

Damn right, she is so awesome, how did it take me this long to watch the show (Aug 2016)