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21 The Trial

Amazing! We finally got to see how Homeworld looked like and gave us more info on Pink Diamond.

22 Garnet's Universe

We get to see Garnet's caring side and Steven's wonderful imagination, man Steven would be a great author.

This is a very cute one, and I like Garnet's reaction at the end.

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23 Onion Visit

Onion and his family are tops best side Characters, so seeing more about them makes for an amazing episode!

The episode is actually called "Onion Friend".

Onion friend was sort of adorable.

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24 Lion 2 The Movie V 2 Comments
25 Super Watermelon Island

Great fight scene and excellent animation. They really did a good job of animating Malachite

Malachite is an awesome fusion, too bad Jasper is evil.

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26 I Am My Mom

This episode and the following episode gives the fans what they really want, the plot moving forward. And it is amazing.

One of the best episodes of the series. And from the looks of it, the next few episodes might be even better - ColdTurkey

I cried so hard at the end of this don't watch if you're at school

Made me cry at the end I reccomend it

27 Keystone Motel

I have watched this episode about 10 times. I still can't get enough. Rise to your true ranking!

The raw emotion in this episode is amazing.

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28 Winter Forecast
29 Say Uncle

The only time Uncle Grandpa was ever acceptable.

If you haven't seen season 2 episode 4, go watch it now on YouTube. It was after the lost episode faded gems. Anyways, personally I like the bit where amethyst eats pizza Steve. Die piece of pizza!
It was clever how they made the animation. Also, let me know if there is going to be a Steven universe/Clarence crossover. That would be amazing!

GOOD MORNING! How Pearl reacted to the infinite white space of the plot hole cracks me up every time!

This episode isn't best. It's a worst episode ever in SU! - LapisBob

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30 Fusion Cuisine

I don't know, I just feel like this whole episode avoided the concept of common sense. Why couldn't have Connie just told her parents that Steven's mom was no longer around? That would've sufficed and this all could've been avoided. It wasn't a great excuse to see Alexandrite to be honest. A better reason for her appearance could've perhaps been a dire fight scene, like when she is seen fighting Malachite in the new trailer.

Great episode, I loved the scene when Garnet was on the phone.

" Oh, they are play swords, I mean, with swords. Oh, no they are dead! " - funnyuser

This episode was a dud in my opinion

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31 Coach Steven

This was THE major turning point in the series. It was like the fifth episode I have ever watched and it changed my opinion on the show. First, the commercials made me think it was stupid. Then after Steven's Lion, and Lunar Sea Spire, I thought it was a novelty show at best, cute and entertaining to watch. But this episode made me realize that it had emotional depth and realistic character development. This episode made me watch Mirror/Ocean Gem, which ultimately made me one of the early fans! I love it to this day!

Strong in the real way is one of the best Steven universe episodes and it has one of the best songs

I like the fact that nicky minaj's voice was in it. I don't like her music but I think her voice fit the character well.

We get a song from Pearl, a good life lesson, AND Nikki Minaj. What more could you ask for?!

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32 The Answer

"Where did we go? What did we do? " Where and what did this episode do to have to be placed 48th. It was amazing! Definitely one of my favorites.

Garnet's first formation! This is a very beautiful episode! - SidneyHando

This episode is one of my favorites.

Such a beautiful episode!

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33 Lion 3: Straight to Video

This is such an emotional episode. This deserves to be way higher on the list. This episode was nominated for an Emmy in 2015 and I am not surprised as to why.

Loved this episode. There was a lot of comedy, it had the first appearance of Rose (excluding pictures), and the ending with Sadie was great.

It let's you get a better idea about Rose and how she was! Hands down one of my favorite episodes of Steven Universe.

This episode is my 7th favorite episode so GOOD!

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34 Laser Light Cannon

Did you know peridot sent the red eye? But she's now a cutie!

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35 Earthlings

Often you will find episodes in any show that are great, but it is rare to have one that literally breaks the internet. Earthlings was not only action packed and entertaining, it was also emotionally charged and revealed many critical things about Steven, Amethyst, Jasper and the entire series as a whole. YouTube literally went up in a firestorm after this episode aired, and that is an incredible effect for an episode to have.

Fantastic. Smoky Quartz. Peridot. This episode is amazing

This episode, along with Bubbled, is a personal fave. - Stevenuniversefangirl

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36 Steven's Dream

I screamed when I realised Blue Diamond was on Earth. It's also the first time we see one of the diamonds as empathetic and humanised. Amazing episode

Just about everything important in season 4 happens in this episode. And Rebecca sugar drawing Greg in South Korea is too good a fourth wall break

This episode was very shocking and introduced so many new elements. It introduced the first actual apperance of Blue Diamond, and the Korean trip was AWESOME! It may not be my favourite but I enjoy it a lot!

Blue diamond face reveal. omggg

37 Hit the Diamond

Steven Earl Amy Bob and Sophie=Steven Pearl Amethyst Lapis and Sapphire

I love any Ruby and Sapphire episodes! I especially love Lapis's attitude!

Best episode of ever! - TheUmbreon

To me, this is the worst steven universe epsiode ever. The characters were bad,so much retarded moments, and else not forget about lapis, her attitude in that epsiode was terrible. But if you like this epsiode, that's ok. Because this is my own opition.

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38 Steven's Birthday

This episode put a lot of things into perspective with Steven, and overall made me love the character even more! - SidneyHando

39 Onion Trade

I love any episode that has onion on it :3

40 The Return

Honestly, I didn't like this episode much. Until the last 3 minutes, it was just exposition and filler.

Garnet's not dead! She came back in the next episode!

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