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61 Keeping It Together

This episode scared me.

This episode is my fave <3

62 Kindergarten Kid

This was a really funny episode! The ending was cute. Lapis is Peridot's home

Easily the funniest Peridot episode.

It was based off of Wile E Coyote Cartoons


63 Gem Harvest

Cool episode - Stevenuniversefangirl

64 The Good Lars
65 Monster Buddies

This episode is very emotional

66 Chille Tid

This episode was scary especially when jasper was saying you three times.

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67 Future Vision

I love seeing Garnet and Steven interact. Plus, the moral in the end is great.

I LOVE this one too! Garnet and Steven have such a cute relationship.


68 Cat Fingers

Creepiest, weirdest, funniest, and best episode.

69 Steven Floats

This episode was cool and Steven discovers his floating powers.

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70 Beach City Drift

This was by far the best episode. The animation was amazing, and I LOVE Stevonnie. I also love episodes with Connie. I even love...Kevin! Gasp.

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71 Beta

Why is this last?
Amythest is agnowledging that she might not always be the strongest, but she realizes that small people have their own way of fighting too! And fusing with Steven gives her the strength to fight back! This episode really inspires me because I am very small for my age. Also, I thought it was awesome how jasper becomes corrupted, then bubbled. I wish they would make an episode where corrupted jasper somehow comes back and tries to fuse with lapis, but she fuses with peridot and creates the fusion jade, and defeat jasper again. Also this is totally unrelated, it happens in that will be all, but Holly Blue should make another cameo.

72 Restaurant Wars

This is my favorite episode of all of the series, I loved the recipes that Steven created they were so original (I actually made them in real life, I found a video on YouTube) and the gems working on Steven's this episode was just amazing.

Didn't really like this epsiode. Because there so much bad jokes in it and the restaurant that are against each other is an over used cliche

73 Off Colors
74 Beach Party
75 When it Rains

The part where Peridot walks out into the rain pushed this episode into my top along with The Test and An Indirect Kiss! Actually there are so many other episodes that I love as well! - SidneyHando

Peridot being afraid of thunder was cute! And Steven has a little sister now!

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76 It Could've Been Great

Life and death and love and birth and peace and war on the planet earth!

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77 Too Far
78 Lars and the Cool Kids
79 Back To The Moon

This was my favorite. I love the little rubies, I loved Pearl overeating. I love Sardonyx! I love when Peridot clutched onto Lapis protectively. I love Amethyst pretending to be Jasper. You can't beat this episode. It was really good.

80 Crack the Whip

An amazing episode in which Stevennie drove off Jasper. Poor Amythest though.

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