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81 The Message
82 Frybo

Like a zombie horror movie. REALLY GOOD! So scary and the ketchup replacement for blood? LOVE IT - SomeRandomStickboy

Frybo is hella creepy. Pearl made it worse by javelining it in the eye. Oh glob...

Not the worst episode, but definitely one of my favorites. - TheControversie

This Episode Was The Worst. And It Shouldn't Even BE On This List:

83 Serious Steven V 1 Comment
84 Mirror Gem V 1 Comment
85 House Guest V 1 Comment
86 Marble Madness

We get to see what Peridot really is and she is cuter than ever, her popularity exploded after this episode.

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87 Warp Tour

And how many more "Stevens" are present in the Kindergarten?

The debut of my favorite character.

V 2 Comments
88 An Indirect Kiss
89 Space Race

How is this last? We got to know a little about how pearl thinks about her life and it tells us that we might see homeworld in the future! I can't wait for that episode! If that episode was to come out, I would instantly vote for that one.

This was an amazing episode about the character of Pearl. It showed a lot of depth and definitely had a lot of feels. This episode does not deserve to be at the bottom.

One of my favorite moments was when Steven tells Pearl the importance of bailing while she has tears in her eyes. Ugh FEELS

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90 Horror Club

Steven, Ronaldo, Lars and Sadie go to the lighthouse to watch a scary movie.

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91 Steven vs Amethyst V 2 Comments
92 Love Letters
93 Monster Reunion
94 Joking Victim

I just watched this one. I feel so bad for Sadie! - MarinetteNoir

95 Kiki's Pizza Delivery Service
96 Rising Tides, Crashing Skies
97 Doug Out
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