Top Ten Best Steven Universe Fusions

A lovely list of lovely Steven Universe fusions.
Just for background information, a fusion is two characters spliced together into one character.
Do not submit non canon fusions or gemsonas. Next to the name, please add who makes up the fusion.
I do think I added all of the fusions, hehe. Let's just make comments, then.
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The Top Ten
1 Garnet [ Ruby / Sapphire ]

(My impression of them because I like them a lot)
Ruby: Wow! Look we are first on the best fusion list!
Sapphire: I know!
Ruby: Do you know why? ;)
Sapphire: Because we are a great couple!
*They flirt a lot after that*

Garnet is the best fusions ever! She's my favorite.

I mean, she's a badass. It's so sweet when she shows how much she loves Steven

My favorite character and the only fusion that lasted the whole series

2 Opal [ Pearl / Amethyst ]

Definitely my favorite fusion (excluding garnet cause that's not fair) she's got an amazing design, so beautiful, and I love her calming personality it suits her appearance

A beautiful fusion. Also my best friend's birthstone. She is so lucky!

The original Giant woman, our true introduction to fusion, the Catalyst for Perdiot's interest in fusion, steven's first first-hand experience with fusion, and her design is one of the best in the show (even if it does mostly take after pearl)

Does garnet even count as a fusion?

3 Sardonyx [ Pearl / Ruby / Sapphire ]

By far my favorite fusion! She's strong, but she has this funny, enjoyable personality that me and my friends love. I absolutely ADORE her design as well!

Yes she is so amazing

The show must go on

Sardonyx is almost as good as bill cipher meets frozen would be

4 Stevonnie [ Steven Universe / Connie Maheswaran ]

She's my favourite character! I love how Steven and Connie fight as a team, not just one person controlling the fusion.

Love them plus most developed fusion that not already a main character

5 Malachite [ Jasper / Lapis Lazuli ]

Malachite is bad

6 Smoky Quartz [ Amethyst / Steven ]

Smoky Quartz is my favorite because she is so childish and silly! Steven and Amethyst are both so fun loving an make a perfect fusion! Smoky Quartz also has Amethyst's self doubt side that you see a couple of times, showing that she can still be a character with feeling like ours. I love this baby so much! ❤️

I absolutley LOVE smoky! She is my 100% favorite character in the whole show and she deserves to be higher.

Smoky is by far one of the best fusion if not the best besides garnet.

Really cool fusion! I (almost) always wanted this to happen!

7 Sugilite [ Pearl / Amethyst ]

Sugilite was made up of Garnet and Amethyst, not Pearl? Still the best fusion though.

Sugilite is an awesome savage cabbage of a fusion.

Its Nicki Minaj, what more can I say?

Niki Minaj come on its iconic plus inspiration for strong in the real way

8 Obsidian [ Steven / Ruby / Sapphire / Pearl / Amethyst ]

There is no way that this one shouldn't be mentioned. My favorite definitely

Easily the strongest.

The ultimate fusion!

9 Alexandrite [ Pearl / Amethyst / Ruby / Sapphire ]
10 Rainbow Quartz [ Pearl / Rose Quartz ]

I think it's probably one of the most gorgeous designs of any of the fusion we've seen. Refined

" We only fuse during an emergency."
Oh really Pearl?

Awesome lookin with some good moves.

The Contenders
11 Sunstone [ Steven / Ruby / Sapphire ]

I love the 90's positive mascot attitude. I just hope we see sunstone again with something more useful for combat than suction cup hands. Some people mentioned pizza cutters as a possible idea, and I think that's a good fit, so I hope we get to see that.

Sunstone is super cool I hope we can see her again in the new Steven universe movie sunstone is cool.

Here are the ways to get hit by a car...

12 Rainbow Quartz 2.0 [ Pearl / Steven Universe ]

Needs to be higher he's an absolute delight !

13 Corrupted Jasper Fusion [ Jasper / Snow Monster ]
14 Steg [Steven / Greg ]

The true manifestation of a father/son bond.

Because he cool

15 Bortz [Bismuth / Rose Quartz]
16 Monster Jasper [ Jasper / Corrupted Quartz ]
17 Mega Pearl [Pearl / Pink Pearl]
18 Lemon Jade [ Green Jade / Yellow Jade ]
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