Top Ten Best Steven Universe Fusions

A lovely list of lovely Steven Universe fusions.
Just for background information, a fusion is two characters spliced together into one character.
Do not submit non canon fusions or gemsonas. Next to the name, please add who makes up the fusion.
I do think I added all of the fusions, hehe. Let's just make comments, then.
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The Top Ten

1 Garnet [ Ruby / Sapphire ]

Garnet is the best fusions ever! She's my favorite. - LapisBob

I think your just mad because you're single also just look at their flirting in hit the diamond hilarious! 😝😝😝

2 Sardonyx [ Pearl / Ruby / Sapphire ]

Sardonyx is almost as good as bill cipher meets frozen would be

She's perfect AND she is part garnet. who isn't sold?

Yes she is so amazing

3 Opal [ Pearl / Amethyst ]

Sung in the giant woman tune All I wanna do is see this ship come true and make it canon make it canon all I wanna do is see this ship come true and make it canon

I just like amethyst and hate garnet

True fusion best one! (Giant Woman)

The original Giant woman, our true introduction to fusion, the Catalyst for Perdiot's interest in fusion, steven's first first-hand experience with fusion, and her design is one of the best in the show (even if it does mostly take after pearl)

4 Smoky Quartz [ Amethyst / Steven ]

I love smoky why is it not higher in the list

Smoky is best fusion and everyone knows it.

Yes! - Donutz

Smoky quartz needs to be higher on this list! Because they are a big fluff Coco puff! 😁

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5 Stevonnie [ Steven Universe / Connie Maheswaran ]

My ranking:

1. Stevonnie or Smokey Quartz
2. Sardonyx
3. Garnet
4. Malachite
5. Alexandrite
6. Opal
7. Rainbow Quartz
8. Sugilite

6 Malachite [ Jasper / Lapis Lazuli ]

Malachite is bad

I love jaspis 10/10

I love Lapis and I love Jasper, so of course I'm going to love this fusion.


7 Obsidian [ Steven / Ruby / Sapphire / Pearl / Amethyst ]

Not only is obsidian my favorite stone in general, but God DAMN if obsidian isn't a downright BADASS fusion. LAVA SWORD! - arthurman101

My favourite one in last place :’(

8 Alexandrite [ Pearl / Amethyst / Ruby / Sapphire ]

My Personal Favorite. - Stevenuniversefangirl

9 Sugilite [ Pearl / Amethyst ]

Sugilite was made up of Garnet and Amethyst, not Pearl? Still the best fusion though. - pastel-king

10 Rainbow Quartz 2.0 [ Steven / Pearl ]

Basically a sassy mary poppins

Rainbow Quartz 2.0 is a jolly, upbeat, and graceful fusion who is a joy to watch. The geniuses that are the Crewniverse created a perfect combo of Pearl and Steven’s layered personalities, and I couldn’t be happier. Although we’ve only seen them on screen for 27 seconds, they’ve easily placed themselves onto my list of favorite fusions.

The Contenders

11 Rainbow Quartz (Pink Diamond or Rose Quartz they are the same + Pearl)


12 Rainbow Quartz [ Pearl / Rose Quartz ]
13 Sunstone [ Steven / Ruby / Sapphire ]

Sunstone is super cool I hope we can see her again in the new Steven universe movie sunstone is cool.

I love the 90’s positive mascot attitude. I just hope we see sunstone again with something more useful for combat than suction cup hands. Some people mentioned pizza cutters as a possible idea, and I think that’s a good fit, so I hope we get to see that.

14 Corrupted Jasper Fusion [ Jasper / Snow Monster ]
15 Monster Jasper [ Jasper / Corrupted Quartz ]
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1. Garnet [ Ruby / Sapphire ]
2. Obsidian [ Steven / Ruby / Sapphire / Pearl / Amethyst ]
3. Stevonnie [ Steven Universe / Connie Maheswaran ]
1. Garnet [ Ruby / Sapphire ]
2. Opal [ Pearl / Amethyst ]
3. Stevonnie [ Steven Universe / Connie Maheswaran ]
1. Malachite [ Jasper / Lapis Lazuli ]
2. Garnet [ Ruby / Sapphire ]
3. Sugilite [ Pearl / Amethyst ]

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