Top Ten Best Steven Universe Fusions

A lovely list of lovely Steven Universe fusions.
Just for background information, a fusion is two characters spliced together into one character.
Do not submit non canon fusions or gemsonas. Next to the name, please add who makes up the fusion.
I do think I added all of the fusions, hehe. Let's just make comments, then.
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The Top Ten

1 Garnet [ Ruby / Sapphire ]

The most cutest couple in this whole wide world-

Leader of the crystal gems, and she is an OG fusion. I love you

HELL YES! This is my favorite character.

My favorite character and the only fusion that lasted the whole series

2 Opal [ Pearl / Amethyst ]

Opal needs more

It's kinda sad how she had more lines in the movie than all 5 seasons

I wish we could see her more. - RoseWeasley

Sung in the giant woman tune All I wanna do is see this ship come true and make it canon make it canon all I wanna do is see this ship come true and make it canon

3 Sardonyx [ Pearl / Ruby / Sapphire ]

The show must go on

'Goood evening everybody"

Sardonyx is almost as good as bill cipher meets frozen would be

She's perfect AND she is part garnet. who isn't sold?

4 Stevonnie [ Steven Universe / Connie Maheswaran ]

They resonate with me in ways I cannot understand right now

A Classic

SHe sings amazingly - BreakFastBeast2005

She’s my favourite character! I love how Steven and Connie fight as a team, not just one person controlling the fusion.

5 Malachite [ Jasper / Lapis Lazuli ]

Malachite is bad

The strongest out of all the fusions - ADdVansEd_StupID

I love jaspis 10/10

Best Fusion

1 Comment
6 Smoky Quartz [ Amethyst / Steven ]

She is so darn cute - Ghosty

She has a yo yo as a weapon. No more needs to be said.

I love smoky why is it not higher in the list

Smoky Quartz is my favorite because she is so childish and silly! Steven and Amethyst are both so fun loving an make a perfect fusion! Smoky Quartz also has Amethyst's self doubt side that you see a couple of times, showing that she can still be a character with feeling like ours. I love this baby so much! ❤️

7 Obsidian [ Steven / Ruby / Sapphire / Pearl / Amethyst ]

The ultimate fusion!

There is no way that this one shouldn't be mentioned. My favorite definitely

Easily the strongest.

She’s The Ultimate Crystal Gem Fusion!

8 Alexandrite [ Pearl / Amethyst / Ruby / Sapphire ]

My Personal Favorite. - Stevenuniversefangirl

9 Sugilite [ Pearl / Amethyst ]


She’s got the dangerously savage attitude just like Nicki Minaj, her voice actress

Its Nicki Minaj, what more can I say?

Sugilite was made up of Garnet and Amethyst, not Pearl? Still the best fusion though. - pastel-king

10 Rainbow Quartz [ Pearl / Rose Quartz ]

A lovely lady and she dances


" We only fuse during an emergency."
Oh really Pearl?

The Contenders

11 Sunstone [ Steven / Ruby / Sapphire ]

Thanks for the safety tips,

Sunstone is super cool I hope we can see her again in the new Steven universe movie sunstone is cool.

I love the 90’s positive mascot attitude. I just hope we see sunstone again with something more useful for combat than suction cup hands. Some people mentioned pizza cutters as a possible idea, and I think that’s a good fit, so I hope we get to see that.

big g

12 Corrupted Jasper Fusion [ Jasper / Snow Monster ]

Sunstone was also a one time fusion so in yo face bro.

This was a one time fusion why is this on here?

13 Steg [Steven / Greg ]


The true manifestation of a father/son bond. - llamakalamari

Because he cool

14 Rainbow Quartz 2.0 [ Pearl / Steven Universe ]

A Fabulous Man

He’s like Mary poppins, but cuter

15 Monster Jasper [ Jasper / Corrupted Quartz ]
16 Bortz [Bismuth / Rose Quartz]
17 Lemon Jade [ Green Jade / Yellow Jade ]
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1. Obsidian [ Steven / Ruby / Sapphire / Pearl / Amethyst ]
2. Garnet [ Ruby / Sapphire ]
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