Top 10 Steven Universe and Puella Magi Madoka Magica Characters that Would Be Great Duos

Here are some characters from these shows I personally think would be great duos.If there are parts you don't like I respect the opinion and criticism.Sometimes I like to mix tings together.

The Top Ten

1 Pearl and Mami

Both are great mentors!

I would really like to see Mami again.

2 Amethyst and Madoka
3 Ruby and Kyoko
4 Lapis and Homura

Two powerful depressed gals who have a heart to heart? Yes please.

5 Steven and Madoka

THIS should be a thing! - MLPFan

6 Connie and Sayaka
7 Amethyst and Homura
8 Sapphire and Sayaka
9 Steven and Homura
10 Jasper and Kyubey

The Contenders

11 Peridot and Sayaka
12 Garnet and Sayaka
13 Amethyst and Sayaka
14 Garnet and Homura
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