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1 It's Over, Isn't It?

I was fine with the men
Who would come into her life now and again
I was fine, cause I knew
That they didn't really matter until you
I was fine when you came
And we fought like it was all some silly game
Over her, who she'd choose
After all those years, I never thought I'd lose

It's over, isn't it?
Isn't it?
Isn't it over?
It's over, isn't it?
Isn't it?
Isn't it over?
You won, and she chose you
And she loved you
And she's gone
It's over, isn't it?
Why can't I move on?

War and glory, reinvention
Fusion, freedom, her attention
Out in daylight, my potential
Bold, precise, experimental
Who am I now in this world without her?
Petty and dull, with the nerve to doubt her
What does it matter? It's already done
Now I've got to be there for her son

It's over, isn't it?
Isn't it?
Isn't it over?
It's over, isn't it?
Isn't it?
Isn't it over?
You won, and she chose you
And she loved ...more - Thanosgreninja

I love this song. I just get goosebumps, Pearl's voice is flooding with emotion. I love all the lyrics, the movement and instrumentals. Pearl is my favorite character because of her experiences and character development. This just demonstrates how amazing Rebecca Sugar is at song writing and how much she understands Pearl. You can tell how much Pearl cared/cares about Rose and Steven. I've met people who hate this character, this season, or even the show but love this song. I just love it.

The pinnacle of music in an already amazing musical series. Seriously, I never thought the other top songs (Stronger than You, Do it for Her, Strong in the Real Way, and of course the Extended Theme Song) could be topped, but this song (and the episode) perfectly encapsulates everything wonderful about this show.

I can't even describe the emotions that where brought forth from this musical masterpiece, I love everything about it pearl's struggles with moving on where definitely displayed throughout the show but this song perfectly sums up all of her feelings and then throws them at you. If you haven't herd this masterpiece then I can't describe what you are missing. Seriously I'm not joking go to Youtube and search this song.

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2 Stronger Than You by Garnet

Some of the Crystal Gems' main known songs are based on sad events, For example. 'It's Over Isn't It,' it's based off of Pearl being sad and upset about Greg being with Rose and she couldn't. 'Tower of Mistakes,' Amethyst is singing about missing fusing with Garnet and she feels that Garnet thinks less of her than Pearl. 'Full Disclosure,' Steven is worried about Connie's safety because of his experiences with other Gems so he wants to stop hanging out with her, and they are both each other's only friends. But 'Stronger Than You,' Garnet is fused again and is faced with Jasper, but she has no doubts whatsoever of losing the battle. The love of Ruby and Sapphire gives her confidence. Her song is a battle song, a victory song, and a love song all in one. It's also very catchy and I always find myself singing it for days.

I think it was the best number preformed, when ever I need to practice rapping I automatically choose this song

Definitely the best Steven Universe song good music, good lyrics, catchy. It has just what a great song needs. I can listen to this for days while playing a video game and not get bored!

This is Garnet back together - 23windomt

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3 Here Comes a Thought

For the longest time, Stronger than you was my favorite like the rest of the community, but this song quickly shot to first place for me.

I watched the show for the first time while I was going through some hard times in my life, and this song was exactly what I needed to get through. It is just gorgeous, and instantly helps me relax. I can't give this song enough praise.

This definitely needs to reach the Top 10. It might not reach the high of 'Stronger than You' or 'Its Over, isn't It' in my book, but it's an absolutely stellar, emotional, multi-layered song.

This song saved my life.
I wish I was exaggerating. - Atham

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4 Do It for Her

How is this not number 1? There's so much emotions in one song-- confidence, pride, determination, and mystery. It's such an elegant song that really fits Pearl and Connie!

I love this song. It fit perfectly with the context (great episode too, by the way). And it's just a catchy song that also relays some of Pearl's past experiences

This song was so beautiful and strong. I love it.

Give this song the credit it deserves

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5 Strong In the Real Way by Pearl

This seems to be great because of the strategic placement of the song. This song was put in between the introduction of a new gem fusion and the dismay of the gem fusion. Also, this song is multi-purposed, due to Pearl's longing to be Steven's role model and Steven wanting to be strong. The up-tempo beat is the final item that drives this to be one of the best Steven Universe songs.

"I can show you how to be strong in the real way and I know that we can be strong in the real way and I want to inspire you I want to be your rock and when I talk it lights a fire in you..." This song is beautiful.

I love this song the most. My favorite part was: "I want to inspire you. I want to be your rock and when I talk, it lights a fire in you."

I relate to this song to a spiritual level

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6 What's the Use of Feeling Blue? - Yellow Diamond

Even though all the songs on this show are incredible. I can relate most to this song also (also Yellow Diamond is my wife #noshame) Yellow is tying to tell Blue through song that she should forget about Pink Diamond since it's been so long as she says "It's been thousands of years Blue...". However, at the end of this song, she has her own emotional breakdown. Unlike Blue Diamond, Yellow Diamond holds in her emotions and rarely shows how she feels. Therefore we get a taste that the Diamonds do feel and the death of Pink Diamond has made an impact on everybody.

I just heard this song from a leak on YouTube, and its amazing! It really humanizes the diamonds and it should be higher!

All the songs in this show are awesome, but this song stands out to me. It's strong, a little sad but not to much, and artful. There should be more Yellow Diamond songs and maybe a Blue Diamond solo

Heyy,I think I'm an addict to this song.(Especially my classm8 who loves SU)

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7 Like a Comet by Greg

I love Greg's songs! I can see why Rose fell for Greg after this...

Heck, I fell for him after this.

I really wish that this was higher

This is defiantly my favorite song by Greg. - funnyuser

I absolutely love this song! Right next to “Let Me Drive My Van Into Your Heart”, this song is my favorite song by Mr. Universe!

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8 We are the Crystal Gems by Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and Steven

I love the second version of it Connie looks badass with that sword and garnet smiles A LOT more and Steven is just more adorable and Greg has swag with that guitar riff

The extended versions sounds amazing.

The second version is just awesome!

Well it is the damn theme tune!

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9 What Can I Do for You? by Greg and Rose Quartz

Definitely one of my favorites. So amazing.

Its very good

I LOVE this song!

This song is actually called “Full Disclosure” - puglover2008

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10 Extended Theme Song

It is so epic

Love it

I love it

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11 Full Disclosure by Steven

What am going to tell you. Your better off not knowing the trouble I'm in. This lyric is stuck my head

It shows how Steven is growing up yet still has a lot to learn

Its such a creative, beautiful, and emotion-packed song.

One of the best. The only reason I voted this is because it needs to be higher! Don’t get me wrong, I love it’s over isn’t it more than anyone if them

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12 Haven't You Noticed (I'm a Star)

This was the first song that I learned on the ukulele, and it got me into Steven Universe. One song can do that. - iheartcheese111

Cute quirk with a nice message this song is perfect for steven universe

This song is just amazing, everything about it I love!

THIS IS SO FUNNY - Nateboy604

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13 Love Like You

It is heard during the ending credits of Jailbreak. Sung by Rebecca Sugar herself.

It's beautiful when you hear the whole thing, and not just clips of it.

I think of Jasper having a redemption arc whenever I hear this.


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14 That Distant Shore

YES! This song sounds like something from a Disney movie! Lapis' voice is so beutiful! Too bad this episode was overshadowed by the huge reveal in A Single Pale Rose. - Atham

Most beautiful SU song yet. - Elric-san

Lapis FINALLY Sings and it’s beautiful

15 Be Wherever You Are

This is the first Steven Universe song that I heard and I thought it was great

best song

16 Both of You

Such A Beautiful Song That Brings Closure To Greg And Pearl's Relationship And Their Struggle With Accepting Rose Is Gone.

Like a Comet and Both of you are my two favorites, but...if I HAD to choose one, Both of you. Because honestly, I didn't like Pearl not liking Greg and this realization song was very well done and one of the few fillery episodes I really liked.

Pearl and Greg finally set aside their differences. So rewarding to see! - HoneyClover

How is this not number 1 again?

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17 On the Run by Amethyst

It tells you a little bit about how Amethyst feels deep down, like how she REALLY just wanted to get away from the gems, while Steven was just pretending

My personal favorite song.. It's a same we don't get to see amethyst sing very much...

It's nice to hear Steven and Amethyst sing.

Also should be on the top ten - KC_Kangaroo

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18 Peace and Love On the Planet Earth

It only came out 2 episodes ago, but I still love this one. This will probably be Peridot's equivalent to "On the Run" for Amethyst, "Strong in the Real Way" for Pearl, & "Stronger than You" for Garnet. It's catchy, it's an ironic fit for her character, & it just works well overall. Thumbs up, you little teched-out space leprechaun

I laugh so hard when Peridot says "I think all of you are insane! " The reaction was priceless.

Is there anything that's worth more than peace and love on the planet earth?


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19 Something Entirely New by Ruby and Sapphire

This song came out in the most recent episode, 'The Answer'. A lovely little duet between Ruby and Sapphire, both expressing their feelings about their first time fusing.

Sapphire and ruby's love is magical

An underrated masterpiece

I love it I love it I lovs it! Made me cry🙂

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20 Giant Woman

Best song in the series I can't get it out of my head

All I wanna do is see you turn into a giant woman

I sing this song all the time and my brother gets so annoyed

Big vaginas

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21 Cookie Cat by Steven

Cookie cat was one of the first songs

This song is so fun! I love when the Steven Universe cast sang it at comic con!

This song is so cool! Love it my fave

This song sucks
that's all - Thanosgreninja

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22 For Just One Day Let's Only Think About Love
23 Don't Cost Nothing

It's so cool, and the reprise is nice too.

24 Steven and the Crystal Gems

If you liked the idea of this episode you should search for steven universe pilot

I learned to stay true to myself by watching myself die...

This song is so awesome I almost want to do it at my schools talent show!

good - 23windomt

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25 Let’s Only Think About Love

This song successfully foreshadows what is to come whilst also catching up newcomers on the plot of the show simultaneously.

Should definitely no 4

26 Dear Old Dad
27 Steven and the Stevens

This one is funny - Stevenuniversefangirl

BY WATHING MYSELF DIE! - puglover2008

That is steven and the crystal gems, the reprise sung by steven and the crystal gems - Thanosgreninja

28 Lapis' Theme

Great guitar in it played by Steven

Lapis is my favorite charecter

Beautiful - 23windomt

I love the guitar, lapis, and the lyrics. too bad it's so short though.. - DubstepLover

29 Alone Together

Such a adorable moment when Steven and Connie Fuse

30 Destiny
31 Let Me Drive My Van Into Your Heart

SO LET ME DRIVE MY VAN INTO YOU HEART! This song sure did drive into my heart

And if we look out of place, well baby that's okay ill drive us into outer space

I really see a remake of this

Underrated - AliciaMae

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32 Tower of Mistakes

Completely underrated Amethyst basically poured her heart and soul into that song. She doesn't feel like she's strong but she is strong in the real way.(Pun intended) - Booklover898

I banged my face into the computer listening. HER VOICE IS HEAVEN!

Cute song, really emphasizes Amethyst's feelings.

Prior to Amethyst's major character arc in the latter half of the Summer of Steven, this song was one of the few times that Amethyst openly expressed regret for one of her prior actions. She's by far the most relatable character that exists among the gems. She even competes rather heavily with characters like Lars, Connie, and Steven when it comes to her development.

Not to mention, that Michaela Dietz has a lovely singing voice and this song has an immense amount of emotion implemented into it through her voice.

33 I Don't Want that for You - Steven

This song is sung by Steven to Connie and is more commonly called Full Disclosure, which is also the name of the episode

Emotion 1 word sums it up

34 Ruby Rider
35 Birthday Song by Steven

Haha its funny - Stevenuniversefangirl

36 I Could Never Be Ready

I could never be ready...

37 The Working Dead
38 I Didn't Know that I Could Feel This Way - Peridot and Lapis


Ok, this is made up - Thanosgreninja

39 G-G-G-Ghost by Sadie Killer and the Suspects

One of my personal favorites only beaten by What's the use in felling blue and Stronger than you

I love this song so much! I don’t see why people hate it.

D is for Donut
D is for Dead
Make Sadie Work
She’ll chop off your head

40 Theme Song
41 Nothing Like You

Such a beautiful song! Makes me feel nostalgic...

42 Jam Bud's

Awesome steven and connie duet

Steven and Connie are so cute together (^3^)/

43 I Think I Need a Little Change
44 Still Not Giving Up
45 Synchronize (Sugilite's Theme)

I really like this song!

46 I'm Still Here
47 Do or Do Nut

I love this song! - Stevenuniversefangirl

I don't remeber this one

Very catchy


48 Serious Song
49 Peridot
50 Li'l Butler Theme Song
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