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21 Steven and the Crystal Gems

If you liked the idea of this episode you should search for steven universe pilot

I learned to stay true to myself by watching myself die...

This song is so awesome I almost want to do it at my schools talent show!

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22 Don't Cost Nothing
23 Be Wherever You Are by Steven

This is the first Steven Universe song that I heard and I thought it was great

24 Dear Old Dad
25 Lapis' Theme

Great guitar in it played by Steven

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26 Alone Together

Such a adorable moment when Steven and Connie Fuse

27 Destiny
28 I Don't Want that for You - Steven

This song is sung by Steven to Connie and is more commonly called Full Disclosure, which is also the name of the episode

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29 Let Me Drive My Van Into Your Heart

SO LET ME DRIVE MY VAN INTO YOU HEART! This song sure did drive into my heart

And if we look out of place, well baby that's okay ill drive us into outer space

This needs to be higher on the list.

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30 I Could Never Be Ready

I could never be ready...

31 Birthday Song by Steven V 1 Comment
32 Nothing Like You

Such a beautiful song! Makes me feel nostalgic...

33 Tower of Mistakes

Completely underrated Amethyst basically poured her heart and soul into that song. She doesn't feel like she's strong but she is strong in the real way.(Pun intended) - Booklover898

I banged my face into the computer listening. HER VOICE IS HEAVEN!

Cute song, really emphasizes Amethyst's feelings.

34 Steven and the Stevens V 1 Comment
35 I Think I Need a Little Change
36 I Didn't Know that I Could Feel This Way - Peridot and Lapis


37 Synchronize (Sugilite's Theme) V 1 Comment
38 Jam Bud's

Awesome steven and connie duet

Steven and Connie are so cute together (^3^)/

39 I'm Still Here
40 Do or Do Nut V 4 Comments
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