Top Ten Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac Songs

The GOAT of Female singer & Top Ten Greatest Artists of All-Time, Stevie Nicks (The Welsh Witch). Here are her Top Ten Songs of All-Time Solo & with Fleetwood Mac!

The Top Ten Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac Songs

1 Silver Springs

What was going through their minds when they decided to leave this out of Rumours? -
(multiple lines of cocaine I suspect). Could have made their best album somehow even better.

Why this was left off of Rumours I will never know! And also to not use it for 20 years? That is scandalous for such an understated gem

I love all of these songs and think they are excellent. But, Silver Springs just hits me somewhere really deep.

Her live performance of "Silver Springs" is something spectacular

2 Beautiful Child
3 Landslide
4 Storms
5 Edge of Seventeen

So iconic

6 Nightbird
7 Rhiannon

The first Fleetwood Mac hit single, they won't be where they are now, without Stevie and this song

American Horror Story Coven...

The 1975 live of this song is extremely powerful and has something of mystical, is for this song that there were rumors of her being a witch, and this because she sang it like only a goddes could have done

8 Gypsy

"She is dancing away from you now" the lyrics of Gypsy are very nostalgic and in some way sad, even if think that this song is about her pre-Fleetwood time, and the death of her best friend Robin...

9 Crystal

Lindsey Buckingham should not sing

Great version, but I prefer it when is sung by Lindsey Buckingham

10 Dreams

The Newcomers

? Beauty and the Beast
? If You Ever Did Believe

The Contenders

11 Sara

Lots of soul in this song

Her most ambiguous song is also one of her most beautiful and seet song

12 Sorcerer
13 The Chain
14 Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You
15 Stop Draggin' My Heart Around

This should be in the Top 10 in my humble opinion.

Great soft rock tune. Should have reached number one!

Pure rock song

16 Gold Dust Woman
17 Seven Wonders

Just beautiful but every song by Fleetwood and Stevie are its just this song isn't on the list so I felt to add it!

18 Talk to Me
19 Bella Donna
20 Walk a Thin Line
21 Sisters of the Moon

Haunting, Dark, Understated: I thoroughly believe this is one of Stevie's best songs. Such a shame it is so underrated though.

22 Enchanted
23 Stand Back
24 The Nightmare
25 I Can't Wait
26 Think About It
27 Long Way to Go
28 Second Hand News
29 Red River Valley
30 Songbird

Such a beautiful song! ❤

31 Lady
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