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That guy is really very best. with no doubt I can say he is the best, every single stick animation he made has different style. like shock 3 and top stick and many many works he made

2 endo

The creator of the beard ninja 1 and 2. his style is amazing and angles and everything. just watch his animation you will know

3 jomm

Very best with fight animations and creative with the ending in funny way! would watch his work for hours

4 pivotblimp

He have style of not conecting the lines and his animations may look for you weird but it's really creative. best fight moves or so called choreography of awesome kung fu

5 resh (resh anims)

Awesome animations and amazing work that you can feel how much hard it was to make that animation. he could make a movie if he want to and can make full 5 min animation in one week. that what he did in his rhg vs FL

6 guz

He could be called the best if he finished any full projects. skills god like in stick animations

7 plasmaghost

He did nothing yet only part of some collabes. if he made some of his own project he could be called the very best in the top of this list

8 hyun

Can't be called the best since his style didn't change much. but very enjoyable to watch

9 Miccool

His skills with effects are more than just amazing. he could be in the first 4 in the list if he kept making more animations.

10 Gildedguy

I think he should be higher. His later videos have unique style and his lighting effects in gildedguy vs bog were amazing.

The Contenders

11 xtreme (x)

Awesome kills and all. horrible with endings but still his style can be called very best.

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