Stinkiest Ways to Get Your Boyfriend to Break Up With You

Finding the smelliest ways to break up with your boyfriend????... Here are your answers. :)

The Top Ten

1 Poop in his shoes
2 Fart on his bed
3 Throw-up on the floor of his house

But It'd Be An Accident - Oliversky

4 Blow boogers in his shirt when he hugs you
5 Pee on his pet

What?! The pet did nothing wrong!

6 Lick his old shoes
7 Tell him you're wearing a diaper, and then make your face turn red, to make it look as if your constipated.
8 Take old socks from your brother or father and put them inside of his pillow
9 Scratch your butt and reach your hands in your pants, to re-adjust your underwear.
10 Urinate all over the restaurant he takes you to
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