Top 10 Best Stone Cold Steve Austin Moments

The Top Ten

1 Driving a beer truck into the arena and dowsing the corporation in beer - RAW 3/22/99

Perhaps no other moment could possibly top this over the top moment from RAW as he drove the beer truck almost knocking down the titan tron and the fans just erupted as Stone Cold took out a hose and dowsed the corporation in beer possibly the funniest moment has to be when Mr. McMahon frantically swimming as he was being hosed. - egnomac

Beer Bath for short - WWEWBMortalKombatFan

2 Filling Mr. McMahon's Corvette with Cement - RAW 8/12/98

This moment was downright hilarious and seeing the window break from the pressure was priceless. - egnomac

HE'S DRIVING A CEMENT TRUCK - Vince McMahon - s646451

3 Austin 3:16 says I just whipped your a** - King of The Ring 1996
4 Stone Cold Gives Vince the Stunner On RAW - RAW 9/22/97
5 Driving the Zamboni into the Arena - RAW 9/28/98

DON'T LET HIM IN HERE - Vince McMahon - s646451

6 Austin Defeating Shawn Michaels to Win His First WWE Championship - WrestleMania XIV

To quote Jim Ross "The Austin Era Has Begun". - egnomac

7 "No Baby That's for Someone Else" - Hardcore TV ECW 10/10/95

After being fired from WCW Paul Heyman brought Austin in to ECW an allowed him to vent out his frustrations with WCW in one of his best promo's ever delivered as Austin lashed out about how he was treated in WCW and not allowed to really get over. - egnomac

You really feel all the frustration Austin had with WCW not being allowed the opportunity to get over and being fired.

8 Refusing to Submit to the Sharpshooter - WrestleMania 13

The image of Austin heavily bleeding while Bret Hart applied the sharpshooter and refusing to give up until he passed out showed just how tough Stone Cold was and it also helped made Austin the top star that he would eventually become. - egnomac

9 Austin Faces off with Mike Tyson - RAW 1/19/98
10 Stone Cold Attacks Mr. McMahon in the Hospital

Best part is when Austin hits McMahon with the bed pan and you hear the loud bang as it bounces if his hea.

I'll Take it From Here Nurse - Steve Austin - s646451

Stone Cold:I got it from here nurse!

The Contenders

11 Steve A' Mania - ECW Gangstas Paradise 9/16/95

Austin did a promo mocking Hulk Hogan before taking off the yellow shirt and hat before stating that "There's no way this lame a-s s-t is gonna get the job done anywhere! " basically taking shots at the hulkster. - egnomac

12 Stone Cold Gets Yelled at By Gorilla Monsoon - RAW 4/21/97
13 Austin Attacks Bret Hart in an Ambulance - RAW 4/21/97
14 Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Eric Bischoff (Redneck Triathlon) - Bad Blood 2003
15 Stone Cold Gets Vince McMahon arrested on Raw for assault 5-25-1998
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