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1 Plush

A great song! This is my favorite.

So catchy I love the guitar in the song!

A great rhythm-driven 90's rock song. Surely gets my pick for favorite.

Best song by a country mile

2 Interstate Love Song

I have this song on rock band 4 and it's a really good song. it is easy to play on guitar on expert but it is a fun one to play - mneilan

Whenever I hear this song, I instantly want to hop in my car and drive on the highway!

Definitely their second best right behind Plush for me.

My favorite STP song ever!

3 Creep

Think you're kinda neat, then she tells me I'm a creep.

Easily their best song. Not just my favorite song by them, but my favorite out of all bands.

Vocals are just amazing.

Favorite song by a mile

4 Big Empty

It's either this or Interstate Love Song.

"Too much walking shoes worn thin.
Too much trippin' and my soul's worn thin."

One of the greatest play on words in rock music, and the line that perfectly describes Scott Weiland's personal struggles.

Known this song for a long time, and still love it. How isn't it in the top 3?

Best stp song

5 Sex Type Thing

Explosive riff lujury lyrics

Creepy Lyrics driving music

The drumming alone is fantastic and those lyrics are so perfect flat out my favorite

This is an amazing song, I just keep the rhythm inside my head.

6 Vasoline

My favorite song ever, deserves to be higher up

This is the best stp song and two reasons why Chester morontin isn't singing it and its awesome

6th? Really?

7 Dead & Bloated


WHAT an album opener - theyo

This song is so cool, I don't know why it isn't in the top 5, it has chilling riffs awesome chorus and cool drums

The first time I heard this I was praying that scott say dead and bloated which is my favorite part of the song

8 Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart

Just love this one. But do agree with the comment saying it's not as good as 'big empty'.

Absolutely needs to be higher! Top 5 at least! Clearly one of their best

Completely different from any other STP song, gotta give it some respect

Number 9? That is absolutely ridiculous.

9 Wicked Garden

Not necessarily their most impressive song from a technical standpoint, but it embodies everything that makes rock (and STP) so great. Absolutely love this song.


10 Sour Girl

What? Why is this 20?

Great chorus ~What would you do if I followed you~

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11 Lady Picture Show

Should be at least top 10. maybe even 5

Do me a favor and shut up

Top 5 in my opinion

Do me a personal favor and just keep listening to Nirvana instead

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12 Still Remains

Such an underrated song. - Soulstealer

3rd after interstate love song and big empty for me

This is such a beautiful song! It should be in the top 10 for sure.

Best STP song criminally underrated

13 Crackerman

Love the tune and the beat to this song.

the best

The song jumps right into it. Love it

14 Atlanta

Shame of it is half of you on here just hitting for hits probably never even heard this song. Easily stp at their best.

How can anybody not like this song?

Absolutely beautiful song. One of those timeless pieces that could have been either written 50 years ago or last week. It won't get old, yet seems like it has always 'been' there once you've discovered it.

This song gives me the douch chills...and I'm a guy,so haunting,so sad.

15 Down

Such a badass song

16 Lounge Fly

How is this not in the top 10? More like top 5.

17 Big Bang Baby

Great song, one of my favorites

Power song, chords just penetrate your veins

One of their best

18 Wonderful
19 Army Ants

Great song to go crazy to

20 Silvergun Superman

The Best

The bass line is just HUGE!

21 Seven Caged Tigers

This is such a beautiful and underrated song.

22 Piece of Pie

"Piece of Pie" and "Sin" capture the essence of STP.

One of their heaviest songs...should be much higher up

23 All In the Suit You Wear

Actually this song should be number one! It's their best by far!

The vocal range is amazing, this song should have more votes

24 Kitchenware & Candybars

Such an amazing and catchy riff. The symphonic elements certainly make it feel more epic as well. The hidden track at the end is actually really good as well

One of my favorite songs..why is this so far down?

Simply amazing song, deserves more respect

25 Out of Time

Their brand new song (2013) featuring Chester Bennington!

The first and the best for me for the STP songs U. you

26 Meatplow

This was the perfect opener for the album. Set the perfect tone for all to follow. - Xean45

Fits in great with the grunge scene, should be more recognized

Can't believe this song is this far down the list.. smh.

27 Dancing Days
28 Sin

This really captures their essence. It's a heavy song with a heavy meaning.

Very emotional and heavy song!

29 Days of the Week

This should at least be top 20. Come on

30 Between the Lines

Loud energetic and fun. Belter of a track

This is one of the best, to me

31 Pretty Penny

Great Acoustic Guitar play!

One of my favorites, deserves to be WAY higher

32 Glide

Should have been a single. Great song!

33 No Way Out

What an underrated album. No Way Out is amazing and full of energy.

34 Adhesive

Shame that it isn't well known. This one always does it for me. It's also their best album, I'd say.

My friend blue he runs the show with hot pink purple China glow

35 Black Heart

Their new song featuring Linkin Park's singer

Trust me it's great song for you all...

36 Ride the Cliché

This is a hidden gem!

37 Where the River Goes

Easily the easiest!

38 And So I Know

Top 5 at least

39 Hello It's Late

One of the most beautiful songs on the underrated Shangri La Di Da

40 I Got You
41 Peacoat
42 Art School Girl

There's just something about the riff that draws me in, and the dynamics really work well on this, especially when it goes from the heavy-as-hell chorus to the soft-as-heaven bridge multiple times within a short period, followed by a great solo!

43 Same on the Inside
44 Unglued

Not the best... but definely top 10!
Not 44 come on...

Whenever I blare this song on my bus, the ENTIRE PLACE goes CRAZY! love this song!

AWESOME song. Deserves to be much higher. One of the highlights of Purple.

Wow. This is shocking. How is this not higher?!?! This song is amazing

45 Bi-Polar Bear

A dj from communist country could make a better list

46 Cinnamon

How about their last great song?

47 Long Way Home

Are there any STP fans beside me who aren't deaf?

48 Cry Cry
49 Dumb Love
50 Heaven & Hot Rods
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