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21 Out of Time V 2 Comments
22 Meatplow

Fits in great with the grunge scene, should be more recognized

Can't believe this song is this far down the list.. smh.

23 Dancing Days
24 I Got You
25 Between the Lines

This is one of the best, to me

26 Pretty Penny

One of my favorites, deserves to be WAY higher

V 1 Comment
27 Unglued

AWESOME song. Deserves to be much higher. One of the highlights of Purple.

Wow. This is shocking. How is this not higher?!?! This song is amazing

28 Kitchenware & Candybars

One of my favorite songs..why is this so far down?

Simply amazing song, deserves more respect

29 Adhesive

Shame that it isn't well known. This one always does it for me. It's also their best album, I'd say.

My friend blue he runs the show with hot pink purple China glow

30 No Way Out
31 Art School Girl
32 Seven Caged Tigers

This is such a beautiful and underrated song.

33 Black Heart

Their new song featuring Linkin Park's singer

Trust me it's great song for you all...

34 Glide

Should have been a single. Great song!

35 Peacoat
36 Days of the Week

This should at least be top 20. Come on

37 Army Ants

Great song to go crazy to

38 Bi-Polar Bear V 1 Comment
39 Cinnamon

How about their last great song?

40 Long Way Home

Are there any STP fans beside me who aren't deaf?

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