Top Ten Stores In 2013

I know it's only December 16th, but 2013 is mainly over.

The Top Ten

1 Toys-R-US

The best place-it is like elves working to make toys, giving them to cashiers, putting them in the toy lanes. - JohnDionne

2 Target

Target has a wide selection of stuff you can get

Cloughs, electronics, groceries... - Ajkloth

What could go wrong? Target is FULL of toys to just buy and play with. - JohnDionne

3 Walmart
4 The Source

This is a great store with lots of electronics and electronic games. Electronics are my favourite. - JohnDionne

5 Food Basics

Food Basics is the BEST GROCERIE STORE EVER! I cannot believe that one of the Food Basics stores is our neighbor! The other neighbor I think is 401. So neighbors to this store must be 329 and 401. - JohnDionne

6 Independent

Another great grocerie store for spendin 10,000 dollars on food and drinks like pop, water, juice etc. - JohnDionne

7 The Boring Lady Store

You know how Matthew says "I don't like girls"? But how strange of him to love The Boring Lady Store like I do? Cause he is my friend? I guess so. - JohnDionne

8 DQ

Why dumb of me to put DQ so low on the list. This should of been in the top 5. - JohnDionne

9 Canadian Tire

This is a not only good, but helpful store for daddys. A great store for things like hoses, watering cans, etc. - JohnDionne

10 Eataly

The Contenders

11 GameStop

Only store in the world that sales good video games.

12 Cold Stone Creamery


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13 Coin
14 La Rinascente
15 10 Corso Como
16 Conad
17 Safeway
18 Macy's
19 Excelsior Milano
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