The Best Stores For Tween Girls

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1 Justice Justice

I love this store it is perfect for younger girls in the age rank of: 6/14 I would say

It's a little bit to expensive but I LOVE THEIR SUMMER SELECTION!

It lets your expression shine through it's the best store ever!

It's cheap and nice.

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2 Delia's

I love delia's because it is just a really good store for girls who are in the age of: 10/17

Haven't been there in person, but it's a cool store!

Really good clothes are so cute

They have the cutest stuff!

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3 Forever 21

Its a pretty good store for TEENAGE girls, but not really good for 10/11 year olds

They also have a forever 21 kids.

Yeah, I love Forever 21 but I'm also 16 - Swiftdawn

4 Maurices

The place is VERY expensive. Just one pair of jeans cost $104.00 that is just crazy

Its an amazing store for girls in the age of: 9/19

5 Claires

Their stuff sometimes breakes, but overall, it is a pretty nice store for girls who love lipgloss, jewelry, and things that are be- jewled

6 Aeropostale

Lots of girls love this store. It is fun, cute, and actually pretty- good- priced

7 Macy's
8 Build a Bear

Get this off the list, they set up an event and let people stand in line for almost half a day and cause chaos, all for a stuffed bear.
It was called Pay Your Age Day, and it shows us how evil they are - Gregory

I LOVE build a bear!

Love this store 😁


9 Dillard's
10 Gap

Gap kids gap baby gap for adults

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11 Monnalisa
12 Benetton
13 H&M

Cute tops for kids tweens and teens also adults

14 Yankee Candle

The smells are fantastic!

15 American Eagle
16 Ardene

The clothes are supper cute, and their accessories are practical and pretty!

17 River Island

I think it's great for teens but, it's a little pricey!

18 The Children's Place The Children's Place
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