The Best Stores For Tween Girls

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1 Justice

I love this store it is perfect for younger girls in the age rank of: 6/14 I would say

It's a little bit to expensive but I LOVE THEIR SUMMER SELECTION!

It lets your expression shine through it's the best store ever!

Justice is so very awesome

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2 Delia's

I love delia's because it is just a really good store for girls who are in the age of: 10/17

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3 Maurices

The place is VERY expensive. Just one pair of jeans cost $104.00 that is just crazy

Its an amazing store for girls in the age of: 9/19

4 Claires

Their stuff sometimes breakes, but overall, it is a pretty nice store for girls who love lipgloss, jewelry, and things that are be- jewled

5 Aeropostale

Lots of girls love this store. It is fun, cute, and actually pretty- good- priced

6 Forever 21

Its a pretty good store for TEENAGE girls, but not really good for 10/11 year olds

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7 Macy's
8 Dillard's
9 Build a Bear V 3 Comments
10 Gap

Gap kids gap baby gap for adults

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11 Monnalisa
12 Benetton
13 Yankee Candle

The smells are fantastic!

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