Top 10 Stores that Will Likely Go Out of Business Soon

The Top Ten

1 Build-A-Bear Workshop Build-A-Bear Workshop

Well, especially after the whole fiasco it created in July 2018, where they promoted an event where people would get stuffed bears for little cost in just 1 day.
This caused so much hype and crowds that they formed long lines where people waited many hours, and many formed riots and people jamming and pushing each other all like it was Black Friday.
It was called Pay Your Age Day and it was so chaotic and dangerous that Build a Bear closed the event, leaving many without their stuffed bears.
But remember, better safe than sorry. - Gregory

They hired an awful CEO, Sharon Price John, who quickly shut down the online game Bearville, saddening many of us who grew up with it. In her tenure as CEO, the company has began to rely too much on licensed bears, instead of a good balance of licensed bears and original ones (like they had when Maxine Clark was in charge). The quality of the bears has also gone down while prices have gone up (and they weren't cheap to begin with).

2 RadioShack RadioShack

Because nobody has a radio anymore and they just use their phone for music instead - Randomator

It already went out of business - MrCoolC

3 Payless ShoeSource Payless ShoeSource
4 Kmart Kmart

The store my sister works at is going out of business in June. - Elric-san

It already went out of business mid-year.

When I was 7 I would go there a lot but when I was 8 it closed in my area.-LitSavage

You mean it hasn’t yet? - MegaSoulhero

5 Sam's Club Sam's Club
6 rue21 rue21
7 Sears Sears

It already went out of business in October 2018 - Gregory

It went out of business in September 2018

8 Barnes & Noble Barnes & Noble

Why is this on the list? - PerfectImpulseX

9 Burlington Coat Factory Burlington Coat Factory
10 Aéropostale Aéropostale

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11 Books-A-Million

Since book stores are becoming less popular and since people are more focused on magazines, phones and stuff, stores like Books-A-Million are expected to go out of business soon. - Gregory

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