Top 10 Stories Fox News Would Probably Make Up

Remember, it HAS to fit into what "real" things Fox News would ordinarily say!

The Top Ten

1 Trump Altered the Constitution

I mean, he'd love to do so (anything to get conservatives more rights than liberals, according to him), so Fox News would lie he did so.

It would be nice if he made it so that Social Justice Warriors can't vote.

2 Creationism Proven Real
3 America Proven Greatest Country to Ever Exist

Because Fox News' ego perfectly compliments Trump's! - KalloFox34

4 Motorcycles Give Their Riders Explosive Diarrhea
5 Miasmas of the Middle Ages Proven to Exist

Time to bring out your flowers and masks, doctors! 🤣 - KalloFox34

6 Trump Considered Greatest President by
7 All Liberal Arts Colleges Closed by Trump

Before you say "LIBERAL ARTS ISN'T ABOUT POLITICS", that's kind of the joke. - KalloFox34

8 Rock and Roll Proven to Be Evil and Satanic
9 Fascism Named the One True Government
10 Is Adhd a Concept Made Up by Liberals?

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11 Playstation 4’s overheating issues cause global warming
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