The Hot Teacher Story(s)

hiphopgod Wassup boyz. It's ya darker than dark dawg here, black Santa Claus. These are all nicknames I've been giving by the way. So what's one thing I have a lot of? Money? Hell naw, I worked at McDonalds for 5 years, you think I got money? Fame? Ask a big user who I am, they aint gonna know nuttin. Self-Esteem? Hahahahahah, no. The answer is stories. Living for as long as I have (miraculously not getting shot, considering where I live) you'll end up having a lot of stories to tell. Now this one I'm telling today is very close to me, because I'm actually friends with the teacher I'm talking about today. So let's hop right into it.

So I'm a freshman in high school. First day back to school. Day's been going well so far until we get to English class which was my 7th period. So we're sitting down waiting for the teacher to get there. While we're waiting we start talking about what the new English teacher's going to be like. Her name was Ms. Z (obvs not her real name) and we were expecting the usual, old, black, mean. But what we didn't see coming was us having to mechanically wire our jaws back to proper position because when this lady walked in they dropped to the ground. Ms. Z was not some mean old black lady, she was a young, beautiful white chick. Now, this isn't saying that black women aren't beautiful, but this was the ghetto and you almost never saw a white girl let alone a hot one. So she walks in and, I sh*t you not, me and my friends all just go "DAAAAAAAYYYUM" and it was great. So real quick, lemme just explain that this baby had back, like, lots of back. She had front too. Now this may sound perverted, but you gotta remember, I was a freshman in high school, so my hormone levels were OFF THE CHARTS! So she's teaching us and I was giving her my full attention. Class ends, and what happens next is something I'll never forget. So there was one white kid who we hung out with, let's just call him Paul. Paul was kinda crazy, and got in trouble a lot. So when class ends, me and my friends are walking out and just enjoying the view of the teacher who had her back to us. All of a sudden Paul runs up behind her and smacks her ass and runs away. The craziest part was her reaction, because she just kind of shrugged and got back to what she was doing. Me and my boys were just standing there at that point, trying to process what happened. Unable to handle this woman's presence, we carried on with our day.

So let me tell you about this girl. She was capital C thicc. Like oh my lord she might be one of the most attractive women I ever seen. Everything she did was hot, like when she'd brush her soft brown hair off to the side. Her face was perfectly sculpted, she didn't even need makeup because she was so beautiful without it. She was only about 25 so she was young too. You know that one Kanye song Good Morning where he's like "you got D's mothaf*cka D's?" Well that perfectly described this woman's breast size. I actually asked her after I graduated (because we still talk) if they were real and they're 100% real. Remember when I said baby got back? Well I was not over exaggerating because this woman had ass. When Paul slapped it, it was like when you throw a rock into a pond with that ripple effect. You know, I've been talking about her looks so much, I almost forgot to tell you that she has a wonderful personality too. She's nice, caring, compassionate. She treated everyone with genuine respect. She also loves rap music and sports, and no, she's not a robot to cohere to every mans personal desires. She'd actually go to our basketball game and cheer us on.

So I struggled in school. I had issues understanding concepts, especially in English. Being the sweet lady she is, she offered to tutor me. I accepted before she even finished the damn sentence. First day of tutoring, and something majestic happens. So, this lady would always wear a button up shirt with a skirt and panty hose all in high heels (which, I actually find more attractive than a girl in a bikini. So she's helping me with our homework, and she takes a second to stretch. I guess the buttons in her shirt were low quality, because the buttons just straight up fell out. The buttons fell out, and let me tell you right now, she had no bra on. I don't know why she had no bra on, but I was just enjoying the view so I didn't question. So I get a slight view of heaven. Ms. Z then covers herself up and tries to grab the buttons off the floor. So she turns around, bends over and tries to get her buttons. Except she slips on one, and ends up falling backwards. Basically, she ended up backing dat ass right to my face. Afterwards I called my homies up and was like "I can die a happy man now."

So that's the story of Ms. Z. She's hot, but she's also cool. Definitely my favorite teacher I ever had.


My hot teacher got me in trouble. - Skullkid755

Wow dude your such a pervert get reported - spiritofhiphop

Oh man I reported myself - hiphopgod

Oh wow, man
Wait a second man Whaddaya think the teacher's gonna look like this year? (my butt, man)
Oh yeah T-T-Teacher stop that screaming, teacher don't you see?
Don't want to be no uptown fool
Maybe I should go to hell, but I'm doing' well,
Teacher needs to see me after school
I think of all the education that I missed
But then my homework was never quite like this
Ow got it bad, got it bad, got it bad,
I'm hot for teacher
I got it bad, so bad,
I'm hot for teacher
Hey, I heard you missed us, we're back
I brought my pencil
Gimme something to write on, man
Uh uh, I heard about your lessons, but lessons are so cold
I know about this school
Little girl from Cherry Lane, how did you get so bold?
How did you know that golden rule?
I think of all the education that I missed
But then my homework was never quite like this
Ow got it bad, got it bad, got it bad,
I'm hot for teacher
I got it bad, so bad,
I'm hot for teacher, whoa
Oh man, I think the clock is slow
I don't feel tardy
Class dismissed
Oh, yeah
I've got it bad, got it bad, got it bad
I'm hot for teacher
Oh, yes I'm hot
Oh my God - Skullkid755