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1 Snowman on Drugs

Just a snowman on drugs and goes to variation of adventures - CerealGuy

2 How You Rob A Snowman Husband and Wife
3 The Snowman Extermination

Just like the Holocaust, Snowman with no carrots are eliminated by Sazi (Snowman Nazi Party) - CerealGuy

4 Snowman Cannibal Holocaust

Like the movie Cannibal Holocaust only it's about snowmen getting tortured in a brutal way - CerealGuy

5 The Alaskan Snowman Rapist

A snowman rapist taunts teenagers to be their slave and geisha dolls (no offense to Japan) in Alaska - CerealGuy

6 The KKK Snowman

Snowman in KKK's style annoy dildo's - CerealGuy

7 A Diary of A Perverted Snowman

A diary created by a perverted snowman - CerealGuy

8 Snowman in Icydrugland

Just like Snowman on Drugs but only this one make sense - CerealGuy

9 OG Snowman

A group of Snowman plans to kill the Yakuza gang to take them off from the territory but with dildo's and pizza - CerealGuy

10 Snowman on A Snowman

2 Snowman humping each other to go to Sarajevo - CerealGuy

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1. Snowman on Drugs
2. How You Rob A Snowman Husband and Wife
3. The Snowman Extermination



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