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This Is The Top Ten Stories In Wattpad
TAKE NOTE: FIlipino Stories ^__^

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1 Diary Ng Panget

It was the first story that makes me crazy and of course it's a good one especially the Funny Moments/Corny perhaps.


Ito and pinakamaganda sa lahat :))

Nice love it ^^

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2 Campus Royalties

This is the best one. :) I really really like it.

I like their endearments

Is good story!...
Like the concept - Ange

I really like this story...hehe

3 Three Words And Eight Letters

I admit that I like some parts of the story I just hate endings that someone would die

I read the book one, and its really good.

Sometimes, I read this Again...

38, switch those two together=83. what has 8 letters? Half Life and the 3? Half-Life-3

BOOM! - Baby_Frisk

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4 Operation Break The Casanova's Heart

Operation Break The Casanova's heart is the very amazing story.
I like all of the characters especially Naomi and Stephen.

I love Melodrama

This is the first story that I love, I like how they fall in love and especially the 10 rules❤️

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5 Sadist Lover

I really really love this story specially lance Mariano

Is there a soft copy or hard of this story?

I really Love the Story

SADIST Lover is so good story!

Like It! - Ange

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6 She's Dating the Gangster

It took me One day to finish reading these story I like the book better than the Movie

I like the movie adaptation of this book better... no offense

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7 Public Vs Private

I like the flow of the story

8 Teen Clash

I love the story and alike josh and sab because all of their fights they end up each other and alike the part that zoe will confess about her feelings for him but their is only a small problem but they end up each other

I like this story too I love the story between ice and zoe and their friends too, ice can you be mine?

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9 My Husband is a Mafia Boss

The best story the I ever read.. I've been reading it over and over again while waiting for the new update for Book 3 - saisai21

Sana my update n and season two

Super duper mega ultra I like'd this story

I Love this story talaga. Sana gawing Movie

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10 Voiceless

I really like this story and also the characters especially sync and momo

I do really love the story especially momo

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The Contenders

11 A Hundred Days With You
12 Teen Clash 2
13 So Close Yet So Far

Reading this story makes me cry and laugh.

14 Trip In Love or Fall In Love?
15 That Baby Is A Matchmaker

Like ko and story na to grabe nakakatawa

16 Ang Boyfriend Kong Artista

I Love these story Especially the Characters

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17 Mr. Popular Meets Ms. Nobody

Its good and I really love it

18 Marry You

Great story tragic is always in our life.

19 Invisible Girl

Love this story.. super!

I love this story especially the characters of what attitude they have:)
I'm just thankful to the author for creating this wonderful story

20 Girlfriend For Hire

Super duper like this story must watch story on wattpad

I really like also their love team because it's so unique

I like this book all in one ❤️ the most unforgettable story and also the sequel of it ggfh 2 (officially his girlfriend) super funny and I love the ending haha

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