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1 Diary Ng Panget

It was the first story that makes me crazy and of course it's a good one especially the Funny Moments/Corny perhaps.

2 Campus Royalties

Is good story!...
Like the concept

I like their endearments

3 Public Vs Private
4 Marry You

Great story tragic is always in our life.

5 Invisible Girl
6 Three Words And Eight Letters

I read the book one, and its really good.

Sometimes, I read this Again...

I love the story...

I admit that I like some parts of the story I just hate endings that someone would die

7 My Husband is a Mafia Boss

The best story the I ever read.. I've been reading it over and over again while waiting for the new update for Book 3

8 Operation Break The Casanova's Heart

Operation Break The Casanova's heart is the very amazing story.
I like all of the characters especially Naomi and Stephen.

I love Melodrama

This is the first story that I love, I like how they fall in love and especially the 10 rulesī¸.

9 That Baby Is A Matchmaker
10 Girlfriend For Hire
The Contenders
11 Voiceless

So good story!
I like to read it!

I really like this story and also the characters especially sync and momo

12 So Close Yet So Far

Reading this story makes me cry and laugh.

13 He's Into Her

This story must be listed on the first place. It has a vey unique plot. Grammars and punctuations are correct. I am rarely interested and I rarely finish reading stories because I could correctly predict the next scene since other stories are cliche. But, this story is very different. It will haunt you in your dreams because of the characters. You will fall for them, not only to their looks but to most of their personalities. You will never understand me unless you try reading it on your own. Your curiousity will make you crave for more. Every chapters has lesson and 'unexpected' twist. You cannot predict the next scene easily, you gotta think really hard. Haha! Kudos. I never though I'll go crazy for it.

I really love this story that I've reread it several times already.. It's not really a typical story and of course, Maxpein's ability is NOT typical for a common girls on wattpad.. I love it and you must read it too!

This should be on top. not a typical love story.. you'll experience all emotions, you'll cry, laugh, love and br thrilled all at a time. You'll learn many things. This is the best story!

14 Trip In Love or Fall In Love?
15 Mr. Popular Meets Ms. Nobody
16 Teen Clash

I like this story too I love the story between ice and zoe and their friends too, ice can you be mine?

I love Sab and Josh

I love the story

17 Sadist Lover

Is there a soft copy or hard of this story?

I really Love the Story

18 A Hundred Days With You
19 Ang Boyfriend Kong Artista
20 She's Dating the Gangster

It took me One day to finish reading these story I like the book better than the Movie

21 Teen Clash 2
22 Will you be his baby maker
23 Seducing Drake Palma
24 Until Trilogy

"Okay, let me breathe! First of all this story is the best! This should be in the top 1. The flow of the story was so perf. I mean who wouldn't love ELIJAH MONTEFALCO? The settings, characters and plot was the best. It made me laugh, 'kilig' and cry. This is the best! REALLY!

25 Montello High: School of Gangster

I love this story very much actually I have a book and I always read ot again and again and this story is AMAZING! I love the part that van sacrife hiself for summer and now I'm reading the snow white is a gangster the book 2 of montello high. And I'm thankful to the author of this story because she wrote a very good story:)*-*

I Love this story, supeer. this is not your ordinary story. Please read, I know you will like it.

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