Top Story Arcs in the Adventure Zone: Balance

The Adventure Zone podcast's first campaign, The Balance Arc, was divided into numerous story arcs. Whether they were more humorous, dramatic, or even freaky (looking at you, Upsy), the first arc of the Adventure Zone had a lot of awesome moments and a lot of awesome episodes. Vote here to rank which story arcs were your favorite! Lunar Interludes are separated into the individual interludes, not as the set of Lunar Interludes as a whole.

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The Eleventh Hour

The Adventure Zone had been building up its big, dramatic storyline throughout arcs before this, but it was this arc where I first really realized that Griffin McElroy was truly some kind of creative genius when it comes to running this podcast. - cdonegan778

Murder on the Rockport Limited

I just really love angus

"I'm Angus! The boi detective!

The funniest arc in my personal opinion. The McElroys had all really settled into their characters and their team dynamic at this point, and they hadn't quite gotten to all the really emotional moments yet, leaving room for endless goofs. Also, our favorite world's greatest detective Angus McDonald is introduced! - cdonegan778

The Crystal Kingdom

The first story arc to have a full soundtrack, and Griffin did an amazing job! This was also where they first obviously kicked off the storybuilding that would eventually lead to the finale (there were hints in previous arcs, but this was where we saw the planes, Seven Birds, etc.). - cdonegan778

Petals to the Metal

A wonderful mix of humor and drama. My personal favorite goof in the entire series so far was when the THB were trying to get into the Hammerheads' garage. - cdonegan778

Story and Song

The grand finale, after three years of playing Dungeons and Dragons. - cdonegan778

The Suffering Game

I'm pretty sure even Griffin said that this went on much longer than he expected it to, but I still enjoyed it! Also gave us some of the best songs in the soundtrack (Wonderland Round Three seems to be universally loved). - cdonegan778

The Stolen Century

I just relistened to this and in the first episode, Griffin said he planned for this to last only two episodes... it lasted for seven! I'll admit I wasn't super into it in the beginning, the new way of playing and new main characters and all, but by the end I loved it! And we got Lup out of this, one of the most popular characters in the whole arc. - cdonegan778

Here There Be Gerblins

Nothing against Here There Be Gerblins, I still found it to be hilarious! But the podcast definitely got more developed as it went on, so while HTBG is still awesome, I just think the other arcs were even more amazing. - cdonegan778

Lunar Interlude V - Reunion Tour

The Contenders

Lunar Interlude I - Carnival Chaos
Lunar Interlude II - Internal Affairs
Lunar Interlude III - Rest & Relaxation
Lunar Interlude IV - Calm Before The Storm
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