Top Ten Strange Fashion "Must Haves"

As an observer, naturally I like to, er, observe! Some of the things I've seen which people "simply must have" is quite....bizarre...

The Top Ten

1 Cracked mobile phone screen

I have one myself. It seems you're nobody these days without this seasons' must have. In fact, there is a fun app that actually gives the appearance of a cracked screen. But it just isn't the same as "the real thing" - Britgirl

That way you made that comment sound made me laugh! This Seasons Must have! Brilliant! - Curti2594

2 Crutches and walking sticks

More and more people are using these walking aids. But am I talking about boring run-of-the -mill ones? Oh no...oh no no no! The ones I'm talking about are special; neon pink, animal print, band name logos...People are literally breaking a leg to have at least one of these things. They are everywhere! - Britgirl

3 Non-prescription lenses glasses

Designer ones, too, no less. A must have to look like the geek you want to be, minus the brain... - Britgirl

4 Baggies, I like fashion, I do, but seeing men in these is laughable - especially from behind. It looks as though they've filled their nappy (diaper to our American pals).
But as ridiculous as they look, men still wear them because they actually believe they look like a "babe magnet" in them. - Britgirl

5 Shopping trolleys

These things you pull along behind you is getting silly. Big, bulky things that you only end up putting a newspaper in. Once, only women of a certain age used them; but now? Well, now it's mostly all females. "I must have it! It has a picture of Justin Bieber on it! " They get in the way! I might add my own fashion accessory to these things: The "L" plate. - Britgirl

6 Single fingerless glove

To be honest, I love these - TwilightKitsune

Invented, no doubt, by a single, fingerless person. Ah, cruel fate:).

I remember way back in the past (the 80s ;)) where these were a huge fashion statement. It told everyone you were a REBEL! "See these gloves? They've got no fingers and you know something else? I don't give a damn, 'cause I'm a rebel, see? Suck on that! "
*Intermission while I remember the good ol' days*...
At least in those days, those "gloves" came as a pair. Well, they still do, but only one is worn. - Britgirl

"No doubt invented by a single, fingerless person" Nope. It was invented by a less-fingered, single person :). - Britgirl

7 Extensions and hair pieces
8 S-holder

For men. Basically like a suspender belt to hold their T-shirt in their jeans. Where have the days of showing the builders' bum-cleavage gone?! - Britgirl

9 Tattoos
10 Body and facial piercings

They look painful... - TwilightKitsune

The Contenders

11 Fingerless gloves

I actually had a pair they were legit cool...except the material bothered my fingers! - Curti2594

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