Top Ten Strange Things About Humans

Humans. The oddest, most complex, funniest, weirdest creatures on Earth.
Is there anything about your fellow human beings that you find strange? Feel free to add.

The Top Ten Strange Things About Humans

1 We shy away from people who tell us they exactly what they think of us and yet those are the most honest
2 We give our hearts to and love those who are capable of hurting us the most
3 We are full of contradictions
4 Forward thinkers think hindsight is a great thing
5 We never realise how great something is or could have been until it's too late
6 We want what we can't have and when we have it, we no longer want it
7 We do exactly what we criticise others for
8 We are never satisfied

This statement is insufficient. I want to hear more.

9 We are victims of brainwashing by other humans who are victims of brainwashing
10 We instinctively know when it's the wrong time to say something stupid but say it anyway

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11 We worry about stupid things

Having a wallet the same colour as the inside of my bag causes a lot of unnecessary stress and panic

If a word is spelt wrong in a dictionary, will anyone notice? - TwilightKitsune

12 Some humans are sexist

Not "some" - just men :P - Britgirl


13 Not all of us are friendly even though we should be

I'm really friendly so I think everyone should it's really nice. - PatrickStar3

Hope you have a lovely day :-)

14 Some humans like to dance and run around the house really fast in the dark when they are alone

Yes. Some humans. Defiantly not me...

*definitely not me. Stupid auto correct.

15 Some make excuses instead of just telling it like it is
16 That no matter how many good things someone does, they will always be attacked for the one bad thing they did.
17 Their words often mysteriously transform between tongue and ear, if they get there at all
18 We never know our eyes have been shut until they are opened
19 Some spend far too much energy believing they've been wronged, until it becomes their default position
20 Some give up too easily on something worth fighting for
21 We seem to have difficulty remembering that things aren't always as they seem
22 Some talk in riddles instead of just saying what's really on their mind, forcing others to think and believe the worst.
23 We unfairly judge people at first glance
24 Some know how to make others smile even when they are thousands of miles away

A chicken, a Basset hound and a yenta walk into a Korean nail salon...

25 Some are so predictable...
26 Some ostracize those whose opinions they dislike and whose arguments they can't refute
27 Some worry far too much about all the wrong things, instead of concentrating on things which really matter.
28 Some speak their minds first without thinking and regret it later
29 Humans are capable of the most sophisticated communication on the planet, yet often have great difficulty in making themselves understood
30 People think having a tickle fetish is weird while there are so many other disgusting fetishes out there
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