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1 Eleven

Eleven is the coolest, she is captivating and she makes the story what it is... I want to be best friends with her and the "party." Her comeback scene at the end of episode 8 (season 2) was epic! Millie is an impeccable actress and I can't wait to see more of her character in the next coming seasons.

Eleven is a great character, but I don't like what they did to part of her story in season 2. I liked the part when she visited her mother and learned more about her past, but I hated it when she joined Eight's crime squad, they could have made it so much better. (But I have to admit that I kinda enjoyed edgy 11)

I really enjoy Eleven's character development. Her love for Mike is really cute and they make a really good pair. She is selfless and willing to go to the ends of the earth for her friends (or close a gate between dimensions). She makes for a really interesting journey and her walk back from the darkness to the light is inspiring. Personally not a fan of her 'sister' Eight, but that's just me.

She should either be a x man or Steven king charecter.

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2 Jim Hopper

Far and away the best character. Introduced as a lazy alcoholic cop. Receives the best character development on the show. He is a genius bare-bone detective that stops at nothing to protect the people in his town. Whether its finding who killed your pumpkins, or traveling to an alternate dimension to find your long lost son and save him from a rampaging bloodthirsty inter-dimensional demogorgon, Hopper is the detective for you. Seriously though he's one of the best characters I've ever had the pleasure of following in a series. The fact he's not number one is a crime.

Completely underrated and is a sweet man who will do anything to help the people effected by the monster.

He's so underrated and had the best character development on the show.

He's the best father figure in the show. - TheFourthWorld

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3 Dustin Henderson

Dustin is amazing and should be higher on this list - pjo

Sure, you can hate anyone on the show, except for this character. Dustin is impossible to hate

He is the only person without problems

He’s hilarious!

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4 Steve Harrington

Steve used to be a total douche but I LOVE STEVE IN SEASON 2! Honestly I just can't describe how much I love his hair his personality his everything he's just so...amazing now

Steve is the best! So much good character development and he is just so caring and epic in season two.

Great character arc in season 2, makes up for his attitude in season 1 - LydiaS001

Steve is the best mom in the series. - TheFourthWorld

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5 Mike Wheeler

I love Mike, he's such a kind character and he shows how much he cares about all his friends equally. - pjo

He's just a jerk to everyone, including but not limited too: Eleven after Episode 4, Lucas, constantly Max, and Nancy. It's just hard to actually like him most episodes. - Midevilnight

I loved his character. He was so caring, loyal, and friendly. And cared so much about his friends and Eleven. - Catacorn

A lot of people don’t like Mike. He was missing his girlfriend! How would you feel if the person you loved was gone? Bad. Everyone seems to forget that Mike was a great best friend to Will. #JusticeforMike

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6 Joyce Byers

To me she is the best character of the show I am mad bob dies and she drives a ford pinto

I believe there is more to Joyce than meets the eye.

She was an incredible actor

I know it is wrong shipping kids but I ship her with Mike

7 Jonathon Byers

I like him more than the other characters because I kind of see myself in him.

He's just a great character


He’s the one level only character whos either not insane or crazy

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8 Lucas Sinclair

I find him underrated as well as much more enjoyable in the second season. Team Lucas!

I hate him so much because he is so negative and sarcastic all the time - XtremeNerdz12

Lucas is a great character but nobody understands him.

He held the team together and got the girl..go lucas!

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9 Will Byers

He is so innocent I mean seriously he did not diserve this at all. He seems so nice, In season two when there saying all the nice things about him I mean he seems so nice and he is never mean or judging anyone or being selfish and bragging. He puts others before him and that's all we could ask for. And seriously he survived the upside down. He also can talk through lights who else can do that. He even is adorable to top it off

He is the best! No one should vote anyone else! My friends gave everyone names and I am will! Best character ever!

I agree with all the other comments. I love Will! - Silverswift

He’s the most adorable thing in the world. He’s so innocent and sweet, and didn’t deserve all the things that happened to him. - Hermione_Granger220

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10 Nancy Wheeler

Ugh, they're all just so lovable--their complexity and depth in character--how can I possibly decide? But I'm choosing Nancy--not because I favor her more than Hopper, Joyce, or the others--but because of the unavoidable chemistry between her and Jonathan.
Nevertheless, I adore each and every one of the cast. Dustin's potty-mouth quirkiness, Lucas's cynicism, Joyce's sheer maternal fury, Hopper's biting sarcasm, Mike's loyalty, Eleven's grammatically limited vocabulary... heck, I even like Steve, whether out of pity or not. I like Eleven, not particularly because of her character development, but... you know. She kicks butt, so that's a definite merit in her own.

She's so awesome and kicks butt without a single care. Heck she threatened to shoot one of the guy's she likes.

So amazing - moviesman

I don't know why everyone hates her so much. She's a good person. It's not like she knew barb was gonna (SPOILER) die. She was drunk anyways. Plus, Nancy and I share a name! :3

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? Dart


? Erica Sinclair

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11 Max Mayfield

How is billy above Max? She was AMAZING, I loved her and I thought she was such a great character - pjo

Max is not flawless, so she is a great character! She comes from a tough backround, so she had to learn to deal with her awful stepbrother. She helps the bits try to find dart without fully knowing the whole story. She had to have guts to be left out from everything. By far the best character.


She’s the best - Sunshinesab

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12 Bob Newby

Only character other than Eleven to sacrifice everything to save the rest. But Eleven felt guilty for starting it, Bob just wanted to protect Joyce. - Bodanski

This was so sad that he died.

Barb, if Barb was a hero

It was incredibly heart breaking when Bob met his death. I personally thought that Bob was one of the most realistic and relatable characters throughout Stranger Things. He just wants to be a good stepdad and role model and is loving and protective. I love his dorky personality and his references to nerdy subjects. Even though he is somewhat clueless, and has character flaws, he’s cool and my third favorite character.

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13 Billy Hargrove

Screw Billy.

Why is he on the list? He’s such a jerk. - Silverswift

He’s such an ignorant jerk. I have no idea why he’s on this list. - Hermione_Granger220

14 Barbara Holland

She is a underrated character and I love underrated characters

How is Barb so low on the list? - AnonymousChick

Was a character for one episode lol - Thicc_Neeson


15 Karen Wheeler

Okay really she only had like five minutes of screen time

16 Dr. Sam Owens
17 Mews

I need justice. - Hermione_Granger220

#Justice4Mews - Cats43

JUSTICE FOR MEWS! - Silverswift


18 Mr. Clarke

Mr Clarke is OBVIOUSLY the best! I want a teacher like him! He is so funny and unique and creative and so much more (and tied with Hopper for me)

19 Demogorgon
20 Benny Hammond

Okay, he may have only had two minutes or so of screen time, but I like how he was trying to help Eleven (which you wouldn't really expect, I mean, look at the guy) and got killed by that team from Hawkin's National Laboratory just because El was there. A true hero.


21 Holly Wheeler
22 The Mindflayer

The amount of power this thing possesses as an antagonist is truly fascinating. I cannot wait until they flesh out this character further.

23 Kali
24 Dr. Martin Brenner

He’s a jerk - Therealethandunne

25 Officer Powell
26 Officer Callahan
27 Ted Wheeler

The most boring character on the entire show, which is definitely saying something. I hope you're enjoying your chicken, Ted. - moviesman

Just a clueless dad supporting his family, give him some respect

No I don't like him at all - pjo

28 Troy

Are you kidding me Troy was the worst - pjo

29 Lonnie Byers

Why is he even on here? - pjo

Why is he on here? Get him off this instant. - Hermione_Granger220

WHAT a cool guy - Thicc_Neeson

30 Carol

Why are these characters being added honestly - pjo

31 Tommy

Again Tommy was so rude what even - pjo

32 Eight

She was good! I loved her

33 Shadow Monster

I hate the shadow monster. - Hermione_Granger220

34 Murray Bauman
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