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1 Eleven

I love her! She's my favorite character and in real life she's only a day older than me! I'm glad she's at #1

How the heck is LUCAS higher than El? How on earth is she not number one?

Love her I want to eat her

Everyone loves elven - AnonymousChick

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2 Jim Hopper

He's so underrated and had the best character development on the show.

Overall an amazing actor

What else woild you expect? - Undistinguished

3 Mike Wheeler

I love Mike, he's such a kind character and he shows how much he cares about all his friends equally. - pjo

4 Dustin Henderson

Dustin is amazing and should be higher on this list - pjo

5 Jonathon Byers

I like him more than the other characters because I kind of see myself in him.

6 Joyce Byers

I believe there is more to Joyce than meets the eye.

She was an incredible actor

I know it is wrong shipping kids but I ship her with Mike

7 Nancy Wheeler

She's so awesome and kicks butt without a single care. Heck she threatened to shoot one of the guy's she likes.

I LOVE HER! to be honest I was originally going to vote for Dustin,who admitted she was a total badass. And,too be fair,she falls for douchebag Steve (but then again,she later slaps him and points a gun at him) and she is pretty mean to Dustin and Mike BUT WHO CARES!? She'll probably be much nicer to them in the second season. HYPEEE!

8 Lucas Sinclair

I hate him so much because he is so negative and sarcastic all the time - XtremeNerdz12

Lucas is a great character but nobody understands him.

I agree, he annoys me.

That's kind of racist.

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9 Will Byers

Should Be 1st Will Byers Is The Best Character

10 Barbara Holland V 1 Comment

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? Demogorgon

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11 Steve Harrington

Hilarious while managing to push the plot forward.



12 Karen Wheeler

Okay really she only had like five minutes of screen time

13 Lonnie Byers

Why is he even on here? - pjo

14 Officer Callahan
15 Benny Hammond

Okay, he may have only had two minutes or so of screen time, but I like how he was trying to help Eleven (which you wouldn't really expect, I mean, look at the guy) and got killed by that team from Hawkin's National Laboratory just because El was there. A true hero.

16 Dr. Martin Brenner
17 Officer Powell
18 Ted Wheeler
19 Mr. Clarke
20 Holly Wheeler
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1. Jim Hopper
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1. Eleven
2. Nancy Wheeler
3. Jonathon Byers

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