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1 Steve Harrington Steve Harrington

The best character! Loved by all!

Man, his character developed a lot throughout the seasons. He went from hated to the most loved character of the series. Lol - Misfire

Hilarious. Every time he's on screen ends up being iconic.

Steve the most developed character.

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2 Jim Hopper Jim Hopper

He is like my father he will do stuff with me he has a loud voice if I am in trouble he will help me and I think my dad is awesome and so is Jim Hopper

Why did he have to die

As of August 2019, most people think he's still alive, and his death was most likely faked (like Will and Eleven back in season 1). - DKartWoomy

He is my favourite character even more than eleven

A real lad and a half

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3 Dustin Henderson Dustin Henderson

He Is my second favorite character he is literally adorable but has a beautiful singing voice.

His singing voice is amazing! No wonder the actor was on Broadway. - kaisietoo

Turn around. Look at what you see...

Funny, fantastic smile, the friend you want on your side!

The best character on stranger things By far!

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4 Eleven Eleven

Lets take a moment to explain how great Eleven actually is. WHY ISN'T SHE IN 1ST PLACE? Give me a list of reasons how Steve is the best character. Honestly, this girl should be number 1 because like she's THE main character (Apart from Will since the whole story was based on him) Why she should be in 1st? She's funny, incredible, British if you didn't know, BORN IN SPAIN, awesome acting, she even has her own roblox account and wikipedia page. This girl is like popular still popular in Canada. Only downside is she only stays in California.

My favorite characters...

I think Eleven is the best character, she's just so quiet and polite. But what really gets me annoyed is that there is a lot of inappropriate scenes and words in the show. But over all it's awesome so is Millie's character! Not reccomended for kids under 13.

She's the best character in the series because she has mind powers and she is pretty very pretty

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5 Mike Wheeler Mike Wheeler

Mike is such a sweet, kind and brave person. He is always there for his friends and he is the glue that keeps the squad together. I love how he genuinely cares about his friends and always tries to protect them and make sure they're okay. He's definitely my favorite character of Stranger Things.

Mike is honestly so loyal. He LOVES El. He would jump off the cliff for Dustin. He was constantly with Will when he needed him. He had a fallout with Lucas but was noble enough to accept his mistake and shake his hand. He was undyingly failthful to El when she was gone. He honestly isn't good only to El because he did lash out at her when they discovered Will's fake body and also when she flung Lucas in the junkyard. He is so hopeful and believes in people when nobody else does. I hope season 3 gives him more screen time and that his relationship with El gets stronger and deeper.

I just love him

He honestly is so caring and loyal and feel that he ties the story together. He is always there when people need him.

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6 Will Byers Will Byers

Main character who only appears in like one episode in the first season lol - lemur

In season 3 he was a super smart cinnamon roll and a very underrated character

He is an innocent Cinnamon roll that didn't deserve all of that trauma.

He is the best without a doubt

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7 Lucas Sinclair Lucas Sinclair

He is smart, nice, amazing, and unique. Also he is the character I am most like. So...Yeah

Super underrated!

Best character ever

So underrated!

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8 Joyce Byers Joyce Byers

She's one of the few characters on the show who doesn't ever let selfishness get the better of her.

She is the example of a mother at heart - NickXH

The best - Bizcut4life

She's one of the few characters on the show who doesn't let selfishness get the better of her— she's always looking out for others - mereallysmart

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9 Jonathan Byers Jonathan Byers

I don't care if he's "ugly", to me he's not. That one scene when Will woke up in the hospital and he was at his bedside cryin' made me cry a wee bit.

He's just a cool dude

His character are is pretty real

Love this guy. What a great big brother. Need many more like him.

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10 Billy Hargrove Billy Hargrove

I feel like the only reason he was all negative was because he really missed his mum. And he basically saved the main character of the show by sacrificing himself. He deserves a round of applause. And he is super hot

I was surprisingly sad when he died. Goes to show how well written he was. Arguably the best performance in Season 3.

Comedically over the top arrogant and and a great long term foil for Steve. "Hi..., uh I didn't know Nancy had a sister." - Billy to Karen (Mrs. Wheeler)

Such a great character. You love to hate him; by the end there is no hate left. - kaisietoo

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11 Nancy Wheeler Nancy Wheeler

She was kinda boring early on but, especially in season 3, she became so awesome. Like, standing in front of Billy's car heading right for her and not flinching until it was a foot away? Power to you, girl. She's also incredibly smart and good at her reporter thing (even if that was completely random). People look over her for the more central characters but ignore how much she helped.

Nancy is such a great character, she is smart, she has gone through some issues and made some mistakes but she always cares about those who she loves and along steve, she also had a great character development!

Nancy is an amazing character! Shes smart,inquisitive and sweet. To be honest, she's had a really good character the start she was all over steve, Season 2 she gets over Steve and starts to become more of a great character. In season 3 shes the best, shes smarter than before and has WAY more involvment in the show. Season 3 is the best season for Nancy! She's the best. Don't like shes kinda cute..

Probably the most underrated character of this series

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12 Max Mayfield Max Mayfield

She is an amazing character. I love the relationship she and Lucas share.

Max is awesome. She and Lucas look so cute together

My ultimate favorite

Chill character

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13 Alexei Alexei

I absolutely love this character. He had a lot of personality despite his short screen time and the fact that he didn't speak a word of English. That's a sign of great writing.

I loved his character, he was entertaining and even though he was not in the season that long his death made me so sad

He did not deserve to die

Cute russian baby, just wanted to see the Looney Toons

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14 Bob Newby Bob Newby

He’s just too good

He died to early

Only character other than Eleven to sacrifice everything to save the rest. But Eleven felt guilty for starting it, Bob just wanted to protect Joyce. - Bodanski

This was so sad that he died.

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15 Murray Bauman Murray Bauman

I hate children

Funny guy

He’s one of my favorites

16 Robin Robin

I'm not actually gonna lie but she should be in the top 5 I LOVE HER NAME, ROLE and characteristics she fits in well with steve Erica and dustin not only that but I love her hair

She's a badass who's also a genius who managed to crack the Russian code. She deserves props.

She is super funny and a very relatable character

Should be way higher - pjo

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17 Karen Wheeler Karen Wheeler

Karen took the kids - TeamRocket747

Okay really she only had like five minutes of screen time

18 Dr. Sam Owens Dr. Sam Owens
19 The Mindflayer

He is awesome

Scary creature

The amount of power this thing possesses as an antagonist is truly fascinating. I cannot wait until they flesh out this character further.

20 Mr. Clarke

Mr Clarke is OBVIOUSLY the best! I want a teacher like him! He is so funny and unique and creative and so much more (and tied with Hopper for me)

Um y is Scott Clark 31 and Mr Clark 23? They r the same person! And also why is he so far down? He is a mentor for the boys and they adore him! He told them tons of stuff they needed to know about the gate (theoretically ;) )and more! Without him, the gate could’ve still been open from season one! Oh and don’t forgot about how he helped Joyce with the magnets in season 3! Gosh he is super underrated if you think about it!

21 Benny Hammond

Connie sucks - TeamRocket747

Justice for benny - wheelers-

Okay, he may have only had two minutes or so of screen time, but I like how he was trying to help Eleven (which you wouldn't really expect, I mean, look at the guy) and got killed by that team from Hawkin's National Laboratory just because El was there. A true hero.


22 Erica Sinclair Erica Sinclair

LOL Erica should be top 10 because of her sass and I like her because she is annoying to Lucas

Erica is so funny and relatable. She always has funny commentary

She should be at least two she the best

Why the heck is she on here

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23 Ted Wheeler Ted Wheeler

The most boring character on the entire show, which is definitely saying something. I hope you're enjoying your chicken, Ted. - moviesman

Just a clueless dad supporting his family, give him some respect

No I don't like him at all - pjo

24 Dart

Oh my god I think I made a cult now, and anyone who comments #TEAMDART or puts #TEAMDART in their bio is officially in the cult - IceFoxPlayz

Such and underrated character! #TEAMDART


YES! WE NEED TO MAKE #TEAMDART A THING! Like there is #justice4barb and stuff, so now the HAS to be #TEAMDART

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25 Chester

Hey! His name is Chester!

Come on.

26 Keith Keith
27 Holly Wheeler

Holly is absolutely adorable - mereallysmart

Santa - lemur

Holly is a cinnamon roll

28 Scott Clarke Scott Clarke

"Yes, my lord? "

29 Jane Hopper

Already on here. - Misfire

30 Ally

Who tf is ally

31 Yurtle

Yurtle was dustins pet turtle

Whos dat

32 Suzie

Pretty, friendly, intelligent... my type of a girl: very smart, but very lovable also!

33 Grigori Grigori

Hear me out, hate on the actor for killing Alexei is really annoying.
It's not like every character is real.
It's not like the actors/actresses are named names like Jane "El" Hopper, Mike Wheeler, Steve Harrington, etc.
Grigori is actually pretty cool though. He dodged a 200 mph bullet from Hopper. - TeamRocket747


34 Tom Holloway Tom Holloway

I hated this character, every time he was on screen he was a jerk


35 Troy Troy

I Love Troy He's My Favourite Character. I Know That Troy Was Mean And Wasn't In The Show Much But He's Still My Favourite Character. Also Because I Love Peyton Wich

He Was Really Mean In The Show But I Love Troy Because Of He's Actor Was Peyton Wich


Are you kidding me Troy was the worst - pjo

36 Eight

She was good! I loved her

Eight and Kali are the same person..
There's Kali on this list, and there's Eight in this list, but why isn't there Jane if there's Eleven? This makes no sense.

37 Shadow Monster

I hate the shadow monster. - Hermione_Granger220

38 Kali Prasad Kali Prasad
39 Flo

She is bossing hopper all the time

40 James

Cade Jones Played James, James Was Not That Mean

I Hate James He Was Troys Friend

41 Doris Driscoll Doris Driscoll

Innocent old woman who got their life ruined by rats who measure bowls with bendy rulers. - TeamRocket747

42 Bruce Lowe

Boris Johnson did great in ST Season 3. - TeamRocket747

43 Dr. Martin Brenner Dr. Martin Brenner

He’s a jerk - IceFoxPlayz

He’s a jerk - Therealethandunne

44 Officer Powell Officer Powell
45 Officer Callahan Officer Callahan
46 Barbara Holland Barbara Holland

Barb is a minor fill-in character, and they're always my favorites because they are the most relatable.

Sorry she was fine but boring so overrated - pjo

Everyone feels sad for Will and Eleven but Barb died too in the upside down! She was the one who DIDN'T survive so I feel sorry for her. she deserves to be higher than 14.

She is a underrated character and I love underrated characters

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47 Lonnie Byers Lonnie Byers

I wish he got flayed and melted into human flesh. - TeamRocket747

Why is he even on here? - pjo

Why is he on here? Get him off this instant. - Hermione_Granger220

The goat should be in season 3

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48 Carol

Why are these characters being added honestly - pjo

49 Tommy H. Tommy H.

Again Tommy was so rude what even - pjo

50 Demogorgon

Oh yeah he's the best

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