Best Stranger Things Characters


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1 Eleven

I love her! She's my favorite character and in real life she's only a day older than me! I'm glad she's at #1

How the heck is LUCAS higher than El? How on earth is she not number one?

Love her I want to eat her

Everyone loves elven - AnonymousChick

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2 Jim Hopper

He's so underrated and had the best character development on the show.

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3 Mike Wheeler

I love Mike, he's such a kind character and he shows how much he cares about all his friends equally. - pjo

4 Dustin Henderson

Dustin is amazing and should be higher on this list - pjo

5 Jonathon Byers

I like him more than the other characters because I kind of see myself in him.

6 Joyce Byers

I believe there is more to Joyce than meets the eye.

I know it is wrong shipping kids but I ship her with Mike

She was an incredible actor

7 Nancy Wheeler
8 Lucas Sinclair

I hate him so much because he is so negative and sarcastic all the time - XtremeNerdz12

That's kind of racist.

I agree, he annoys me.

I hope he dies next season. - Tristan1975R5

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9 Will Byers
10 Barbara Holland V 1 Comment

The Contenders

11 Karen Wheeler

Okay really she only had like five minutes of screen time

12 Steve Harrington
13 Lonnie Byers

Why is he even on here? - pjo

14 Ted Wheeler
15 Benny Hammond

Okay, he may have only had two minutes or so of screen time, but I like how he was trying to help Eleven (which you wouldn't really expect, I mean, look at the guy) and got killed by that team from Hawkin's National Laboratory just because El was there. A true hero.

16 Officer Callahan
17 Dr. Martin Brenner
18 Officer Powell
19 Mr. Clarke
20 Holly Wheeler
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