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Steve Harrington

So cute and helps everyone in every way he can by the way love his hair

He is most cool and kin heart person .
His character should get more importance

This guy is my favourite of all seasons wish to see more of him.

Steve has evolved tons over the 3 seasons so far, and has developed to become a great person and a best friend.

Jim Hopper

IN season 3 he made me have a lot of contradictory feelings, I mean at first, he was so funny I used to laugh and then he made me cry like a lot, that was not too easy for me to be so emotional about something, I think he is a wonderful actor and I think he needs more space in Hollywood movies

Hopper is the heart of stranger things without him I probably wouldn't watch the show anymore. We have recently found out that our beloved Hopper will be joining us in season 4. YAY!

He's badd. I love him so much he's the bravest person on this show.

I hated it when he died! Hopper makes the show! the best, obviously!

Dustin Henderson

OMG! Best character, like, EVER! Loved it when he was singing never ending story! Suzie actually doesn't deserve him!

He is basically the frontman for geek culture, funny, clever, adorable- basically the best character from a stephen king book.

Dustin has always been one of my favs. He always seemed to make up names for things and just stick with it no matter what anyone says.

He Is my second favorite character he is literally adorable but has a beautiful singing voice.

His singing voice is amazing! No wonder the actor was on Broadway.


The most badass character on the show! How can you not love her? you would actually have to find someone NOT human to hate her. Love actress too!

She really packs a punch she will do anything for her freibds

I actually went as her for halloween last yr one of my best costumes anyway she is so powerful as she closed the gate and did lots of other things. she always gets a bloody nose and I have never had one in my whole life!

Lets take a moment to explain how great Eleven actually is. WHY ISN'T SHE IN 1ST PLACE? Give me a list of reasons how Steve is the best character. Honestly, this girl should be number 1 because like she's THE main character (Apart from Will since the whole story was based on him) Why she should be in 1st? She's funny, incredible, British if you didn't know, BORN IN SPAIN, awesome acting, she even has her own roblox account and wikipedia page. This girl is like popular still popular in Canada. Only downside is she only stays in California.

Mike Wheeler

How can you hate/not like Mike, he has never done anything wrong. Season 3 wasn't his fault for lying to El, if anything blame Hopper. If Mike hadn't said that to El he wouldn't be able to see her at all. Lying to her obviously hurt him too.

Yes and no. I admit El dumped him for a really small reason but be has done many things wrong. Like the way he treated Max for example. I hate him for that not the lie.

The leader of the group of friends, he is a mazing at everything even when he’s a jerk

I love Mike, he's such a kind character and he shows how much he cares about all his friends equally.

Mike is honestly so loyal. He LOVES El. He would jump off the cliff for Dustin. He was constantly with Will when he needed him. He had a fallout with Lucas but was noble enough to accept his mistake and shake his hand. He was undyingly failthful to El when she was gone. He honestly isn't good only to El because he did lash out at her when they discovered Will's fake body and also when she flung Lucas in the junkyard. He is so hopeful and believes in people when nobody else does. I hope season 3 gives him more screen time and that his relationship with El gets stronger and deeper.

Joyce Byers

love her so much doesn't care what people think about her she will yell to get what she wants and loves her son and has always been there him

She is the most determined character! Played by Winona Ryder! How cool is that?

She's one of the few characters on the show who doesn't ever let selfishness get the better of her.

She is the example of a mother at heart

Will Byers

love him so much my celeb crush and he has been through a lot but he still tries to be normal

He deserves happiness and more love. Being stuck in the upside down for that long must have gave him some anxiety.But I just think he is an under looked character.

We did not see much of his character in Season 1 but he was great in Season 2 but in Season 3 he felt left out all the time.

Will has been through so much. He is one of my favs. I'd play d and d with him .

Lucas Sinclair

another underrated chracter. my 2nd favourite of the "normal" children (behind max), and I love their dynamic together

He is just a kid called Lucas who happens to live in a misfortune town called Hawkins and is friends with an AMAZING,INSPIRING,SELFLESS girl called Eleven who has supernatural powers. OK NOTHING SPECIAL!

He is smart, nice, amazing, and unique. Also he is the character I am most like. So...Yeah

I find him underrated as well as much more enjoyable in the second season. Team Lucas!

Jonathan Byers

Jonathan is one of the best characters for me .He is brave and he will do everything for his family.

I don't care if he's "ugly", to me he's not. That one scene when Will woke up in the hospital and he was at his bedside cryin' made me cry a wee bit.

Love this guy. What a great big brother. Need many more like him.

He cares for a lot of characters including Will, Joyce, Nancy and pretty much all the other kids by the end of season 3 and that is the reason why he’s one of my favourite characters in the whole show.

Billy Hargrove

His character was definitely an a$$, but it was quite entertaining, especially with Mrs Wheeler. He was a great "bad guy" as one of the original flayed, and very intimidating. After the scene showing his father his behaviour was understandable (but not excusable). His final scene was amazing, and he had a good final redemption with Max.

I feel like the only reason he was all negative was because he really missed his mum. And he basically saved the main character of the show by sacrificing himself. He deserves a round of applause. And he is super hot

Comedically over the top arrogant and and a great long term foil for Steve. "Hi..., uh I didn't know Nancy had a sister." - Billy to Karen (Mrs. Wheeler)

Such a great character. You love to hate him; by the end there is no hate left.

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Max Mayfield

Totally underrated, she gives a great charcater that sis very different to the rest, and works so well with the rest of gang. How can you NOT love her?

Max is frikin awesome. You can't blame her for telling El that Mike was lying to her (and telling her that he treats her like garbage), she didn't know Mike was lying so they could still be together. Since she didn't know Mike's side, I completely agree with what she told El. I don't know how you can't like Max, she's definitely one of the best.

she is so cool and helps eleven see the real world by far my favorite character

I didn’t really like her in season 2 always stalking the boys in season 3 she is funny and important

Nancy Wheeler

She was kinda boring early on but, especially in season 3, she became so awesome. Like, standing in front of Billy's car heading right for her and not flinching until it was a foot away? Power to you, girl. She's also incredibly smart and good at her reporter thing (even if that was completely random). People look over her for the more central characters but ignore how much she helped.

Nancy is such a great character, she is smart, she has gone through some issues and made some mistakes but she always cares about those who she loves and along steve, she also had a great character development!

Nancy is an amazing character! Shes smart,inquisitive and sweet. To be honest, she's had a really good character the start she was all over steve, Season 2 she gets over Steve and starts to become more of a great character. In season 3 shes the best, shes smarter than before and has WAY more involvment in the show. Season 3 is the best season for Nancy! She's the best. Don't like shes kinda cute..

Not only is she another one of my favorite characters, but according to this test I took, I'm the most like her!


Robin is a colleague of Steve Harrington at Scoops Ahoy the ice cream parlor located in Star-court Mall. Robin is a new character to us as she made an appearance in season 3 however she has already warmed our hearts.

A witty, greta female character that brings LGTBQA representation outwardly to show. She and the scoops troup are amazing, and she is by far my favourite character.

I'm not actually gonna lie but she should be in the top 5 I LOVE HER NAME, ROLE and characteristics she fits in well with steve Erica and dustin not only that but I love her hair

She's a badass who's also a genius who managed to crack the Russian code. She deserves props.


Too pure for this world. Hope they have cherry slurpees wherever you are. RIP Alexei.

Poor Alexei got shot. I was crying. He was the reason I watched it.

Poor dude was just playing a carnival game and was going to eat a hot dog. RIP.

I absolutely love this character. He had a lot of personality despite his short screen time and the fact that he didn't speak a word of English. That's a sign of great writing.

Bob Newby

HE RISKED HIS LIFE TO SAVE EVERYONE AND DIED FOR IT. He didn't deserve it, no doubt. But I thought he would be smart enough to RUN OUT of the demodog infested lab, but no, he just stares at Joyce instead. How does he not know that the door isn't gonna hold those demodogs. If he would've ran he would've lived. Still didn't deserve that death though at all.

Only character other than Eleven to sacrifice everything to save the rest. But Eleven felt guilty for starting it, Bob just wanted to protect Joyce.

This was so sad that he died.

He died to early

Murray Bauman

definitely the most funny charcater, or at least one of them. Dry humour, and has a very thought out character base. Hope he is in it more!

"bald eagle do you copy? " "yes I copy" "sorry didn't catch that, bald eagle what did you say? " "bald eagle copies." "thanks for that bald eagle I hear you loud & clear! " "I hate children."

No one has acknowledged how he's waving corn dogs in the air whilst doctor alexi gets shot

So funny and says whatever he’s thinking and is never ashamed of anything he says or does

Karen Wheeler

Okay really she only had like five minutes of screen time

Karen took the kids

Oh god, I just noticed that in this picture she has a karen haircut - jkk

The Mindflayer

The Mindflayer is the villan in season 2 and 3. The first appearance he made he was almost like a shadow haunting Will and dragging him to the upside down. In season 3 it was much more exciting I even made a cake of the blood red monster made out of flesh.

The amount of power this thing possesses as an antagonist is truly fascinating. I cannot wait until they flesh out this character further.

Scary creature

He is awesome


DART IS LOYAL. He could've killed them all that one scene when dustin and the guys ran into Dart. But he didn't and he let them pass.

Oh my god I think I made a cult now, and anyone who comments #TEAMDART or puts #TEAMDART in their bio is officially in the cult

No. He ate the poor thing Mews the cat.

Such and underrated character! #TEAMDART

Benny Hammond

He is Taserface from Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Such a shame he had wasted potential in the show and only got a minute of screen time in the 1st episode. Wish we got to know more about him.

Okay, he may have only had two minutes or so of screen time, but I like how he was trying to help Eleven (which you wouldn't really expect, I mean, look at the guy) and got killed by that team from Hawkin's National Laboratory just because El was there. A true hero.

Justice for benny



Pretty, friendly, intelligent... my type of a girl: very smart, but very lovable also!

Turn around look at what you see...

Ted Wheeler

The most boring character on the entire show, which is definitely saying something. I hope you're enjoying your chicken, Ted.

No I don't like him at all

Just a clueless dad supporting his family, give him some respect

Kali Prasad

I don't understand why people hated her so much she was trying to get revenge on awful people who made her lose her life and family. she never forced El to stay an kill people she literally said it wasnt a prison and she can leave whenever she wants to. She was telling El why she should kill them to avenge her mother but she never forced El and insulted her if she didn't. Kali was considerate and kind. Hating Kali for killing the bad men is like hating El for killing the demogorgon.

She and her gang made Eleven break into that one dude's house and almost made Eleven kill the guy who had children only for revenge. I don't really like her for those reasons.


Hear me out, hate on the actor for killing Alexei is really annoying.
It's not like every character is real.
It's not like the actors/actresses are named names like Jane "El" Hopper, Mike Wheeler, Steve Harrington, etc.
Grigori is actually pretty cool though. He dodged a 200 mph bullet from Hopper.

I know he killed Alexei, but hating the actor is plain dumb. Also, he’s one of my favorite characters in the series.


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