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21 Ted Wheeler

The most boring character on the entire show, which is definitely saying something. I hope you're enjoying your chicken, Ted. - moviesman

Just a clueless dad supporting his family, give him some respect

No I don't like him at all - pjo

22 The Mindflayer

The amount of power this thing possesses as an antagonist is truly fascinating. I cannot wait until they flesh out this character further.

23 Holly Wheeler
24 Kali
25 Dr. Martin Brenner

He’s a jerk - Therealethandunne

26 Officer Powell
27 Officer Callahan
28 Troy

Are you kidding me Troy was the worst - pjo

29 Lonnie Byers

Why is he even on here? - pjo

WHAT a cool guy - Thicc_Neeson

30 Carol

Why are these characters being added honestly - pjo

31 Tommy

Again Tommy was so rude what even - pjo

32 Eight

She was good! I loved her

33 Shadow Monster
34 Murray Bauman
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