Top 10 Strangest Allergies

Some of us might be allergic to soy or bee stings, but imagine having an allergy as paranormal as these allergies. These allergies are real and have many sufferers, so don't think that it can't happen to you. Many of these sufferers get mild rashes or even life threatening conditions. Which allergy do you think is the most abnormal/unusual?

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1 Allergy to Every Food/Beverage except Water

The only sufferer drinks water and eats ice cubes. Also a brand of lemonade. - m16lion9460

I don't really think that's possible but it sounds kinda serious for the person that has it

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2 Allergy to Chocolate

There are actually people who are allergic. They are probably allergic to the cocoa beans used to make it

My friend is allergic 2 chocolate I feel bad 4 her - Ihateschool

3 Allergy to Shoes
4 Allergy to Coldness

Swimming in cold water could bring severe, life threatening reactions. - m16lion9460

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5 Allergy to Pregnacy
6 Allergy to Touch

Sitting on a chair could cause a reaction. - m16lion9460

7 Allergy to Exercise

I think we all have this in one case or another.

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8 Allergy to Water

This is highly unusual as every living thing needs water. Sufferers don't drink water at all. - m16lion9460

9 Allergy to Money

Imagine if you could not hold your coins in your hand. Sufferers also cannot hold cell phones or IPods. - m16lion9460

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10 Allergy to Sunlight

How would you get out of your house during the day? - m16lion9460

Summer time would totally suck. - dragonfly99

Unfortunately I am a sufferer of this :(

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11 Allergy to Cellphones
12 Allergy to Wood
13 Allergy to Perfumes
14 Allergy to Amoxicillin

I'm allergic to it

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