Top Ten Strangest Disney Animated Movies

Disney movies are normally straightforward, normal for the most part and just innocent movies. Sometimes, however, they delve into this strange realm of weirdness and make these very unusual but sometimes very enjoyable movies, and I don't mean just one scene I mean they're weird the whole way through. Honestly, these movies are just downright strange, and I'm going to investigate why.

Rememer that the majority of the movie has to be strange, or alternatively, just strange to watch nowadays for some reason or another. I will have to make a few exception though, of course.

Anyway, let's go to the strangest place on Earth and uncover the Top Ten Strangest Disney Animated Movies

The Top Ten

1 Mars Needs Moms

This movie was honestly just a disaster in most ways. I don't blame Disney that much though because they were still relatively new to 3-D animation (unless you count Pixar) and it obviously didn't look good at all! The plot was also quite weak and the characters were not very relatable either. As for weirdness, this sure is quite the weird movie, as it has a ridiculous story with uncanny valley looking characters! - Phillip873

The name of this movie alone puts you off. It's a terrible movie, no doubt about that but it's also very strange. The concept of the movie itself is unusual and the humanoid big bottomed aliens would unsettle anybody who glances at them. - DapperPickle

2 The Brave Little Toaster

You would think by looking at the cover that this movie is a film for really young kids, right? Well, technically it is but it can sometimes be really strange. For example, an air conditioner (or I at least remember being one) basically gets really angry and kills himself somehow, and there is this whole scene where cars are crushed to death in the dump, and I think a blender is 'killed' by somebody too. It gets very weird at times, not to the point where it's dark though...just...strange. - DapperPickle

Not to mention that scene where the computer basically has an orgasm - judo8alex

Not the most set in stone movie, but I do think it's respectable - ListerBlister

It honestly looks nightmarish. - PackFan2005

3 Dumbo

The pink elephants in the height of the strangeness in this movie, but that's not all. Basically everything that happens in this movie - especially the stuff that happens in the circus could be considered unusual one way or another. It's a short movie, but it still is able to stuff in a whole lot of WEIRD into the film to get this high on the list. - DapperPickle

4 The Black Cauldron

The Black Cauldron is a strange viewing experience, everything in it is strange to me. I can't really explain. It might just be the fantasy element, it could be that weird little furball Gurgi or it could be The Horned King and his army of the dead. I can't just put my finger on it, but this movie weirds me out. - DapperPickle

5 Fantasia

This is a no brainer. Fantasia is regarded as a great movie, and although I think otherwise I think we can admit it's a strange movie with all its skits and all the...questionable moments in the film. - DapperPickle

Whales flying... - Mcgillacuddy

6 Pinocchio

This movie is backed to the brim with strange moments, such as the whole Pleasure Island section of the film and it somehow climaxes with a huge damn whale trying to kill them. There isn't much to say here except "weird". - DapperPickle

7 Song of the South

The movie itself isn't weird, it's watching it that I find a strange experience. You think about the controversies and all the things that happened with the film and it's a very unusual feeling you get whilst watching it. - DapperPickle

8 Cinderella III: A Twist in Time

I talked about this movie in another list of mine not too long ago, so I'll keep it brief. The whole time travel plot is weird in itself, and whats even stranger is all the characters are very...quirky to say the least, watch it and see. - DapperPickle

9 Fantasia 2000

See Fantasia, it's basically for the same reasons minus the questionable scenes. - DapperPickle

10 Chicken Little

Chicken Little, this is basically a filler entry but I still think it's weird because of the whole alien plot and some other little moments in the movie. The viewing experience could be considered weird since it's supposed to be one of the worst Disney movies ever, but I'm not certain. - DapperPickle

It has one plot, and then ignores that for another plot. never acceptable in any movie I've seen. - ListerBlister

The Contenders

11 The Wild (2006)
12 Zootopia
13 Toy Story

Disney movie. - FrankKog

14 Meet the Robinsons
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