Top Ten Strangest Dreams

Two of these are my recurring dreams; the others are what other people have shared with me. If you have had any really strange dreams which aren't listed, feel free to add and share :)

The Top Ten

1 It's pitch black outside in the middle of the afternoon

This happened to me, once. Then I realized I had my hoodie on backwards (Sorry, T. Just cain't seem to be serious, today). (today? ;)).

2 Globes appear in the sky

Yes. In Vegas, they call it a marquee.

3 Being chased by an invisible force
4 Getting lost near your house

Hell, I get lost IN my house... An' it ain't that big:).

5 Black holes appearing in the middle of the street

Oh, lawdy. Was gonna say sumpin' so PIC, but think ah'll pass.

6 Being able to swim in mid-air

Some cities in China, they actually can.

7 Giant flying horses

Sounds like a brawl 'tween Whoopi Goldberg an' Rosie O'Donnell.

That comment is so flippin' funny! :D - Britgirl

8 Seeing yourself as someone else

Never had that dream before but that's fine cause I'm socially awkward. At least I'm me and not someone else, so I don't have to observe the awkward that is me. I'd hate to be someone else looking at me. Anyway bye :-).

I saw myself as a baby,in the jungle,with a lion nearing towards me. - DapperPickle

9 Being able to speak another language fluently

V, you can do this when you're seriously under the influence of yourself! And it's a language all of your own..;). - Britgirl

10 Being in school, everyone is naked except me and they are laughing at me because I'm wearing clothes.

Much better than the reverse.

Weirdest. Dream. Ever.

The Newcomers

? Disney's Hercules on Pampers diapers
? I got arrested/handcuffed by the NYPD while my dad ran in a building that's under construction

The Contenders

11 Being an animal

Well,I remember being a deer in hunting season once.
You can see how that dream ended.Some giant not-Godzilla lizard crushed me. - DapperPickle

12 Someone actually genuinely cared about me

Somebody actually does. Just been rendered mute by gremlins with nothing better to do.

Never had a dream like that before.
Lucky thing... - Rocko

Yeah, this WOULD be weird for me...

Someone actually does.

13 Being a superhero and flying around trying to defeat a giant David Hasselhoff

It's HOFFicial, you need to see someone about your state of mind... :). - Britgirl

14 My cat making me breakfast whilst my mum is meowing outside the back door to come in

And in between meowing she was shouting 'I'm sorry for peeing behind the sofa meow I won't do it again meow I've learnt my lesson meow please let me in'...should I seek help?

@visitor - seek help? I wouldn't bother. It's a perfectly normal dream for strange people. - Britgirl

15 In an auditorium watching plays. You decide to do homework and a teacher tells you that it's disrespectful to the performers

This happened to me in real life once when I was in high school. I was with my special ed class watching the winter concert and iI decided to do some homework before the show started and the teacher told me to put it away.

16 A huge monster largely composing of blackberry bushes chases me through a forest
17 Being best friends and hanging out with someone who hates me in real life
18 Wrote episodes for Hollyoaks
19 Being in Splash and Bubbles as a fish and going in a cave

Real dream I had. - Miauzer

20 Family speaks baby talk to your cousins at a restaurant. You tell them to stop and it your my mom very angry so you flip the table over
21 Get your diaper changed as an adult
22 Your family is mean to you so you have suicidal thoughts
23 Your family constantly yells at you so you shoot them with a gun
24 Exploring an abandoned mall where you come across a zombie and as you were running away while shooting it with your gun, it falls on top of you
25 Get stuck on It's a Small World at Disneyland
26 Steal a coin operated horse
27 Your mom rides a horse in the house
28 Blood everywhere and crayons being sold and potato chips being given away for free at the dentist at a children's hospital in Boston

Reminds me, when I was a kid I had a nightmare that a set of crayons started drawing by themselves and made grotesque drawings.
I was so traumatised. - Rocko

29 Teeth fall out
30 Teachers singing karaoke
31 Meeting a girl

I have this dream a lot. - Userguy44

32 My mom gave my cousin a bath in a rice cooker
33 Living in Ancient China as a baby
34 Maggie Pesky getting her revenge on humanity partially with a giant robot suit; also partially by flying into humans' ears and taking control over their brains
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