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41 William Afton killed the children to experiment on them.

His own daughter died. He might have committed the murders to experiment on the children's souls so he could find a cure for death, saving his beloved little girl. What he didn't count on was the Marionette stuffing the dead kids in the robots before he could do anything.

42 Costume from Night 4 from FNaF:SL is Ennard's Costume.

First endoskeleton (with blue eyes) it can be from another "Principal" animatronic from Baby's Circus Pizza World, (but he had some malfunctions, so Mr. Afton and Henry put the first endoskeleton in baby and the costume in another place. But Henry suicided and he possed the Endoskeleton wit blue eyes. Before that the Baby with blue eyes killed the Mr. Afton's dauther named "Bite of 83'". And she is posseding Baby animatronic. Afther that Mr. Afton changed the endoskeleton and he builded from this endoskeleton another animatronics: F. Foxy: Legs, F.Freddy:Arms, Baby: chest and ballora: head and lower torso.). The first Endoskeleton have another name because Ennard=Endoskeleton(En)+ Innard(nard). And in Night 1,2 and 3 the mask is in Control Module, but when you are jumpscared by F.Foxy Baby put you in endoskeleton's costume and put the mask, because Baby tell you in N.4 : I put you in an old costume and the mask is opening in 4 parts, like ennard's

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