Top Ten Strangest Frank Zappa Song Titles

Well...when I say "strangest" what I actually mean is...*mulls over other possible adjectives* strangest! To be honest, I have only heard a few of his songs (he may be quite brilliant) but I'm just talking about his choice of titties - sorry - TITLES here. If you know of any more rather strange ones, feel free to add :).

The Top Ten

1 I Promise Not To Come In Your Mouth

Such a gentleman. The last of a dying breed, wot. - Britgirl

Yeah. Right up there with "the check is in the mail" and, "Not a chance, honey. You're WAY hotter than your sister." Uh-huh;).

2 Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?

You didn't take your own advice and now you're peeing yellow snowballs. - Britgirl

3 Willie The Pimp
4 G-Spot Tornado

Wow,the perfect name for my imaginary neo classical prog rock uptempo band - Toucan

Leaves me wondering what your nickname is now! :). - Britgirl

They call me "The Breeze." Times do change:(.

"Call me 'The Breeze' I keep blowing down the... road." Oooh, Mr Breeze... :). - Britgirl

5 Don't Eat The Yellow Snow
6 Wet T-Shirt Nite

Err...No comment ;). - Britgirl

7 Titties And Beer
8 I'm The Slime
9 Crew Slut
10 Dead Girls Of London

The Contenders

11 Dog Breath
12 Evelyn, a Modified Dog
13 Variations on the Carlos Santana Secret Chord Progression

And this mystical, magical chord progression is... Yep, you guessed it. The pattern for Evil Ways. Only two chords. - Gg2000

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