Strangest Gorillaz Music Videos


The Top Ten

1 Rock the House

How can it not be? It is so random, and contains the infamous Murdoc scene that if you have seen the video, know what I'm talking about. - kempokid

2 Rock it

The animation style in this one is so different, and makes the video disturbing as well as just plain weird. - kempokid

3 Do Ya Thing

The 3D videos are always stranger because of the artstyle. This is definitely the weirdest of these 3D videos, ears on toast, a teleporting Andre 3000, and sweat collectors. Need I say more? - kempokid

4 Saturnz Barz


The 3D monsters have highly bizarre designs, especially the blue worm/snake. As well as this, you get to see 2D being choked by sentient food, and Murdoc swimming naked in the endless expanse of the bath. - kempokid

5 19-2000

A giant moose sneezing missiles away, a random alien attack, and a car driven upside down across a loop the loop. - kempokid

6 Dirty Harry

A fairly normal video until the soldier jumps out of the sand and starts rapping without any kind of warning. Also, if you look closely, you can see some of the stranger things the kids do. - kempokid

7 On Melancholy Hill

The murder of super fast jellyfish, cameos by many different musicians, all done in an odd artstyle. Also, the scene with cyborg noodle spitting out an octopus pushed this above a couple of others. - kempokid

8 Clint Eastwood

Something about the dancing gorillas is a lot more surreal than it has any right to be. - kempokid

9 Dare

The video is completely normal, other than the giant head bobbing back and forth, as if its dancing. The animation in this one is the reason it doesn't feel strange though, as Noodle's dancing looks so natural. - kempokid

10 Superfast Jellyfish

Can someone please tell what we are actually watching. The first time I watched it my brain couldn't understand or comprehend what I was watching on my phone.

The Contenders

11 Stylo

Essentially a giant chase scene, with priceless expressions from Murdoc, nothing particularly ridiculous happens here, compared to some of the other videos. - kempokid

12 Feel Good Inc

The video for this has strange moments, but there are overshadowed by the sheer perfection of it. When I first saw this one, I was blown away by just how amazing it was, the floating island was perfectly animated and really added to what I consider to be one of Gorillaz greatest songs. - kempokid

13 El Manana

Feel Good Inc. Part 2. Basically take what I said about feel Good inc and apply it to this song. Only this one is even less strange and even more beautiful - kempokid

14 Tranz Tranz

2D is a flashlight that apparently can deflate, Noodle's hair is orange, Russel is a happy boi. What else can I say?

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