Strangest Phobias to Have

The Top Ten Strangest Phobias to Have

1 Anglophobia: Fear of England and Its Culture

I scare people then - IceBearRules

I don't understand. I must be the complete opposite then. I love England. Ever hear of the fear of cotton balls, though?

Well, that is just plain peculiar. Why would you be scared of England? - PositronWildhawk

I guess I must scare people then.. I'm English.. - LemonComputer

2 Arachibutyrophobia: Fear of Peanut Butter Sticking to the Roof of the Mouth

How would peanut butter stick to the roof of your mouth?

3 Venustraphobia: Fear of Beautiful Women
4 Soceraphobia: Fear of Parents-in-law

There a TON of people with this fear

5 Genuphobia - Fear of Knees

This is majorly weird! I Can't belive it's down past fear of money - reallyusefulbox

We'll get it above fear of money - thetalkingtortilla

6 Chrometophobia: Fear of Money
7 Macrophobia: Fear of Long Waits
8 Geliophobia: Fear of Laughter
9 Somniphobia: Fear of Sleep
10 Triskaidekaphobia: Fear of the Number 13

Stephen King's fear - Ananya

Great. At first this was number 13 on the list. Then I added this comment, and now it's number 11. -_-

The Newcomers

? Homophobia - Fear of Homosexauls

The Contenders

11 Eleutherophobia - Fear of Freedom

I have this usually when at school. It's caused by extreme lack of trust of yourself. This can be caused by doing things wrong a lot, overthinking about the things you did wrong in the past a lot, or an extreme case of general bullying. People with this fear usually have a fear of being imperfect that causes them to overthink the wrong things they do. This can also be caused by extreme indecisiveness. I don't trust myself to do anything right, as long as it's offline. I overthink everything I do too. And I am very indecisive. So, this isn't really as weird as it seems above the water. I way prefer having extremely specific tasks to having really open ones. It takes a lot of time to get the confidence to do an open task and when I do it I have more hate towards myself after because I am sure I did it incorrectly. This fear is a b#tch at school. - LemonComputer

12 Papaphobia - Fear of the Pope
13 Automatonophobia: Fear of a Ventriloquist's Dummy
14 Cathisophobia - Fear of Sitting
15 Pentheraphobia - Fear of Mother-in-Law
16 Demonophobia - Fear of Demons
17 Eisoptrophobia - Fear of Mirrors

... And I have this. - LemonComputer

I don't have it because of vampire stories. I just have a fear of my own look..-. - LemonComputer

18 Deipnophobia - Fear of Dinner Conversation
19 Pediophobia - Fear of Dolls

My mom has this fear...sort of. She thinks Annabelle is creepy.

20 Mageirocophobia - Fear of Cooking

I have a fear of using toasters. - LemonComputer

21 Agyrophobia - Fear of Crossing the Street

I used to have this due to bullying. - LemonComputer

22 Trichophobia: Fear of Loose Hairs

People with this fear will hate me then. I'm always losing loads of hair. - LemonComputer

23 Nomophobia: Fear of Being Out of Mobile Phone Contact

Quite understandable, though people with this fear usually have minor paranoia. - LemonComputer

24 Ephebiphobia: Fear of Teenagers
25 Scopophobia: Fear of Being Looked At
26 Spectrophobia: Fear of Mirrors

Isn't the fear of mirrors already on this list? - LemonComputer

27 Phagophobia: Fear of Swallowing
28 Vomitophobia: Fear of Vomiting

It's actually called emetophobia.

29 Panphobia/Panophobia - Fear of Everything
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