Strangest Things That Have Been Banned In Countries

Some of the bans mentioned in the list have been lifted, but most of them are still existing.

The Top Ten Strangest Things That Have Been Banned In Countries

1 Time Travel - China

In fear that people will change its history, China banned time travel - yatharthb

Sorry China, but Doctor Who, Back To The Future, and Time Turners are fiction.

So any research on this field, even a mere speculation is banned too? What's the use of banning it anyway, there is no explainable physical law which can help us in going into the past. We only can go into the future, not vice-versa. - Kiteretsunu

That makes no sense, they should keep working on it so they can earn a lot of money! - NerdyPweeps

2 Gaming Consoles - China

What about all those ripoff consoles like the Chintendo Vii?

Now I know the difference between Chine and Japan. Chine doesn't play gaming consoles but Japan does. - AeropostaleWolf

I know right. When China banned consoles from 2000, to 2014, they were part of the PC Master race. I think we should all know PC gaming beats the console gaming race.

China has lifted the ban in 2014. I think they're making a huge mistake & they're about to have a console war.

China banned Consoles because they make people lazy - yatharthb

3 7 Words from Being Used by the CDC - United States


4 Ketchup - France

It's not only ketchup alone, anything that has a tiniest bit relation to the English speaking world is banned there. Like many of the English words (like e-mail, fast food, blog, etc. ) used internationally are banned there, as it can endanger the French language (they say that they have found the French equivalent for these words, they don't need the English words to describe these things) - Kiteretsunu

The ban was originally to preserve the French cuisine, Ketchup is still easily available in France - yatharthb

I wasn't aware of this one, and this is weird, because they are easy to find, no matter where..


5 Chewing Gum - Singapore

They banned it because they want to keep the country REALLY clean.

I have a friend from Singapore and he told me people apparently played too many pranks involving gum and...I guess I'm not welcome because I love pranking. He also told me prank calls are illegal there. Damn, this is one strict government. - AlphaQ

What M8 I CHEW GUM EVERYDAY BRO. Aright screw that reference.

Anyways. Why? Why ban something so good? It's harmless and doesn't kill people. - AlphaQ

6 Ballet - Turkmenistan

Saparmurat Niyazov, the president has forbidden ballet!?
What an ars.

7 Emo Culture - Russia

I guess My Chemical Romance's albums aren't gonna sell well in Russia.

Russia doesn't want people to be sad so it makes them happier. - AlphaQ

8 McDonald's - Bolivia

The only South American country without McDonald's - yatharthb

McDonalds is evil, they had a reason to do this. - benhos

Now I wish I lived in Bolivia...

Yay! Those lucky Bolivians. - SammySpore

9 Jasmine - China

Banning Disney Princess Is A Hobby Of China Emperor. - AlphaQ

You banned a Disney Princess? That's weird. - AlphaQ

10 Masturbation - Indonesia

And there are children who chain smoke in Indonesia so they need to fix their laws - Gamer4life

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11 Valentine's Day - Saudi Arabia

I'm in a relationship and I celebrate valentines day but I still think it is pointless. - Ihateschool

Aren't they the lucky ones.

When Valentine's Day comes, somebody take me to Saudi Arabia.

12 Yellow Clothing - Malaysia

Yellow Clothing isn't the only item that is banned in Malaysia. The Cat in the Hat (a PlayStation 2 video game) is also banned in Malaysia due to copyright issues with Discovery Communications. - playstationfan66

I can't wear chains in Malaysia? That sucks. - AlphaQ

I've been to Malaysia, and there were a number of fellow Brits on the plane wearing yellow. And one wearing a SpongeBob SquarePants onesie. I'd hate to think what happened to them. - PositronWildhawk

13 Cell Phones - Cuba

@#$% YES I'm moving to Cuba

They now have phones in Cuba

14 Women's Driving - Saudi Arabia

How sexist - Ihateschool

I'm a man and I think this is very wrong. women deserve their rights

This is untrue woman can drive

15 Baby Girls - China

That's terrible. This law is just awful. - Ihateschool

If they keep that up their country will go extinct

This has been lifted, but people still have been impacted...

Voted to say: this is just the "boys first" sexist ideology in the past and is more significant under the one child policy. Now with two child policy this retarded ideology is dying fast, and we didn't ban baby girls at all. Just the influence of a retarded thought. - MChkflaguard_Yt

16 People's Rights - Egypt


17 Baby Walkers - Canada
18 Trolling - New Zealand

Best Law Ever.

19 Minecraft - Turkey

Turkey banned Minecraft because you have to KILL in-game creatures and don't let mobs in to keep you safe

I honestly wouldn't care. I prefer the Wii. - Ihateschool

I want mincraft

Nightmare for the worst youtuber ever - AlphaQ

20 Batman Costumes - Australia

I know why. Because Bad Luck Brian went as Batman one Halloween and his parents were killed. So Australia made sure that wouldn't happen to them. - TwilightKitsune

Why can't I dress up as Batman? Because someone gonna kill my parents? - AlphaQ

21 Having More Than One Child Per Family - China

Actually it's having more than one BIRTH in a family in China. You can still have twins!

I think they changed it to a 2 child policy.

Nope - yanzchenthebest

Not a LAW - yanzchenthebest

22 Pigtails - China
23 Marijuana - United States

It is legalized again. - Ihateschool

Some states it's legalized for medical use.

Weed smoking is for losers. I support this ban. - MChkflaguard_Yt

24 The PlayStation - China

They should ban xbox one instead of playstation

25 Winnie the Pooh - China
26 Prank Calls - Singapore
27 Speaking Hindi - Nepal
28 Gum - Singapore
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