Top Ten Strangest Things to Say After "I Love You But..."


The Top Ten

1 I stole your car

He stole her heart... and car... and he landed in jail. A bitter fate for a man searching for true love. - StephanTheIdiot

Hey ese! You stole my heart! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Now you can't get home. >

2 I love toast more


3 Saying something then saying "in my pants" is hilarious
4 I hate you

I love you but I hate you
I love you but I hate you
I love you but I hate you
I wanna leave but I'll be back I'm sure
But every time you make me cry I love you that much more - ShuhBanggg

5 It's Marco Polo not Marco Rubio
6 The Karate Kid remake isn't good
7 You look stupid
8 I love me more, forever alone!

I'm fine with being alone, so long that I can still have cats. - Merilille

Romance isn't my thing,I prefer to live like this. - SamuiNeko

This is me in my future relationship. - keycha1n

9 Your Donald Trump impression needs work
10 I'm secretly Nicki Minaj

The Contenders

11 I had to kill you
12 Nevermind
13 I don't know what I'm talking about
14 Will you poop me?

I have a feeling BlueTooazIceVanilla added this one. - Luxam

15 I love my cats more

Cats are love. Cats are life.

So long,suckers! - SamuiNeko

16 It's too late
17 I have AIDS
18 I don't
19 Forget it
20 I like eggs more than you
21 It's all ogre now
22 I think you suck
23 The sandwich at that restaurant is calling me so...good bye!
24 Shrek is Love though

This is what SirSkeletonThe3rd would say. - SamuiNeko

25 I'm not a heterosexual
26 I think I'm gay
27 I love my dog more.
28 I love my cat more


29 Your mom ate my jello
30 That face of ruins it
31 I forgot what I wanted to say
32 I love you?
33 First let me take a selfie
34 I cheated on you with your best friend
35 I have a girlfriend
36 It's just too hard!
37 Pull!
38 Can you pay the bill
39 I love the backyardigans more

LOL! - Ilovestephanie

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