Top 10 Strangest Things to See In a Dream


The Top Ten

1 Miley Cyrus kissing a donkey

I wouldn't be surprised - samanime

Same species... - Ananya


2 Your own homework dancing
3 Just poop

Really nasty and gross. - JaysTop10List

I don't need to dream about poop because I see it in real life all the time!

4 Michael Myers dancing with Nicki Minaj
5 The killers from the horror movies playing Monopoly

Michael Myers, Ghostface, Leatherface playing Monopoly. - JaysTop10List

Me: hey can I join you guys
Jason stares at
Me : can I please!
Myers lifts up knife
Walks backward slowly - samanime

6 Elsa from Frozen farting all day

I would scream if I saw this. - JaysTop10List

People at my school draw elsa farting, it's so weird. - MeaganSaysHI

This would be interesting... - Minecraftcrazy530

7 You just standing there
8 Grass

cool... - Ananya

9 Cookies made with pig liver
10 Mr. Krabs pooping money

The Contenders

11 Aliens kidnapping Three Days Grace

I actually had a dream of this once.

12 The Beatles Getting High
13 SpongeBob eating pizza with Rammstein
14 Evil Leafy staring right at you
15 Jason Voorhees is your Dad

But who's the mother dun dun dun! - samanime

Oh my god!
It would be terrible - Ananya

16 Korn lead singer Jonathan Davis marrying Queen Elsa
17 The music video to Marilyn Manson's Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
18 Toilet paper dancing

Lol. - NoOreoForU

19 Sonic eating rainbows
20 Scar from the Lion King barfing rainbows
21 Garfield killing odie
22 Kittens barking
23 Dogs meowing
24 Cats chasing dogs
25 Scar from the Lion King killing Elsa from Frozen
26 Barney singing the "I hate you" song
27 Garfield eating jon
28 SpongeBob dating Sonic
29 Elsa dating Anna

LOL - NoOreoForU

30 Lady Gaga licking your dad's shoe
31 Floating TV that came out of nowhere
32 Giant orange Yoshi chasing people to the toilet
33 A kid with snot all over their face
34 A floating school with lots of twisting stairs
35 Donald Trump as a merman
36 The Kooplings watching you take a shower.
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