Best Strapping Young Lad Songs

Best songs by extreme metal band Strapping Young Lad.

The Top Ten

1 Velvet Kevorkian / All Hail the New Flesh

I know it's technically 2 songs but they flow right into each other and were played together when ever performed live. This is how SYL's opus City kicks off. Absolutely brutal! This is the pinnacle of SYL's genius and this pair of songs woul be performed at nearly every concert. Perfect combination of heavy riffs with a melodic chorus.

2 Oh My F****** God

This just might be the heaviest song ever written!

I needed new pants after listening to this. - cjWriter1997

This is really heavy. - Metal_Treasure

3 Love?
4 S.Y.L
5 Imperial
6 Shitstorm
7 Home Nucleonics
8 Detox
10 Skeksis

The Contenders

11 Almost Again
12 Dire Consequences
13 Wrong Side

Love the vocals on this songs, especially his clean operatic vocals - Devin blew my mind. - Metal_Treasure

14 You Suck
15 Aftermath

The riffs on this son are just simply brutal

16 In the Rainy Season

Brutal riffs, the singing in the chorus is so good, and then it goes into the heavy chugging part with a spacey vibe. My favourite off the first album

17 Underneath the Waves
18 Centipede
19 Rape Song
20 Spirituality
21 Thalamus
22 Far Beyond Metal
23 Satan's Ice Cream Truck
24 Zen
25 Shine
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