Best Streaming Music Services

The Top Ten Best Streaming Music Services

1 Spotify

I use this app almost and mostly 100℅ of the time on my free time and even when I'm doing my homework. - Kevinsidis

Easiest to get music even if it has a bunch of ads in the free version - markusw0207

You can listen to almost any song you have ever heard with amazing quality. You can't beat Spotify - ryanrimmel

The premium service (totally worth it) may be more costly than some other services, but the library is amazing, the 320Kbps is as good as you can get, and the ability to listen to music on your devices while offline seals the deal. $10 a month may seem steep, but considering I haven't had to buy any music since signing up for Spotify, it has paid for itself.

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2 Pandora

Pandora is best for kids. - TealBoyxx

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3 Amazon Music

Awesome free if u have a prime account! Love Amazon music!

4 8tracks
5 SoundCloud

There no ads in the free version in soundcloud - SuperGamer03

6 Deezer
8 Apple Music

It started out mediocre, but it's getting better! - Katanaceilingfan

Sooo good! - bchiarelli15

9 Google Play All Access Music
10 iHeart Radio

The Contenders

11 Feezy
12 TuneIn Radio
13 Cubomusica
14 Rara
15 Xbox Music

Zune pass started this whole"All you can eat" streaming subscription service.

16 iTunes Radio


17 YouTube Red
19 Rhapsody
20 Slacker
21 YouTube Music

Great competition for spotify

22 PC Radio
23 MTV Radio
24 9Cloud
25 Saavn
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