Top 10 Most Stressful School Years

After the success of my "Most Stressful Things About Highschool" list I figured I might as well make a list about the most stressful years of school, not just Highschool.

The Top Ten

1 Junior Year

Basically sophomore year only now you have to start worrying about college. - Randomator

The same stress from Sophomore year is lessened but barely any better.

You start planning for your future this year.

2 Sophomore Year

A weird year where you aren't a freshman anymore but you aren't a Junior or Senior - Randomator

The homework only gets worse, and the testing gets even more awful.

You are excepted to do a lot more, no longer a baby freshman.

3 Senior Year
4 College Sophomore Year

No explanation required.

5 College Freshman Year

Never been to College yet but I've heard about how bad it is and what not.

I'm not in college yet but I heard it Sucks - Randomator

6 Freshmen Year

You're new to highschool and already you're probably struggling with grades or fitting it.

Definitely. You're new to high school enough said - Randomator

7 7th Grade

Barely better then 6th grade and the stress while it starts to sink it only gets worse later on.

Where the stress starts - Randomator

I'm in seventh grade - BoyGenius234

8 6th grade

It's the awkward transition between kid and teenager.

Weirdest year ever. It's the Last year teachers are actually caring - Randomator

9 8th Grade

The year you are still in middle school but you are ready for high school. - Randomator

Self explantory at most.

10 College Junior Year

I don't think I need to explain why for this one.

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11 College Senior Year
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