Top 10 Most Stressful Things About Highschool

High school can be pretty stressful and here's the most stressful stuff.

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1 Homework Homework

I had so many assignments to deal with, it stressed me out, frustrated me, and agitated me, and I've felt that way for 20 days. Neither did I sleep well for 14 days because of SO MANY assignments I have. Even though I finish one, I was given another one, and the deadline is ALWAYS the same. In two days, but with as many assignments I have, one, two, or more assignments are bound to be due tomorrow, or the next day after tomorrow. After ALL of that, I called that week of that experience, "Hell Week". Except it damages you emotionally and mentally. And yes, my brain was straining, aching, and burning. And afterwards, I feel extremely burnt out.

It's as if teachers think their subject is the only subject we learn at school. OF COURSE IT'S NOT! We have to juggle homework and assignments, so when we rock up to class the next day we have a valid excuse of 'I was doing my other assignment' but still get told off for doing something that is based on our grades instead of doing an activity that the teacher forgets about us doing less than a week later!

Studies have shown homework only increases stress (especially in high school) on the student. If the student wants to do well on tests and assignments, give them less homework. My school doesn't give much homework compared to my old school and my grades have gone up significantly!

Yep. - Camaro6

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2 Presentations

I hesitate to talk to most people at my school but I always get praised for my presentations, even if it's on a subject I'm not interested in. Basically I master this skill by getting my mind to think that I'm presenting in front of a wall even though I can clearly see 30+ or sometimes even 500+ students in front of my eyes. - Kwaysar

Every assignment we do requires a presentation. Our teachers won't just let us hand something in, we have to present it to our whole class - spiritombsoul

I don't know. I just see them as a quick good mark grabbers for todays kids that go to school - P-51IsDaBest

Get kind of in a nervous wreck due tommorow

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3 Bullies Bullies

I was always an intelligent kid (of course, not academically), but was bullied nearly all my life. Already a Junior in high school; doesn't happen as much, but is still an issue that will haunt me forever.

Yes, bullies still exist; and yes, they will attack you. There's not much of a way to avoid it unless you're already the bully or the bully's best friend. And it sure sucks to know that they may continue to act like this into adulthood unless you do something about them that stops them. - 4Noobs

I never had bullying problems in my life, and I've never even witnessed bullying (maybe once). Just teasing. I have a very ironic/sarcastic sense of humor though so it's a bit hard to get to me - Phillip873

People in high school have been incredibly nice from my experience, this isn't general throughout all high schools.

Most of the students at my school are kind to each other and I've never had someone bully me in the real world. Online is kind of the same story but kind of not. - Kwaysar

The only thing worse than homework!

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4 Group Projects

Hate working with others. There are lazy people who only do the fun parts and the bossy people. Also I'm shy and more of a solo worker so yeah. Only work in groups if its with friends - Lunala

I am not a social person so I HATE this! Either I have to do everything or everyone argues and get nothing done. I've had very bad group experiences - Randomator

They are fine unless they are randomly assigned. Teachers like to put good kids with bad kids. That sucks for me because I am a nice person.

Same I have autism so its hard for me to work in a group

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5 Drama

The kids in my new school are already making me stay away. The cops were called last week because some boy got mad and threw a chair at a FEMALE ADULT. These kids already give me anxiety, that's why I eat lunch upstairs besides a door. I sit on the floor with my music and I draw.

Self explanatory really. But even trying to avoid it can be stressful. Peer pressure is the worst - Randomator

I've never experienced or been involved in any drama at all of my schools from kindergarten to 8th grade. - Kwaysar

Teachers used to throw chairs at students in my school (or so it was said) also we had a teacher spank a student in front of the 6th grade math class (though it was her kid so it was ok, and it wasn't severe)

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6 Homecoming and Prom

And how I wasted my first kiss and lost my first love.

God. Dammit. Highschool.

For me homecoming and prom are hell. I never have a good time at school dances. - Randomator

No explanation needed - Randomator

Why complain about this? You never have to do it. - KeyboardHero

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7 Tests/Quizzes

Especially considering how much it affects your grade.

Hate having to take these I get so worried that I might make a mistake from over thinking. - zeroclubsboii

Lets get rid of tests and quizzes for our good grades

8 Grades

Grades are just a number. And it won't matter once you start your ACTUAL life and hold a full-time job. People who realize this early are the ones that do best in the real world, not the academic world. - 4Noobs

I'm gonna enter 10th Grade quite soon and my grades haven't been the best these days because the difficulty is increasing so much. - AlphaQ

I am kinda peer-pressured into getting good grades. I am known as the smart girl and everyone says I'm the smartest kid in the year (I actually wont deny it) - spiritombsoul

I'm Asian and getting straight As to please my parents is a struggle for me

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9 Cliques

Cliques suck.

I had no problem with school work or anything, but being an outcast was extremely stressful, I never fit in

It stressed me out so much I never focussed on the work enough to get stressed about THAT. - truckturner

I am content with loneliness.

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10 Trying to Catch Up on Classes

The peer pressure really bites you, unless if you spend all of your time awake catching them up and perfecting them so you get a 100% - Kwaysar

If you miss even a single day you'll be lucky to make anything above a 95 - 2storm

No explanation really needed to be honest.

If you miss a day it Sucks - Randomator

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11 Being Around People You Hate

Why are you kids hating people. Don't waste your time with hate. Boo hoo! If you hate people how can you love? Better get a thick skin or change that way of thinking

High school. You will sometimes have classes with people that hate you, and they will constantly annoy you in the middle of class. - 4Noobs

I agree because I am in middle school and I have to be around stupid retards that I hate

Yea.. it kind of sucks, but at least it isn't like middle school - Jester_Spades

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12 Midterms & Finals

This should be #1. When I was in high school, I would constantly freak out during semester finals. - railfan99

An absolute nightmare - GentlemanJonathan

Yeah I agree - Randomator

13 How Popular You Are

I was only popular because my last name rhymed with 'Geese.' It wasn't the type of popularity you would want.
In fact, it was the type of popularity that got me bullied and jumped by randoms in high school. I didn't even have to know anybody just to get bullied by people that heard rumors about me. - 4Noobs

I was never the popular girl. I was always the quiet, ugly, sensitive cry baby, nerdy girl.

I'm one of the most popular students in my school despite my quiet nature, and it puts a lot of stress on me as I hang out with my friends, who aren't popular at all, even in my classes. - Kwaysar

I don't get it like really who cares about how popular you are the minute you leave high school and go for a job you're not going to be like " fyi I was like really popular at highschool you should hire me " no who is going to care. ahh I just don't get it like why seriously why - LivvieLivvieLiv

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14 Essays

I thought typing 2-3 page essays in high school was tough enough, but then IN COLLEGE I heard the WORST thing regarding essays that a teacher had ever said to me: "The essay have to be AT LEAST 10 PAGES LONG".


15 Lectures

They will most likely drive you crazy in one way or another.

Tip:Read the godd*mn book the first weeks, next one resume it, and then do the exam. - Loosername

16 Math

Pretty easy, algebra confuses you at the start, but it is not so hard, even less using potencies and surreal numbers. - Loosername

Math is one of the only things that actually makes me hate school. - KeyboardHero

I have good grades in math but it could get hard, very hard. - PeeledBanana

Makes me want to cry sometimes

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17 Peer Pressure

Self explanatory - Randomator

18 Assessments

The fact you're required to do both and need Istep to Graduate can be somewhat stressful.

19 Lunch

In Spain is not necessary...we have a small cafeteria and a huge...better said, TWO huge playgrounds where to eat and talk - Loosername

Food is mediocre but it's just finding a place to sit with friends that can be stressful - Randomator

Basically, I eat at one of my teacher's rooms with my friends, which eliminates the stress all together. - Kwaysar

One of the few good things about school. - PeeledBanana

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20 Liars
21 Scheduling

My school has A and B days which kinda sucks because one of my days is easy and the other is pure torture with Economics, AP Geometry, Biology, and AP English - Randomator

22 AP Classes
23 Detention

I hate detention so much.



24 Thinking About Your Future

You know what's worse? Trying to achieve your future. - jameshoward

Should be number 1

Yeah that's true - Randomator

25 Studying for Exams
26 When People Walk Slowly in the Halls and You Have to Get to a Class Somewhere Far from Your Last Class.

I bet, to a 87%, all of you dealt with this.

OH CHRIST I hate this so much... - CaptainMowzker

lol - 23windomt

27 Back Stabbers

Self explanatory - Randomator

Common in high school, well actually, MOST common. - 4Noobs

28 Starts Too Early

I gotta get up at about 700 clock. It sucks dude! Teachers are confused as to why we're always tired. It messes with our brains!

29 SATs
30 Teachers

Depends on the teacher, of course, but we all know that when your teacher is a real jerk, it sucks.

For me it's the teachers that don't explain anything that stress me out - Randomator

31 Favoritism Among Teachers

Favoritism benefits me as I'm a favorite among most of my teachers but to those who are constantly being yelled at for little things because they're not a teacher's favorites, it's stupid. I'm a very considerate person and I want everyone treated equally. - Kwaysar

I have nothing against the teachers. These teachers LOVE me. They even get pissed off from the idiotic acts from these 4 year old banshees who are supposed to be high schoolers, and even worse; it's typically the higher grade kids around my age who act this way. At least I can sit down, shut up, do my work, respect my teachers, and behave. I don't want to seem like a butthole but it's true.

One of my teachers who I hate so much, Yells at me for doing MY WORK and my friend can talk, swear, fight, play games and be as disrespectful as he wants and not get in trouble!

My high school special ed teacher hates me and likes everyone else in the class, just because I'm the only Asian.

32 Tardies

Well tardies do affect your record. - Kwaysar

33 Pep Rallies

My first pep rally was good, but now they suck because my principal banned profanity chants. - jameshoward

I don't find them stressful I find them to be extremely tedious... - CaptainMowzker

34 Rape

I'm not sure what high school you're going to in that case. - CloudInvasion


what - PeeledBanana

I've never seen rape ever in my life. - Kwaysar

35 Trying to Balance Your School Work with Your Social Life
36 Popular People

Especially the popular girls, make me feel self conscious because they go around in massive groups looking people up and down while they are wearing Gucci or all branded stuff.I have been bullied by them before and so have my friends.

Lmao if the girls tried to bully me I'd bully them straight back especially with their humongous ego and secret insecurity that I can see ever so clearly. Especially when your 6'4 and the smartest in your school.

37 Waking Up Early
38 Having a Locker That's Far Away from Your Classes.

Yeah what were dumb fat slutty teachers thinking - ihatetrump

39 Teachers Don't Care About What You Argue, Even Though You're Right!
40 People

I like to be alone and hang out in the library.

41 Mile Laps
42 Friends

What? Friends are one of the few good things about school, well, unless you don't have them which is sad. If you don't have friends, don't worry, you'll get them, just be a little more social and try to talk to or hang out with people. - PeeledBanana

True friends are One of the best things about high school. If they backstab you or peer pressure you that's a different story - Randomator

It is very hard to find decent friends in a high school. Most people in mine either backstabbed me, stopped communicating with me, moved or just became the bully's best friend. - 4Noobs

Its really about which friends you can trust and which ones are awful people. - GREYDAD

43 French Class

My high school only has a foreign language class and Spanish class not a French class. So I can't see why this would be stressful.

I don't have this class - Randomator

44 Passing Time

Not for me - Randomator

45 Jocks

I loathe them.

46 Stagefear
47 Health Class

Worst class ever - Randomator

48 Locker Rooms

Not that big of a deal. You only have to be in there for 5 minutes max - Randomator

49 Biology Class

Bioloy isn't that stressful to be honest Chemistry on the other hand is a bitch to complete.

Not really stressful in all honesty CHEMISTRY is more of a bitch to complete.

50 Mean Teachers

Why is this all the way at the bottom? Should be higher.

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