Top 10 Most Stressful Things About Highschool

High school can be pretty stressful and here's the most stressful stuff.

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1 Homework Homework

I literally forgot to bring home my homework one day, and the other was so ridiculous. The worst problem is that it's the fault of the SCHOOL! The questions are vague and badly written, which just servers to increase stress; even the para who tries to help me understand questions like that is no help. And one day the stress was so bad, I forgot my GLASSES AND MY PEN. 6 hours of school feels like 18 hours, and I just wanna conk out in my bed when I get home... and this is where homework gets really involved. It makes me unable to do that. It has been proven over and over again that homework is completely useless and just makes children MORE stressed! And we have to use a Chromebook -- which doesn't have a capslock button -- so now I never use it on my actual computer, because I mentioned earlier that 6 hours feels like 18 hours, so it wears on you! And homework takes away the free time you have to get that stress off, and god forbid you FORGET it like I did!

In Ireland, in secondary school, every three years you would have a really important exam. These exams were called the state exams and the last lot of exams you do are called the leaving certificate and it basically tells you whether you can go to college or not. Try having a ton of homework to do and then studying for that and deciding on your future too. Not fun. - tinytootsierolls

What is the point of this it just makes us more stressed
if you can't teach us in the 7 hours you have us give us better teachers - willow

Some of it easy - iliekpiez

2 Presentations

I never had to give presentations in school thankfully. We did presentations in groups and I was a little introvert that never wanted to talk so somebody more outgoing would do it. They'd nominate themselves from the start anyway. In college however, all presentations were individual and it was scary at first but you get used to it eventually. I think it's the work that you have to put into it is the nerve wrecking part in case you didn't put in enough or you overdid it. - tinytootsierolls

At this school I went to, they had you do this project in 7th and 8th grade and then present it in front of a 300+ audience at a college. Two most terrifying ten minutes of my life. They had professors attend these things and stuff. They gave everyone feedback cards to give you feedback on your presentation/project. It was not all positive.

I hate going up in front of the class and presenting stuff that nobody cared about. It was nerve-racking for me and boring for everyone else. - Aleca

I had to present some before - trains45

3 Bullies Bullies

I love school but the only thing I hate are bullies not I get bullied in school I also get bullied at home, work, outside, and in even in community places

I show them what's what

Some kid was annoying so I punched him and he cry

I got detention - iliekpiez

I've been bullied in high school - Oliversky

I have gotten bullied in high school but mostly in grade 10, not as much In grade 11 and 12, I also got sworn at 3 times in high school, it sucked - trains45

4 Group Projects

My friends cool - iliekpiez

Depends on the people you're working with really - tinytootsierolls

Independent works > group works

Same I have autism so its hard for me to work in a group

5 Drama

But drama class/club is so much fun! - HelloUniverse

Yeah I saw some girls cause drama and stuff - trains45

I loved drama in school. The people kissing in the corner, the students backtalking the teachers and then storming out. It was so funny to watch, especially if you weren't in the mood for any particular classes. - tinytootsierolls

Teachers used to throw chairs at students in my school (or so it was said) also we had a teacher spank a student in front of the 6th grade math class (though it was her kid so it was ok, and it wasn't severe)

6 Tests/Quizzes

I had to right a quiz every friday in math of grade 12, I never got to see my mark after, so I never knew if I got 100% 90% 80% etc - trains45

In germany you always have unnanounced small tests

They make your life hell

Especially considering how much it affects your grade.

Hate having to take these I get so worried that I might make a mistake from over thinking. - zeroclubsboii

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7 Grades

Grades can be your homework. Grades make you go to a university. Grades are your life for 19 years.

And they start to matter too

Grades are just a number. And it won't matter once you start your ACTUAL life and hold a full-time job. People who realize this early are the ones that do best in the real world, not the academic world. - 4Noobs

This should be 1st. - OrangeRin

8 Homecoming and Prom

Why complain about this? You never have to do it. - KeyboardHero

Everyone expects you to go and dress up nice but what if you don't want to?

It’s where all your friends become a-holes for one night

And how I wasted my first kiss and lost my first love.

God. Dammit. Highschool.

9 Cliques

I don't see the actual purpose of cliques. These are just a tool to erect social comfort zones. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Most Irish schools are super clicky. Especially if the school is located up the countryside or in a local area because then, if you aren't a farmer or you don't play sports, you're instantly exlcuded - tinytootsierolls

It stressed me out so much I never focussed on the work enough to get stressed about THAT. - truckturner

I am content with loneliness.

10 Being Around People You Hate

To tell the truth, I hate just about everyone at my school. - 3DG20

Just make friends lol - iliekpiez

This sucked, I had 2 students I really didn't like, one was a boy, he was always on my bus, and another was a girl, and she was in my block 3 class in grade 12 in semester 2 - trains45

Point blank-periodt sis


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11 Trying to Catch Up on Classes

The peer pressure really bites you, unless if you spend all of your time awake catching them up and perfecting them so you get a 100% - Kwaysar

If you miss even a single day you'll be lucky to make anything above a 95 - 2storm

No explanation really needed to be honest.

I voted for grades but this too - donniedarko

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12 Midterms & Finals

True the most stressful sometimes my food exams in my food class were a bit stressful - trains45

An absolute nightmare - GentlemanJonathan

This should be #1. When I was in high school, I would constantly freak out during semester finals. - railfan99

Yeah I agree - Randomator

13 How Popular You Are

There are mean people in my classes. One of them was a girl who put on spray tan when she's actually ugly and gets bad grades. She also made me feel very uncomfortable. When I got higher than her in a biology quiz, she was furious. She said:" No more ASIANS! " And there's this rude guy in my geography class who would make fun of Asians, and he called me Indonesian behind my back and all his friends were laughing at me. He also said that nobody liked China and therefore China should be dead. I told him off and then he said:"There you are, YOU TROUBLEMAKER! " But he was the actual troublemaker, not me. He even wanted me to get into trouble but he still got into trouble. He's a popular boy, that's why! - Angel278

How is being popular in school going to benefit you in the real world? - 3DG20

Highschool is a popularity contest

I was only popular because my last name rhymed with 'Geese.' It wasn't the type of popularity you would want.
In fact, it was the type of popularity that got me bullied and jumped by randoms in high school. I didn't even have to know anybody just to get bullied by people that heard rumors about me. - 4Noobs

14 Essays

I thought typing 2-3 page essays in high school was tough enough, but then IN COLLEGE I heard the WORST thing regarding essays that a teacher had ever said to me: "The essay have to be AT LEAST 10 PAGES LONG".


15 Math

Math is important for us we'll have to learn to use it correctly not just hating it. In our jobs we'll totally need math, it's not like baldi will come in we all deserve to love math

Math is so useless. Mental Abuse To Humans! - Aleca

Math is one of the only things that actually makes me hate school. - KeyboardHero

Makes me want to cry sometimes

16 Lectures

So boring! - Aleca

They will most likely drive you crazy in one way or another.

Tip:Read the godd*mn book the first weeks, next one resume it, and then do the exam. - Loosername

17 Peer Pressure

Self explanatory - Randomator

18 Assessments

The fact you're required to do both and need Istep to Graduate can be somewhat stressful.

19 Lunch

WHAt GEt this off the List

I eat with my friends, other people have none - such the activity level some users still have - iliekpiez

Lunch time wasn't stressful at my high school - trains45

In school, there waas never enough room in the canteen to eat and we would have been given out to if we ate in the hallways. We could have went outside but when it was cold and raining, that lead to major problems - tinytootsierolls

20 Liars

True, I remember seeing a student that would lie lots - trains45

Why the *bleep* you lying?
Why you always lying?
Mmm, oh my god,
STOP *bleep*ING LYING! - Bammer73

21 AP Classes
22 Thinking About Your Future

People keep asking so many questions. JUST LEAVE ME ALONE! - Aleca

You know what's worse? Trying to achieve your future. - jameshoward

Should be number 1

Yeah that's true - Randomator

23 Scheduling

All of my schedules changed so quickly that I never knew where I was going. - Aleca

My school has A and B days which kinda sucks because one of my days is easy and the other is pure torture with Economics, AP Geometry, Biology, and AP English - Randomator

24 Detention

I never got detention - trains45

I remember getting a detention once just for forgetting to bring a book to class - tinytootsierolls

No rnning in the halls. 30 seconds detention for you


25 Studying for Exams

My old high school has exam week starts next wednesday so students are probably stressed - trains45

Yeah this could be stressful - trains45

Read my mind

26 When People Walk Slowly in the Halls and You Have to Get to a Class Somewhere Far from Your Last Class.

There should be a speed limit - Aleca

Be like when I had to walk to gym to photography, and video to english, it was quite a walk - trains45


OH CHRIST I hate this so much...

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27 Back Stabbers

Common in high school, well actually, MOST common. - 4Noobs

Self explanatory - Randomator

28 Starts Too Early

If we started later we would probably get out at 4 or 5pm witch would be worse - trains45

I gotta get up at about 700 clock. It sucks dude! Teachers are confused as to why we're always tired. It messes with our brains!

29 SATs
30 Teachers

I had two teachers that stressed me out, one of my special ed teacher aid stressed me out, she get mad at me sometimes for stupid stuff, like one for holding the door open at home time, on a warm snowy winter day, and my art teacher stressed me out sometimes she was mean sometimes - trains45

I hated my home economics and English teachers. They were so rude and would always pick on students - tinytootsierolls

My high school special ed teacher stressed me out a lot.

Depends on the teacher, of course, but we all know that when your teacher is a real jerk, it sucks.

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31 Rape

What - trains45

what - PeeledBanana


I've never seen rape ever in my life. - Kwaysar

32 Favoritism Among Teachers

What about teachers that hate you? - Ghosty

Whenever my school had an event coming up, my principal would always pick the same students to run the even every time because she preferred them to other students - tinytootsierolls

Favoritism benefits me as I'm a favorite among most of my teachers but to those who are constantly being yelled at for little things because they're not a teacher's favorites, it's stupid. I'm a very considerate person and I want everyone treated equally. - Kwaysar

My high school special ed teacher hates me and likes everyone else in the class, just because I'm the only Asian.

33 Trying to Balance Your School Work with Your Social Life
34 Tardies

At least I made an effort to come to school anyways.

Well tardies do affect your record. - Kwaysar

35 Waking Up Early

Yes! - RobertWisdom

I had to wake up at 6:30am every morning - trains45

36 Pep Rallies

So boring - Aleca

My first pep rally was good, but now they suck because my principal banned profanity chants. - jameshoward

I don't find them stressful I find them to be extremely tedious...

37 Popular People

This ones are annoying

Lmao if the girls tried to bully me I'd bully them straight back especially with their humongous ego and secret insecurity that I can see ever so clearly. Especially when your 6'4 and the smartest in your school.

Especially the popular girls, make me feel self conscious because they go around in massive groups looking people up and down while they are wearing Gucci or all branded stuff.I have been bullied by them before and so have my friends.

38 Having a Locker That's Far Away from Your Classes.

I had that it far from my gym class in grade 11, and my english class in grade 12 - trains45

I just didn’t use my locker - Aleca

Yeah what were dumb fat slutty teachers thinking - ihatetrump

39 Teachers Don't Care About What You Argue, Even Though You're Right!

Once in a field trip some thought that zebras all had same set of stripes. But sign set up by the zoo said different. I told them and everyone yelled that it wasn't true. Wouldn't even read the sign! Not even the teacher! - Ghosty

It is the most annoying - Aleca

40 People

I like to be alone and hang out in the library.

41 Mile Laps
42 Mean Teachers

I had this mean substitute teacher in grade 11 and the beginning or grade 12 she got mad at us all the time and got many complaints - trains45

I have had a mean substitute teacher, that always got mad at us for stupid reasons and stuff - trains45

My bio teacher bullies me

Why is this all the way at the bottom? Should be higher.

43 Friends

It is very hard to find decent friends in a high school. Most people in mine either backstabbed me, stopped communicating with me, moved or just became the bully's best friend. - 4Noobs

Its really about which friends you can trust and which ones are awful people. - GREYDAD

What? Friends are one of the few good things about school, well, unless you don't have them which is sad. If you don't have friends, don't worry, you'll get them, just be a little more social and try to talk to or hang out with people. - PeeledBanana

True friends are One of the best things about high school. If they backstab you or peer pressure you that's a different story - Randomator

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44 French Class

My high school only has a foreign language class and Spanish class not a French class. So I can't see why this would be stressful.

I don't have this class - Randomator

45 Passing Time

Not for me - Randomator

46 Jocks

So cute but taken - Aleca

I loathe them.

47 Stagefear
48 Health Class

Worst class ever - Randomator

49 Locker Rooms

Not too bad I only had to be in here for like 2 mins or so to change for gym and change back after gym - trains45

Not that big of a deal. You only have to be in there for 5 minutes max - Randomator

50 Biology Class

Biology is actually the easiest science unit in my opinion. - 3DG20

Bioloy isn't that stressful to be honest Chemistry on the other hand is a bitch to complete.

Not really stressful in all honesty CHEMISTRY is more of a bitch to complete.

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