Top 10 Most Stressful Things About High School

High school can be pretty stressful and here's the most stressful stuff.

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1 Homework

I always get bombarded with more than three hours of homework per night

I literally forgot to bring home my homework one day, and the other was so ridiculous. The worst problem is that it's the fault of the SCHOOL! The questions are vague and badly written, which just servers to increase stress; even the para who tries to help me understand questions like that is no help. And one day the stress was so bad, I forgot my GLASSES AND MY PEN. 6 hours of school feels like 18 hours, and I just wanna conk out in my bed when I get home... and this is where homework gets really involved. It makes me unable to do that. It has been proven over and over again that homework is completely useless and just makes children MORE stressed! And we have to use a Chromebook -- which doesn't have a capslock button -- so now I never use it on my actual computer, because I mentioned earlier that 6 hours feels like 18 hours, so it wears on you! And homework takes away the free time you have to get that stress off, and god forbid you FORGET it like I did!

Homework is the dumbest thing about school. The only homework I usually get is just work that it unfinished BUT... there are teachers who think that it is important to be miserable at home too. So I go for 7 hours a day, 5 days a week, and 13 years and now your eating into my personal life. Give me a break I know some teachers who give out whole stacks of homework. I have been lucky so far except in elementary I always got homework but it was not that much.

(Laughs in Being Homeschooled) Honestly I Feel Sorry for Those Who Aren't.

2 Presentations

I never had to give presentations in school thankfully. We did presentations in groups and I was a little introvert that never wanted to talk so somebody more outgoing would do it. They'd nominate themselves from the start anyway. In college however, all presentations were individual and it was scary at first but you get used to it eventually. I think it's the work that you have to put into it is the nerve wrecking part in case you didn't put in enough or you overdid it.

I hate going up in front of the class and presenting stuff that nobody cared about. It was nerve-racking for me and boring for everyone else.

At this school I went to, they had you do this project in 7th and 8th grade and then present it in front of a 300+ audience at a college. Two most terrifying ten minutes of my life. They had professors attend these things and stuff. They gave everyone feedback cards to give you feedback on your presentation/project. It was not all positive.

It’s so awkward having to stand up in front of the class and read off of a stupid notecard

3 Bullies

Being bullied is not cool at all , words can hurt and sting that makes you bad things , I have been a victim of bullying back when I was in school because of this I did not have any friends and my grades were falling apart eventually I had a few friends who stood up for me !

If I got bullied ever, someone better be ready for some painful dreaming time in a blue bed and prepared for a dentist surgery gone wrong by knocking some teeth out. They also should be prepared for me in their dreams, and a cut or a bruise feeling like a mace and ball and chain in their face stabbing and spraying them!

If someone ever bullies me, I'll just say that you are REALLY not going to like what happens if you mess with me.

Bullies are more likely to become criminals, and they will screw up in the future. If people bully me, they better be ready for me destroying their romantic relationships..muahahaha! or when I get bullied, the bullies get killed in my dreams, I am Asian, so I get bullied a lot by white kids. A guy who wrote that I had corona on the classroom whiteboard got stoned to death in my dream because he commintted a crime-adultery, and also for kidnapping babies from Asian countries and selling them as slaves. so bullies will mostly be screwups when they grow up.

4 Group Projects

In my math class, we where in teams to do the work and my team was annoying and never did any work and the team completely crushed my grade, the good thing was that I asked in I could move teams to be on my own, and I could, which helps better.

I always get placed with lazy kids, so I have to do most of the work :(

Hate working with others. There are lazy people who only do the fun parts and the bossy people. Also I'm shy and more of a solo worker so yeah. Only work in groups if its with friends

I am not a social person so I HATE this! Either I have to do everything or everyone argues and get nothing done. I've had very bad group experiences

5 Drama

I loved drama in school. The people kissing in the corner, the students backtalking the teachers and then storming out. It was so funny to watch, especially if you weren't in the mood for any particular classes.

The kids in my new school are already making me stay away. The cops were called last week because some boy got mad and threw a chair at a FEMALE ADULT. These kids already give me anxiety, that's why I eat lunch upstairs besides a door. I sit on the floor with my music and I draw.

Self explanatory really. But even trying to avoid it can be stressful. Peer pressure is the worst

I've never experienced or been involved in any drama at all of my schools from kindergarten to 8th grade.

6 Grades

Grades can be your homework. Grades make you go to a university. Grades are your life for 19 years.

Grades are just a number. And it won't matter once you start your ACTUAL life and hold a full-time job. People who realize this early are the ones that do best in the real world, not the academic world.

Well grades help you into college which college gets you into your job. - AwesomeJawson

I am kinda peer-pressured into getting good grades. I am known as the smart girl and everyone says I'm the smartest kid in the year (I actually wont deny it)

I'm gonna enter 10th Grade quite soon and my grades haven't been the best these days because the difficulty is increasing so much.

7 Tests/Quizzes

I had to right a quiz every friday in math of grade 12, I never got to see my mark after, so I never knew if I got 100% 90% 80% etc

In germany you always have unnanounced small tests

They make your life hell

Especially considering how much it affects your grade.

Hate having to take these I get so worried that I might make a mistake from over thinking.

8 Homecoming and Prom

At least in my school this is completely optional and barely anyone goes so it does not even really matter.

And how I wasted my first kiss and lost my first love.

God. Dammit. Highschool.

For me homecoming and prom are hell. I never have a good time at school dances.

Everyone expects you to go and dress up nice but what if you don't want to?

9 Cliques

I don't see the actual purpose of cliques. These are just a tool to erect social comfort zones.

Cliques suck.

Most Irish schools are super clicky. Especially if the school is located up the countryside or in a local area because then, if you aren't a farmer or you don't play sports, you're instantly exlcuded

I had no problem with school work or anything, but being an outcast was extremely stressful, I never fit in

10 Being Around People You Hate

This sucked, I had 2 students I really didn't like, one was a boy, he was always on my bus, and another was a girl, and she was in my block 3 class in grade 12 in semester 2

Why are you kids hating people. Don't waste your time with hate. Boo hoo! If you hate people how can you love? Better get a thick skin or change that way of thinking

To tell the truth, I hate just about everyone at my school.

High school. You will sometimes have classes with people that hate you, and they will constantly annoy you in the middle of class.

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11 Assessments

The fact you're required to do both and need Istep to Graduate can be somewhat stressful.

12 Trying to Catch Up on Classes

I got the flu once and it was so hard for me to catch up on my classes. I ended up failing a lot of tests

The peer pressure really bites you, unless if you spend all of your time awake catching them up and perfecting them so you get a 100%

If you miss even a single day you'll be lucky to make anything above a 95

No explanation really needed to be honest.

13 AP Classes
14 Midterms & Finals

True the most stressful sometimes my food exams in my food class were a bit stressful

This should be #1. When I was in high school, I would constantly freak out during semester finals.

An absolute nightmare

Yeah I agree

15 How Popular You Are

There are mean people in my classes. One of them was a girl who put on spray tan when she's actually ugly and gets bad grades. She also made me feel very uncomfortable. When I got higher than her in a biology quiz, she was furious. She said:" No more ASIANS! " And there's this rude guy in my geography class who would make fun of Asians, and he called me Indonesian behind my back and all his friends were laughing at me. He also said that nobody liked China and therefore China should be dead. I told him off and then he said:"There you are, YOU TROUBLEMAKER! " But he was the actual troublemaker, not me. He even wanted me to get into trouble but he still got into trouble. He's a popular boy, that's why!

How is being popular in school going to benefit you in the real world?

I was only popular because my last name rhymed with 'Geese.' It wasn't the type of popularity you would want.
In fact, it was the type of popularity that got me bullied and jumped by randoms in high school. I didn't even have to know anybody just to get bullied by people that heard rumors about me.

I was never the popular girl. I was always the quiet, ugly, sensitive cry baby, nerdy girl.

16 Peer Pressure

peer pressure is a terrible thing to do especially in Mount Anthony and there was a lot of drama too . I have had some experience with former friends who weren't friendly to me and I even had to get help from my best friend Cindy sweet and she helped me a lot !

Self explanatory

17 Essays

I thought typing 2-3 page essays in high school was tough enough, but then IN COLLEGE I heard the WORST thing regarding essays that a teacher had ever said to me: "The essay have to be AT LEAST 10 PAGES LONG".


18 Math

Well, math may be difficult to understand, but I don't think it's bad. It's not like Baldi will kill us all of we got a simple math problem wrong.

The only thing that'll make me hate math is if Baldi were to come at me if I got a single problem wrong.

Math is important for us we'll have to learn to use it correctly not just hating it. In our jobs we'll totally need math, it's not like baldi will come in we all deserve to love math

Math is so useless. Mental Abuse To Humans!

19 Lectures

They will most likely drive you crazy in one way or another.

So boring!

Tip:Read the godd*mn book the first weeks, next one resume it, and then do the exam.

20 Biology Class

Biology is actually the easiest science unit in my opinion.

Bioloy isn't that stressful to be honest Chemistry on the other hand is a bitch to complete.

Not really stressful in all honesty CHEMISTRY is more of a bitch to complete.

21 Lunch

I eat with my friends, other people have none - such the activity level some users still have

In school, there waas never enough room in the canteen to eat and we would have been given out to if we ate in the hallways. We could have went outside but when it was cold and raining, that lead to major problems

Food is mediocre but it's just finding a place to sit with friends that can be stressful

In Spain is not necessary...we have a small cafeteria and a huge...better said, TWO huge playgrounds where to eat and talk

22 Liars

Why the *bleep* you lying?
Why you always lying?
Mmm, oh my god,

True, I remember seeing a student that would lie lots

23 Thinking About Your Future

You know what's worse? Trying to achieve your future.

People keep asking so many questions. JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!

Should be number 1

Yeah that's true

24 Scheduling

All of my schedules changed so quickly that I never knew where I was going.

My school has A and B days which kinda sucks because one of my days is easy and the other is pure torture with Economics, AP Geometry, Biology, and AP English

25 SATs
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