Top 10 Most Stressful Things About Highschool

High school can be pretty stressful and here's the most stressful stuff.

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1 Homework Homework

I had so many assignments to deal with, it stressed me out, frustrated me, and agitated me, and I've felt that way for 20 days. Neither did I sleep well for 14 days because of SO MANY assignments I have. Even though I finish one, I was given another one, and the deadline is ALWAYS the same. In two days, but with as many assignments I have, one, two, or more assignments are bound to be due tomorrow, or the next day after tomorrow. After ALL of that, I called that week of that experience, "Hell Week". Except it damages you emotionally and mentally. And yes, my brain was straining, aching, and burning. And afterwards, I feel extremely burnt out.

It's as if teachers think their subject is the only subject we learn at school. OF COURSE IT'S NOT! We have to juggle homework and assignments, so when we rock up to class the next day we have a valid excuse of 'I was doing my other assignment' but still get told off for doing something that is based on our grades instead of doing an activity that the teacher forgets about us doing less than a week later!

Studies have shown homework only increases stress (especially in high school) on the student. If the student wants to do well on tests and assignments, give them less homework. My school doesn't give much homework compared to my old school and my grades have gone up significantly!

Simple, it steals most of your free time - Neonco31

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2 Bullies Bullies

I never had bullying problems in my life, and I've never even witnessed bullying (maybe once). Just teasing. I have a very ironic/sarcastic sense of humor though so it's a bit hard to get to me - Phillip873

People in high school have been incredibly nice from my experience, this isn't general throughout all high schools.

Well high schools vary not every high school has nice people like yours.

When you're a nerd that still plays Tamagotchi and sees anime but you're the best friend of the bullies...ah, so good feeling - Loosername

I rarely get bullied. I'm one of the popular kids in my school and if I ever got bullied it'll be because I'm short and skinny but it stopped after 2016. - AlphaQ

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3 Presentations

One of the most common stressful things.

I have one due in two days... - TwilightKitsune

Oh yeah I hate these - Randomator

Get kind of in a nervous wreck due tommorow

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4 Group Projects

Hate working with others. There are lazy people who only do the fun parts and the bossy people. Also I'm shy and more of a solo worker so yeah. Only work in groups if its with friends - Lunala

I am not a social person so I HATE this! Either I have to do everything or everyone argues and get nothing done. I've had very bad group experiences - Randomator

When I'm in a group project I never get to do the roles I like and when I tell the other kids that they don't give a f.Plus every group I'm in always looses

I'm not really that social so I hate things like this

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5 Drama

The kids in my new school are already making me stay away. The cops were called last week because some boy got mad and threw a chair at a FEMALE ADULT. These kids already give me anxiety, that's why I eat lunch upstairs besides a door. I sit on the floor with my music and I draw. - KianaLexi

Self explanatory really. But even trying to avoid it can be stressful. Peer pressure is the worst - Randomator

I don't have drama on my highschool, I'm not american, hopefully. - Loosername

How is this not already on the list? - Randomator

6 Grades

I'm gonna enter 10th Grade quite soon and my grades haven't been the best these days because the difficulty is increasing so much. - AlphaQ

Everyone will hate you if you have good grades, but you will get into bad colleges if you get bad grades - DatRabidSlushie

Like Homework this can be very stressful.

Trying to keep all your classes at an A or B can be a challenge - Randomator

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7 Cliques

There's like 2 cliques at school. I made them up. There's one for the ghetto kids which is 99% of the kids there and there's another clique called "Leave me alone" I am the only member. - KianaLexi

I had no problem with school work or anything, but being an outcast was extremely stressful, I never fit in

Cliques suck. - naFrovivuS

How would this suck? - EliHbk

8 Homecoming and Prom

For me homecoming and prom are hell. I never have a good time at school dances. - Randomator

Move this one up higher. It needs to be in the top 10 at least - Randomator

No explanation needed - Randomator

Never been to one so I don't know how it's stressful.

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9 Trying to Catch Up on Classes

If you miss even a single day you'll be lucky to make anything above a 95 - 2storm

No explanation really needed to be honest.

I voted for grades but this too - donniedarko

If you miss a day it Sucks - Randomator

10 Being Around People You Hate

I agree because I am in middle school and I have to be around stupid retards that I hate

My life. I hate everyone there. - KianaLexi

Middle school in a bombshell.

I had to be around my special ed teacher at least 1/2 hr during the school day. I hated it.

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11 Tests/Quizzes

Especially considering how much it affects your grade.

Hate having to take these I get so worried that I might make a mistake from over thinking. - zeroclubsboii

Lets get rid of tests and quizzes for our good grades

12 Lectures

They will most likely drive you crazy in one way or another.

Tip:Read the godd*mn book the first weeks, next one resume it, and then do the exam. - Loosername

13 Essays
14 Math

Pretty easy, algebra confuses you at the start, but it is not so hard, even less using potencies and surreal numbers. - Loosername

Depends on what class and what you're doing. Sometimes it's easy - Randomator

I have good grades in math but it could get hard, very hard. - PeeledBanana

Actually, for once math isn't that hard for me. I'm in finance and budget saving. - KianaLexi

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15 Assessments

The fact you're required to do both and need Istep to Graduate can be somewhat stressful.

16 Midterms & Finals

This should be #1. When I was in high school, I would constantly freak out during semester finals. - railfan99

Yeah I agree - Randomator

17 Scheduling

My school has A and B days which kinda sucks because one of my days is easy and the other is pure torture with Economics, AP Geometry, Biology, and AP English - Randomator

18 AP Classes
19 Detention

I hate detention so much.

20 How Popular You Are

I try to ignore it. I'm not popular by a long shot but I really don't mind not having all the attention. - Randomator

I was never the popular girl. I was always the quiet, ugly, sensitive cry baby, nerdy girl. - KianaLexi

That goes with middle school - BoyGenius234

Agreed. Once you get over how illogical social status is, you can live throughout high school as if it wasn't there. I never cared about popularity, but now everyone knows me and I know them. Don't sweat about it, control yourself and your emotions, and you will be fine. Too many people succumb to the pressure. I didn't because it is illogical. - Kolobanov

21 Lunch

In Spain is not necessary...we have a small cafeteria and a huge...better said, TWO huge playgrounds where to eat and talk - Loosername

Food is mediocre but it's just finding a place to sit with friends that can be stressful - Randomator

One of the few good things about school. - PeeledBanana

I don't find lunch stressful all you do is eat and maybe sit with a few friends.

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22 Back Stabbers

Self explanatory - Randomator

23 Starts Too Early

My school starts at 7, everyone's half asleep through the whole day. - izayaorihara

24 Teachers

Depends on the teacher, of course, but we all know that when your teacher is a real jerk, it sucks.

For me it's the teachers that don't explain anything that stress me out - Randomator

25 Tardies
26 Pep Rallies
27 Thinking About Your Future

Yeah that's true - Randomator

28 Rape


29 Friends

What? Friends are one of the few good things about school, well, unless you don't have them which is sad. If you don't have friends, don't worry, you'll get them, just be a little more social and try to talk to or hang out with people. - PeeledBanana

I choose not to have friends this year. I know how these people act. I can sort of read people. To this point, I am worried about my safety there because these kids are insane and wild and give me anxiety and headaches a lot. These kids are like Caillou but 10 times worse. - KianaLexi

True friends are One of the best things about high school. If they backstab you or peer pressure you that's a different story - Randomator

30 Studying for Exams
31 Favoritism Among Teachers

I have nothing against the teachers. These teachers LOVE me. They even get pissed off from the idiotic acts from these 4 year old banshees who are supposed to be high schoolers, and even worse; it's typically the higher grade kids around my age who act this way. At least I can sit down, shut up, do my work, respect my teachers, and behave. I don't want to seem like a butthole but it's true. - KianaLexi

One of my teachers who I hate so much, Yells at me for doing MY WORK and my friend can talk, swear, fight, play games and be as disrespectful as he wants and not get in trouble!

32 Mile Laps
33 French Class

My high school only has a foreign language class and Spanish class not a French class. So I can't see why this would be stressful.

I don't have this class - Randomator

34 Passing Time

Not for me - Randomator

35 Liars
36 Jocks
37 Stagefear
38 Health Class

Worst class ever - Randomator

39 Locker Rooms

Not that big of a deal. You only have to be in there for 5 minutes max - Randomator

40 People
41 Peer Pressure

Self explanatory - Randomator

42 Biology Class

Bioloy isn't that stressful to be honest Chemistry on the other hand is a bitch to complete.

Not really stressful in all honesty CHEMISTRY is more of a bitch to complete.

43 Mean Teachers
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