Top 10 Most Stressful Things About Highschool

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21 Lunch

In Spain is not necessary...we have a small cafeteria and a huge...better said, TWO huge playgrounds where to eat and talk - Loosername

Food is mediocre but it's just finding a place to sit with friends that can be stressful - Randomator

One of the few good things about school. - PeeledBanana

I don't find lunch stressful all you do is eat and maybe sit with a few friends.

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22 Back Stabbers

Self explanatory - Randomator

23 Starts Too Early

My school starts at 7, everyone's half asleep through the whole day. - izayaorihara

7:45 is early for me, I usally get up at 1 during the summer. - Lucretia

24 Teachers

Depends on the teacher, of course, but we all know that when your teacher is a real jerk, it sucks.

For me it's the teachers that don't explain anything that stress me out - Randomator

25 Tardies
26 Pep Rallies
27 Thinking About Your Future

Yeah that's true - Randomator

28 Rape


29 Friends

What? Friends are one of the few good things about school, well, unless you don't have them which is sad. If you don't have friends, don't worry, you'll get them, just be a little more social and try to talk to or hang out with people. - PeeledBanana

I choose not to have friends this year. I know how these people act. I can sort of read people. To this point, I am worried about my safety there because these kids are insane and wild and give me anxiety and headaches a lot. These kids are like Caillou but 10 times worse. - KianaLexi

True friends are One of the best things about high school. If they backstab you or peer pressure you that's a different story - Randomator

30 Studying for Exams
31 Favoritism Among Teachers

I have nothing against the teachers. These teachers LOVE me. They even get pissed off from the idiotic acts from these 4 year old banshees who are supposed to be high schoolers, and even worse; it's typically the higher grade kids around my age who act this way. At least I can sit down, shut up, do my work, respect my teachers, and behave. I don't want to seem like a butthole but it's true. - KianaLexi

My teacher hates me, she likes people that actually do their work and pay attention and arrive on time better. I wouldn't mind redoing the class if I don't get her, she definitely has favorites. - Lucretia

One of my teachers who I hate so much, Yells at me for doing MY WORK and my friend can talk, swear, fight, play games and be as disrespectful as he wants and not get in trouble!

32 Mile Laps

Not really since you don't do them everyday - Lucretia

33 French Class

My high school only has a foreign language class and Spanish class not a French class. So I can't see why this would be stressful.

I don't have this class - Randomator

34 Passing Time

Not for me - Randomator

35 Liars
36 Jocks
37 Stagefear
38 Health Class

Worst class ever - Randomator

39 Locker Rooms

Not that big of a deal. You only have to be in there for 5 minutes max - Randomator

40 People
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