Top Ten Strictly Come Dancing Celebrity Pairs

The Top Ten

1 Frankie and Kevin

She should have got a 10 from Craig. I feel like bashing Craig's head off a brick
wall cause he kept giving her 9s.

2 Pixie Lott and Trent

They are a great couple pixie is a very good and graceful dancer pixie and Trent look like brothers and sisters

This was a Match made in heaven 😇😇😇

3 Steve and Ola

Favourite couple I like ola Jordan

4 Jake and Jannette

There great especially when jake cought her head an inch of the ground

5 Simon and Kristina

Abit Graceful I just sometimes get mixed up with ola and Kristina

That doesn't matter there RUBBISH should have went week 2 there only good dance was the Argentine tango

6 Caraline and Pasha

Really good how do they get so good! Please VOTE now!

So great better than that silly pixie

No there not at her WALTZ her head was messy and it and her head was better.

She's the vet. best why is she number 8 she's the first to get 39


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7 Mark and Karen
8 Thom and Iveta
9 Sunertra and Brendan

Really good one of the best at ballroom but not as good as latin

There second best just because of ballroom she's better than Mark

Better than silly pixie

Second best

1. Caroline Flack
2. Sunetra Darker
3. Jake Wood
4. Mark Right
5. Frankie bridge
6. Thom Evans

10 Sophie and Brendan

The Contenders

11 Gregg and Aliona

He shouldn't of went out it should of been judy judy judy.

Not Scot Scot scot

12 Tim and Natalie
13 Scott and Joanne
14 Judy and Anton
15 Jennifer and Tristan


16 Abbey and Aljaz

She isn't in that year

17 Natalie and Artem
18 Ashley and Ola
19 Susanna and Kevin
20 Rachel and Pasha
21 Quentin and Hazel

He's rubbish he only got 8/40!

22 Chelsee and Pasha
23 Lulu & Lala
24 Georgia and Giovanni
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