Top Ten Stronger Than You Parodies

These are my personal picks for my favorite Stronger Than You parodies.

The Top Ten Stronger Than You Parodies

1 Error Sans Version
2 Sonic.EXE Version
3 Frisk Version

I love this one - ElSherlock

4 Sans Version

It's alright - ElSherlock

5 NateWantsToBat-tle Version
6 Tails Version

Can you please just try to remember,
all the Times that we spent together,
all our crazy adventures,
maybe this all just for better

7 Sonic Response
8 Gaster Version
9 Chara Version

This is so good - ElSherlock

10 Sonic Version/Faster Than You

It's numer 1 alright

The Contenders

11 Betty Version
12 Papyrus Response
13 Bill Cipher Version

Sounds fine - ElSherlock

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