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Son Goku (Kakarrot) is the main protagonist in Dragon Ball franchise created by Akira Toriyama in 1984. He has many abilities like, super strength, utilization of ki, flight, teleportation, super speed, enhanced reflexes, and Super Saiyan transformation that increase strength, speed, and durability. ...read more.


Goku as long as I know him is always doing his best to be the strongest person in the entire universe and he always look for a challenge like his greatest enemy frieza he made goku use everything he had until he became a super sayian and their battle was one the longest battle in history anyway goku will always be strongest and that's why a lot of other anime creators try to make their anime characters like him because their no other anime show that can compare to dragon ball anyway goku is the best and if he trains really hard eventually he'll surpass everyone in dragon ball super.

Goku is stronger then superman and all the people in cartoons

Goku is a character that always wants to get stronger and fight stronger opponents. That would be impossible if he was already the strongest. He is intentionally written as a character that overcomes adversity and reaches new heights. He can't be reaching new heights if he is the strongest. Goku being the strongest person in existence gives him no reason to exist. He is inspirational in that regard, but his life is without meaning if he has no one who can give him a run for his money. If Goku was the strongest character in anime, all of DBS would have been him farming and raising his family. - ragigi

Many people think alien x can defeat goku but I think goku is still increasing power he can further defeat alien x but after then too if people think goku can't so it is wrong because alien xerox is controlled by three member inside so it is unfair match if we fuse goku and zeno sama then again with the powerful warrior after zeno then that fusion will defeat alien x easily because alien xerox take time to create and destroy a universe but zeno can destroy many universe in second

Goku has managed to surpass many obstacles and undergo a huge technique known as Ultra Instinct. This from literally allows his body to react without the aid of his mind. He can avoid any danger with ease. He can even switch between defensive and offensive states in this form. Do you really think anybody else can stand against him? There's probably only two people who are stronger than him at this point now. That would be the Grand Priest and Zeno.

Goku is by far one of the most over powered characters in anime history. The fact that he can easily destroy a planet in his base form shows how immensely powerful he is. In the end of battle of the gods, Goku was able to retain the power level of super saiyan god in his base for in addition to his other super saiyan forms can only begin to describe his strength in battle.

Goku is by far the strongest and most adaptable character in any anime series. Vegeta should be number 2. (i'm not counting bills or whis, when all is said and done we know that they'll be the strongest) The Battle With Frieza just showed how strong Goku Really is, through what was longest battle in anime history to this day we see Goku to be seemingly even with Frieza until you found out that the most bad-ass cillian was

God! 1naruto fans! Don't you understand goku would kick naruto in a minute.

If you think Goku is weak, You haven't watch even a single episode of dragon ball.

Goku doesn't fight for becoming the BEST (although he is) or any other selfish, vain reason, he fights because of his determination to overcome all the bad in the universe, he might be gullible but doesn't let anything stand in his way. I mean... The guy can destroy a planet with, literally, ONE FINGER; let me know the day when one of you guys learn to do that

I'll make it very simple, Son Goku is the ultimate warrior in strength. If you were ever to surpass him in power or strength expect him to catch up and leave you in the dust. You will try to improve and catch up to him but you will never again be able to compete with him since his evolution is beyond your wildest dreams. You will forever be the worm beneath his feet.

Goku is definitely the strongest character in the anime history. No other anime character can stand in front of him. He has so many techniques and powerful attacks at his disposal like instant transmission, kamehameha and who can forget keoken and spirit bomb. There is definitely no way you can beat him. What do you say... DBZ fans...

Well as much as people want to use blind faith in other anime characters strength Goku could sweep the floor with luffy, Naruto, ichago, and natsu without even breaking a sweat. For example a super almighty death defined blast in any other anime is like a sneeze in the dbz universe. Not to even mention this guy has not only died but came back to save the world several times and to top it of he has beaten god like creatures and invincible beings (aka buu) who wiped out the solar system in a few minutes. Last time I checked none of these other guyes could wipe out the universe in just one shot. I'll be honest I love Naruto, fairy tail... etc but I'm not going to go on blind faith I'm just going on facts.

Well I'd say Alucard From Hellsing is much more powerful than Goku as Goku wouldn't be able to kill him really and Alucard could easily turn himself into a Hound of anything (I think) really and easily beat Goku. I mean for one Alucard can read minds and he could tell Goku's plan from the start then he can use hypnosis and get Goku to do what he wants. Alucard as well has different forms and if he unlocked level 0 as he once did it became hell. He could raise an army from the undead and even use his family to beat Goku as well as turn them into his slaves if he wished in which they wouldn't be able to break away and he could do the same to Goku. Even in Goku's strongest form. Now Alucard like Goku is seen as a 'good guy' as he isn't allowed to kill mortals and this could happen easily though I see why people see Goku as powerful. Here I'm stating my opinion. And for teleportation. Alucard gained a power to be everywhere yet no where from one of the millions of souls he inhabits. - EspardaKnight

Goku will become even stronger in the new Dragon Ball Super. Right now his base form is stronger than SSJ3, and when needed he can transform to super saiyan blue, and the damage that he can make is multi galaxy level, that's insane, the dragon ball super just started, and he already in that level, imagine when it is over, he will become even stronger.

Honestly to the people who says that Goku is weaker than supes I agree that supes is strong but we don't know the power level limit of Goku because in every fight Goku has to get some freaky strength and a bad ass transformation beyond limits, and remember that Goku's endurance is insanely powerful well if it would be tough for supes to win

I don't get why my friends think natsu (from fair tail) could beat Goku. Goku can just go Kamehameha on natsu and kill him.

Goku is my most favorite anime character and Superman is my most favorite cartoon character because both of them are strong and brave and also both of them are allowed to team-up because they are both very powerful but according to both of them, Superman is stronger than Goku and I calculate it with the help of Screw Attack or Death Battle.

Goku- 160, 000 tons (w/o ki)
Superman- 6.6 quintillion tons

Goku- 2.5 billion kilometers per hour
Superman- 9.4 billion kilometers per hour

Goku- 34.7 sextillion MT
Superman- 10 octillion MT

That's why Superman is more powerful than Goku but still Goku is my idol and my most favorite anime character of all time. Besides, Goku's power is over 8000 or 9000 and Superman's power is unknown. That's why both of them are really my idols and my most favorite characters of all time. I wish I'll see both of you in real life at the same time.

Goku is by far the most powerful character of all time, he's from the saiyan race, which are born to fight, they train day and night, they live only to fight and when they get defeated they only get stronger, so if there's someone that can beat him, well he will come back only stronger. Therefore, Goku is the most powerful character of all time.

Goku is by far the most powerful anime character of all time. He posses strength and magic power that far exceeds any other anime character. His super saiyan god super saiyan transformation can easily destroy countless planets and some universes. He can defeat almost all anime characters all teamed up with his spirit bomb.

For the madara uchiha fans, This is an actual quite from super vegito, "it takes more than eyesight and a strong arm to be a warrior" in other words, Goku doesn't need to look at his opponent to win, for he senses energy and sees the opponents actions with his eyes closed, and all the dragon ball originals know that training with popo was all about not seeing

Goku is definitely stronger. Simon uses the keyword MECH to do everything that he's been able to do.Goku's strength is natural and relies only on himself.Gurren lagan is more about not giving up when times are tough. No one can really compare to Goku because he gets stronger every time he's pushed against the wall. Even if Goku were to lose, he would just comeback even stronger. Those of you who compare Goku to superman should also realize that superman's power is more constant; it stays where it is. It's also note worthy that unlike Goku, superman has an actual weakness, that has been exploited on more than one occasion.

Goku is the strongest. Swords can't hurt him bullets bounce off him. He could destroy galaxies, while Naruto could destroy the moon. Luffy could destroy island and Natsu mountains so Goku is the " Best around nothing ever gonna take him down.

Goku in from trained for 100 years and eventually became so strong that he can bust a galaxy in his base with ease and light his story is pretty good but light yagami would not know goku's real name and well goku has also proven that not even death could stop him even after his death he still kicks ass.

Sorry but holiday takes the cake he is truly one of the most powerful characters out there in from he trained for 100 years and became so strong that he can bust a galaxy in his base with ease holiday has proven time and time again that he can take one he'll of a beating and still get back up.

Goku is like the most powerful because he like protected the earth in his whole life time and in the cell saga cell said he has enough energy to blow up the solar system and he's like as powerful as Gohan. Just imagine how much power ssj god can blow up... Maybe the whole galaxy.