Kami Tenchi


This reason number 5,323 why TheTopTens.com is one of the least reliable sources ever. Kami Tenchi outclasses not only everyone on this list, but everyone in Anime ever. He is omnipotent, omnipresent, ominiscient, and omniversal. The only character in fiction that could possibly stand a chance against him is The One Above All from the Marvel Universe. Kami Tenchi easily ranks number 1. The Kamehameha can't affect him, no Ninjutsu can hurt him, Getsuga can't pierce him. Nobody stands a chance against him. He is a massive multi-reality buster. No one from DBZ, Marvel, DC, the Holy Shounen Trinity, or the rest of fiction can beat him. He is God in ever intents and purposes of the word.

Anyone who didn't vote this is biased and this is fact. It's funny how almost no characters in the top 20 reach fourth dimensional levels of existence but are above a being that is incomprehensible to a trio of characters that created an infinitely dimensional multiverse and are stated to be above that level of existence, this is pretty much the definition of omnipotence. This is shameful at best.

He is kami he is God. I like Goku a lot more I mean a lot lot more, but you can't argue he is the strongest. He could wipe out superman prime one million with Goku at the same time with not even being at 50% only the strongest guys in comics could stand a chance, but even they would get destroyed he is the strongest guy in Fiction, Furthermore Goku isn't even the strongest character in his universe Whis is.

Kami Tenchi almost destroyed the multiverse and the hyperdimension and at that time, he was restraining himself to avoid total destruction! He created three "Super Goddesses" just so that there's some evidence as to how powerful he is.
Goku at best can destroy multiple planets. Even Bills could only handle 1 solar system enraged. I've yet to see any DBZ characters destroy MULTIPLE DIMENSIONS AND GALAXIES!
Plus Kami Tenchi is omnipotent. Infinite power and infinite forms. Kami Tenchi is everything and nothing. He is literally all of life and things. He neither experience life nor death. Once, he visited his reincarnated human self in the future to save the hyperdimensions from himself. Only other omnipotent characters can fight Kami to a standstill.

He can control time, atoms, and space. That makes him a higher life form than the kais of dbz. Also makes him higher than the gods that Goku is clearly ascending toward unknowingly maybe. Washu, not in her mortal form, is smarter than a Yoko-kurama, longer lived than a kai, stronger than a saiyan, and wiser than kami. And even washu is under kami tenchi. He is stronger than Goku, but they would be good buds if they met.

He's one of the 6 true Omnipotents of fiction do I need to say any more?

He is omnipotent. Nothing to say more.

The guy is a multiverse reality warper. He is able to create, manipulate and destroy the multiverse and everything that exists in it. He even shown to have full omnipotence. No one in DBZ has shown to have such feats, not even Whis.

Only someone else who is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient could stand againced him. Every DBZ, One Piece, and Bleach character could come at him at once and he could destroy them just by willing it. I'm not saying any of these are bad shows, in fact I enjoy them. Even though Alucard is probably my favorite anime character doesn't mean he is the strongest. Cowboy Bebop is commonly regarded as one of the best anime, And Spike is most sertainly not the strongest.

Honestly if you think Goku is the strongest anime character you're just ignorant. Watch anime besides DBZ

The whole purpose of creation is the search for this higher power conducted by the Choushin. Tenchi Masaki is the incarnation of this "God", which is why he has the ability to create Light Hawk Wings by his own power, as well as his other mysterious abilities. He was able to effortlessly stop the Counter-Actor.

How the heck is Goku number 1! Kami Tenchi is omnipotent can create multiple universes and cannot be beaten! He will end Goku in a thought.

You should name it to a popularity contest, there is no way any of the characters in the lists surpasses the power of Kami Tenchi

Kami Tenchi or The Creator from the Umineko franchise I'm not really sure who is stronger so this is just my opinion guys

Who the hell made kami tenchi on 10th spot he is omnipotent and characters like goku and whis can be erased just by kami tenchi thinking he want to.

He's omnipotent.

He is stronger than gods which created a multiverse...

Do some research, Please. Kami Tenchi is literally suppose to be a god. If you go onto vsbattles wiki, according to feats, powers, and abilities, Kami Tenchi is literally a whole tier higher than all the other people on this list. Come on guys..

How in the name of God is he not number 1

Why the heck is this guy so low! He's GOD! He's literally the strongest. He can destroy all of existence.

Come on tenchi is a God! Ya sure goku can blow up an entire planet but For tenchi destroying a planet is as easy as eating pancakes! If you don't believe me then search it up...

This is silly. Kami Tenchi is omnipotent. Goku for example is not.

Omnipotent characters should go first. Characters like Kami Tenchi and Madoka Kaname should be in the top 5! Not Naruto! Kami could beat Naruto in like 1/2 second come on he's OMNIPOTENT here

Omnipotence transcends all else.

He would just remove Goku from existence if he fought him.

Just the fact that he's 100% Omnipotent, makes him the strongest of everything lol.. only other omnipotent beings can stand up to him, and they would have to be absolute omnipotent to fight him, and the fight would be an everlasting one.