Remember natsu always finds the power to defeat anyone and he is a dragon not to mention he can eat fire so at least he should be ahead of anybody that uses fire like sasuke and itachi he is a very powerful foe not to be messed with

If Natsu uses dragon force, his power is tripled, lightning flame dragon mode is kinda like dragon but is just that natsu doesn't have full control of dragon yet. So if he uses dragon force, he's the same strength as Naruto when he uses sage mode

Natsu is by far the strongest person here. There is a reason why he never lost a battle when fighting an enemy. Natsu is the best person ever. Natsu becomes stronger than he already IIS when fighting an enemy. He's mind becomes sharp like metal. He defeated zero, sting, etc. No one can stop him.

Have natsu turn END or half dragon mode or fusion of both he would be able to bat goku because if anyone goes near zeref they instantly die and if END is stronger than zeref that means goku would die against zeref because of his curse and if END natsu is stronger than zeref and acnologia combined than END natsu is the strongest character plus he can eat anything with fire and well all explosions caused by a kamehameha is fire and well saitama is only one able to kill END because he is onepunchman but if you think about there is no strongest anime character unless he is perfect in fighting smartest fastest or basically a one above all anime version but if natsu went END he can go toe to toe with goku in my opinon plus magic is unlimited and well ki isn't natsu can go as long as he can get fire and goku can't keep going on forever but this is just a theory of mine but I think goku and natsu are strongest but vegeta if he can't keep his cool he would lose too quick and whis did say if ...more

Natsu never gives up. If anyone of these Anime characters hurt his friends, he would go into rage mode.

Natsu is by far one of the strongest anime characters because as he mentioned, he can make his fire listen to his hearts will, which is how he used his fire for his own will even against a wizard that could control his fire. By the way, that is only one of the many amazing things he can do with his fire.

I think natsu is stronger than luffy, even if luffy is faster than natsu, natsu can smell him because natsu has a nose just like a dragon so even if luffy uses second gear natsu can still catch him, and also natsu have a dragon force, if you watch Fairy Tail you can watch that even if jellal is using meteor natsu easily punched jellal at hus stomach. That's my opinion.

You need to read Fairytail to understand he has to be the strongest hands down I've watched the anime of almost every character in the top 10 they are trash compared to him like really Naruto is number 2 above vegeta? Vegeta can blow up a planet! Naruto can do a moon? Vegeta will just make another moon! But back to the badassness of Natsu secret dragon slaying arts of the King of flame dragons? And younger brother of the... Wait saying to much for you non manga reading fans read and you shall understand his power!

Don't forget Natsu is the strongest demon from the book of Zeref. He also he eat fire and lighting and he can destroy mountains. Though he stands no chance against the one punch man or Goku he still is the best

In my opinion basing Natsu on his anime is unfair because his anime is so far behind in the story line compared to others which near their climax however when using his latest time skip from the manga he is easily the best with him blowing things to bits just from standing their and his immense aura of power surrounding him just generally and Natsu should be first and is voting is probably ranked like this due to not many people reading or watching fairy tail but get this Natsu fought demons and 1 hit K. O ed and experienced gravity Mage who would just squash luffy to a pancake crush nauto and suck ichigo into a black hole. Not to mention he eats fire beat a GODSLAYER and demolished a bunch of dragons not to mention a glimpse of the future showed him fighting 10,000 dragons solo. He is the son of the king of dragons

Natsu is the most strongest person in whole of fairy tale and he has the ability of bring up his power to surpass his opponent so I think he deserves to be in the top 3

Natsu should be much above in the list.. After all he was included amobg the 10 wizard saints

I agree that Natsu becomes stronger to defeat his opponents. Plus when it comes to protecting his friends he'll do anything, but as he says dying isn't an option.

Natsu may not be, physically, the strongest on the list, however, Natsu feeds on rage and defeat, no matter how many times he goes down, he will come back stronger.

Natsu is so strong. Natsu van beat anyone. He has a lot of magical energy. He will never back out from a fight

Natsu is one of the strongest I have ever seen because he is always there for his friends and he puts all he got to save then

Natsu has one punched a God so he should be higher in this list. Natsu did this without using a power up. So imagine his strength when He goes Etherious. He's the most powerful demon in the fairy tail universe. He can adapt to majority of his opponents power. So Natsu should be in the top ten, but in the end, this is a popularity contest so I'm voting for Natsu because he's an amazing character.

...Your kidding right? You've got to be trolling right now.. Everyone who said Natsu is stronger than Goku your dead wrong. First off, the only reason why he beat Sting and Rogue was because the plot required it. Second, Natsu is NOT a dragonSLAYER. When he faced 10,000 dragons did any of you see him survive it? Nope. Future Rogue said it homself that Natsu died by a dragon.Third, If he uses lightning flame dragon mode it would drain him of his magic severly. Goku is way too fast for Natsu. Goku can move to far distances in the blink of an eye. Goku would snap him like a twig before he gets a chance to roar. What makes you think Natsu of all people can catch him? Goku would solo the whole Fairy Tail Guild if he wanted to. Last, How could Natsu beat someone who's trained nearly his entire life? He'd stomp Natsu easily

Natsu is powerful because he has lightning and if somebody's running to him he can just teleport behind the and then he'll make a mini fire blade and cut there head off but the people are lucky that natsu is not like that.

Natsu deserves strongest because his power has the ability to destroy planets with barely any of his energy. If natsu and goku were to fight natsu not only will defeat goku but destroy the ground beneath him and make it alive therefore natsu deserves number 1!

Natsu could win ANY fight, no matter what the circumstances. All it would take is for someone to hurt his friends.

Natsu is stronger than luffy and vegeta because he is able to smile even at hard times and his smile cheers everyone up

He is the fire dragon slayer and can defeat and destroy anything

He increases his magic power in response to (a) powerful opponent(s), so it's like he can't be beat! He was able to face the Twin Dragons of Sabertooth by himself, and had enough energy to talk afterwards! Natsu should at least be in the top ten.

He should be number one for sure!